Canadian Immigration Makes Language Rules ‘Fairer’

Canadian Immigration makes language rules 'fairer'

By Liam Clifford
Global Visas, March 12, 2010

Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister, has announced a new streamlined language assessment process for Canada visa applicants.

The new rules will apply to people looking for a Canadian visa under the skilled worker and Canadian experience classes. Minister Kenney stated, 'The language requirements themselves have not changed. But beginning April 10, 2010, prospective immigrants will be required to prove their English and French language abilities at the time they apply. This requirement supports our commitment to fast, fair and efficient application processing.'

The changes are intended to make the Canadian visa application system fairer. Previously, applicants were able to provide a written submission to a visa offer to prove their language capabilities, despite the fact that these submissions were not always a clear indicator of their ability. As a result, these applicant were being asked to provide further evidence, potentially delaying their visa applications by months.

Minister Kenney continued to explain the new rules, 'we expect that applicants will have the language skills they claim on their application. Now, applicants in these categories will have only one opportunity to prove their language ability. They can still make a written submission to a visa officer if they wish, but only once.'