Minorities To Rise Significantly By 2031: Stats Can

Minorities to rise significantly by 2031: StatsCan

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Last Updated: Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | 4:42 PM ET
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About one-third of Canada's population up to 14.4 million people will be a visible minority by 2031, Statistics Canada projects.

The country's foreign-born population is also expected to rise to as much as 28 per cent, about four times faster than the rest of the population, the Statistics Canada study projects.

The projections suggest that whites will become the minority in Toronto and Vancouver over the course of the next three decades.

South Asians, including Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans, are expected to make up the largest visible minority group, at 28 per cent, thanks in part to high fertility rates, the study projected.

The proportion of Chinese-Canadians, who have one of the lowest fertility rates in Canada, is expected to decrease from 24 to 21 per cent.

Visible minorities, as defined by the study, are “persons, other than aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour.”

Settlement primarily in urban centres

The vast majority of visible minorities 71 per cent are projected to live in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, building on a trend that has seen immigrants move to urban centres in large numbers.

Coming to Canada

Here are the top countries of origin for the 247,243 immigrants who became permanent residents of Canada in 2008:

Country # of immigrants % of total
China 29,336 11.9%
India 24,549 9.9%
Philippines 23,724 9.6%
U.S. 11,216 4.5%
United Kingdom 9,243 3.7%
Pakistan 8,052 3.2%
South Korea 7,245 2.9%
(Source: Immigration and Citizenship Canada)

Newcomers settle in urban areas because the sheer size of the cities means more job opportunities, which then leads to the creation of ethnic communities, said University of Toronto professor Jeffrey Reitz.

“(They) become kind of magnets in themselves for people of similar backgrounds,” the ethnic and immigration studies professor said.

“The existence of the communities in the cities sort of tends to become a self-perpetuating process.”

The largest proportion by far is projected to live in Toronto, where Statistics Canada says 63 per cent of the population will be a visible minority, up from 43 per cent counted in the 2006 census.

In Vancouver, the population of visible minorities is projected to reach 59 per cent, up from 42 per cent in 2006.

In Montreal, the population of visible minorities is projected to reach 31 per cent, more than double the 16 per cent counted in 2006.
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Steve Richards wrote:Posted 2010/03/16
at 1:16 PM ETkr0909 wrote:”You people have got to stop picking on the recent wave of immigrants just because their skin isn't white. ”

Enough with the race card already. The arguments against our current immigration and multiculturalism policies are not about racism, but sustainability
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Steve Richards wrote:Posted 2010/03/16
at 1:10 PM ETTerryStavnyck wrote: “Canada can use a little colour, it is still much too lilly white!””

China never had to apologise for or correct being too oriental, India never had to apologise for or correct being too brown, Liberia never had to apologise for or correct being too black…..etc. So why then do predominately white societies have to apologise for being too white or correct it with government enforced multiculturalism programs.

White people are not some abomination, or troublesome species who's numbers need to be controlled by a program of introducing other colours, because “ewww…..they're too white…..that's just weird.”

And if multiculturalism is so great, then why aren't China and India implementing similar policies as they are moving towards being leading economies?
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canoejane wrote:Posted 2010/03/16
at 12:51 PM ETI like new-Canadians and their cultures, but I do not think that they should be replacing the culture that is already here. It would be nice to reduce the numbers of immigrants from 250,000 to 50,000 per year. We need time to allow people to gradually integrate into our Canadian society and culture.

What if there were 250,000 new-white-immigrants arriving on Canada's shores every year? Would that be okay? I am white and would still be completely against growing our population at this rate – it may be okay for people in India and China to accept over-population, but as a Canadian it is not apart of my values to have our wonderful land stuffed with people resulting in complete degradation of our environment (which unfortunately has already happened with the GTA's sterile urban sprawl).

