Canadian Hairdresser Charged With Trafficking In Chinese Women

Canadian hairdresser charged with trafficking in Chinese women

Thu Dec 3, 2:36 PM

OTTAWA (AFP) – A Canadian woman posing as a hairdresser was charged on Thursday with human trafficking, for trying to sell two Chinese women to undercover policemen for 4,000 dollars each.

The woman allegedly offered to sell “two teenaged Asian women” for 5,000 Canadian dollars (4,700 US) each to undercover policemen.

“A negotiation took place, and the two women, aged 25 and 41, both originally from China, were sold to officers for 4,000 dollars each, for a total of 8,000 dollars,” Calgary police said.

Linh Quy To, 52, has been charged with keeping a common bawdy house, trafficking in persons, living off the avails of prostitution, and several related crimes.

The arrest follows a three-month investigation into online offers for young Asian prostitutes, which led police to the Calgary hair salon where To was overheard offering “erotic services” over the phone to clients, police said in a statement.

To is alleged to have arranged appointments, posted ads, given directions to three area residences set up as bordellos, and recorded dates and income from these transactions while posing as a hair stylist at her salon.

Two Chinese girls and two males were also apprehended at four properties owned by To. Police and Canada Border Services Agency were continuing to investigate Thursday.

The arrests come as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes his first official visit to China this week.