Canada Immigration Snap Into Action And Deport Hijacker

Canada immigration snap into action and deport hijacker

by Liam Clifford
Global Visas
January 27, 2010

Sense has finally prevailed in the case of a convicted hijacker who had been appealing his deportation for the last 15 years.

A convicted plane hijacker from India that came to Canada over fifteen years ago on fake documents has been deported, according to Canadian immigration.

The Canadian government have been attempting to deport Parminder Singh Saini since 1995, and they had been enthralled in legal battles with the man that culminated in him seeking permission to practice law in the country.

Singh Saini had thought his deportation struggle was over and had even embarked on a new appeal against a ruling stating he was unfit to be a practising lawyer, however after that case was dismissed, the judge calling into question his character, Canadian immigration authorities moved swiftly to limit embarrassment and finally remove him from the country.

The convicted hijacker was escorted by immigration officials and onto a waiting plane heading for India from Toronto, early yesterday.

The previously covered story of Parminder Singh Saini, is that he was the leader of a militant student Sikh group, who in 1984 overpowered airline staff on a Air India flight destined for New Delhi, the flight which was carrying 265 passengers was however diverted to UAE. All passengers were released without harm and he was subsequently sentenced to death, which on appeal was overturned.

Singh Saini had claimed he fled India as he feared for his life if he were to stay, however there are strong claims that he simply wanted to join his family who had already moved to Canada.

In a statement released by Canada immigration they said;

“The removal of inadmissible individuals is key to maintaining the integrity of the immigration program and to ensuring fairness for those who come to this country lawfully.