U.S. Official : Pakistan Expected To Deport U.S. Youths

US official: Pakistan expected to deport US youths

By Matthew Lee
The Associated Press, December 11, 2009

Washington, DC (AP) — A senior State Department official says the U.S. expects that Pakistani authorities will deport five young Americans they have detained over alleged terrorist links.

The official said Friday that it is not yet clear whether the five men may have broken any local or U.S. laws during their stay in Pakistan. The five have allegedly told local investigators they were trying to connect with al-Qaida-linked militant groups and were intending to cross the border into Afghanistan and fight U.S. troops there.

The State Department official spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the unfolding case. The official confirmed that U.S. diplomats in Pakistan visited the detainees on Friday for a second time. Diplomatic security and FBI agents visited the men on Thursday.