Anti-Immigration MP Pauline Hanson Plans A Move Of Her Own—To Britain

Anti-immigration MP Pauline Hanson plans a move of her own to Britain

By Sophie Tedmanson
The Times (London),
February 16, 2010

Australias most controversial politician has said she plans to move to Britain after selling her house in rural Queensland.

Pauline Hanson, the far-right, flame-haired, fish-and-chip-shop owner who campaigned for the Australian Parliament on an antiimmigration platform, complained that the country had become a harder place to live in, with fewer opportunities. She said that she was selling her property southwest of Brisbane and, after taking a cruise and visiting New Zealand, wanted to live in Britain indefinitely.

Ms Hansons grandfather emigrated to Australia from England in 1908 and her mothers family are Irish. She is understood to hold dual citizenship. She will leave her four adult children behind. 'Australia will always be my home. But I love England and Ireland. My mothers family come from Limerick and my fathers from London. I love the culture,' Ms Hanson said. 'Every country has something unique to offer and I want to experience that.'
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