Multiculturalism forced upon us by the CBC, business interests and our government. Slow down the process of the re-colonization of Canada. Just please reduce the numbers of new Canadians to 50,000 per year.
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White Caucasian wrote:Posted 2010/03/15
at 11:57 PM ETImagine Beijing with 70% white Europeans (a joke, right?). Imagine Moscow 63% black African. Imagine Rome 60% Arab Muslim, imagine Cairo 70% Christian. And imagine all this happened within a few decades. Lets admit it: the Chinese, the Arabs, and even the Europeans would feel very uncomfortable, perhaps screaming loudly colonialism and imperialism. And rightly so. Whats the purpose of having boundaries then? Canadas biggest mistake was to voluntarily experiment the concept of multiculturalism, which does not mean having no foreigners or immigrants. But you cant replace a certain culture, a way of life, or a certain set of values just to accommodate or appease to everyone who surprisingly decide to live here but not integrate. Culture in Canada overtaken by multiculturalism? I am neither English nor French, but would rally for having all the signs on stores in those languages. Why? Because this is what this country (as we see it today) was founded upon and we all have to respect it and promote it since we have chosen to live here. If this country looked like Guangzhou or Islamabad, none of the visible minorities would even consider living here. Why? You all know the answer. Multiculturalism as politicians view it is a great liberal delusion. Immigration should be balanced, and only the right people should come here for the right reasons. No disrespect to foreigners. But you must adapt to and adopt what brought your here in the first place. Enjoy your freedoms but don't impose your doctrines. I am fond of other cultures and traditions, but cannot afford to lose mine.
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badongos wrote:Posted 2010/03/15
at 11:35 PM ETMulticulturalism is a failed hypothesis.
Anyone that disagrees, please provide one example of a healthy mosaic society.
This is nothing more than an ethnopolitical cold war.

So the opinion is that the immigrants come here and want to change Canada. Reminds me of men who accuse women of marrying them, then want “to change them.” Its been my observation that we change them for the better.
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motherhubbard wrote:Posted 2010/03/15
at 8:05 PM ETlekkertree: Boy – you sure don't give any of us any credit on why we have come to the conclusions we have. You think we like a certain race just because they have a good restaurant. I think we are all a lot brighter than that. I'm afraid I don't buy your argument.
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TerryStavnyck wrote:Posted 2010/03/15
at 10:13 AM ETCanada can use a little colour, it is still much too lilly white!
I grew up in what was the largest Canadian city and when I attended school we had people from every corner of the world. It enriched my understanding of the world and taught me tolerance. My parents had twisted views which I am glad I do not share. When I would visit my cousins in small town Canada, I was always shocked that the youth there had too many bigoted and racist views. I always attributed this to the fact that small town Canada was much too lilly white.
This change will make Canada a better country!
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tamarack77 wrote:Posted 2010/03/15
at 7:42 AM ETWayne Franklin wrote:

“I can see you haven't travelled much Ie. middle east, as saying Canada is a rascist country. We all see how things have gone in europe, where in England, the white people want to leave because of the immigrants trying to change laws. When Islam is the majority, the laws will change.
I don't have anything against immigrants, what I don't like is this priority hiring. It assumes that we are all racsists. And somehow it is not racsism to have priority hiring for minority. In english, “if you're white, you're a second class citizen”. All white people are lumped together now. No more polish Canadian, or russian canadian, just a color.
I feel for white people who have children. There will not be jobs for them, and I can honestly see them being hunted in the hills 100 years from now. I am past anger, and just sad and scared. I am glad that I have no children, for what kind of world are we leaving them. Go in peace..see ya in the hills”

I'm a Korean-Canadian (from South Korean by the way, which is a democracy, so NO, I am not some KimJongIL clone nor am I “Chinese” , as I so typically was lumped into by other Canadians ( unfortunately many other orientals from their diverse countries and other visible minorites have often been lumped into a general stereotype )

Also, it is offensive to infer that the incoming minorites are a group of “destructive hordes”, it is both racist and misconceived. You'll be surprised to know that 'minorities' are alot like you. The ones I've been blessed to know are mostly educated, hard-wroking, alot of them Christian, very decent individuals, like yourself.
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Benzornothing wrote:Posted 2010/03/15
at 7:12 AM ETI would move to Saguenay right away if they were not a bunch a separatist Quebecers…