Dany Villanueva Faces Deportation From Canada

Dany Villanueva faces deportation from Canada

Updated: Wed Jan. 27 2010 8:00:22 AM

Dany Villanueva, whose arrest by Montreal police led to the shooting death of his younger brother Fredy as well as a riot in Montreal North, faces deportation to his native Honduras.

Dany Villanueva is set to appear before the Immigration and Refugee Board in Montreal on Wednesday.

Canada Border Services says that Villanuevas criminal record makes him inadmissible to Canada. He is a permanent resident and does not have Canadian citizenship.

Villanueva has been convicted of weapons and robbery charges in an incident that dates back to 2006.

When police tried to arrest him in a Montreal North park in August 2008, a police officer shot and killed his 18-year-old brother Fredy. The shooting triggered a riot in which business were ransacked and a police officer was shot in the leg.

The elder Villanueva is a key witness at a coroners inquest into his brothers death.

The inquest resumes next week, and it is not clear if or how his testimony would be affected by a possible deportation order.