Australia Becoming Breeding Ground For Tamil Rebels

Australia becoming 'breeding ground' for Tamil rebels

By Sally Sara
The ABC News (Australia), April 8, 2010

The Sri Lankan government says Australia could become a breeding ground for Tamil separatism if more Tamil asylum seekers are allowed into the country.

Sri Lankan foreign affairs minister Rohitha Bogollagama says Tamil separatists have no need to leave Sri Lanka and will 'spoil' Australian soil.

He says the asylum seekers could turn Australia into a breeding ground for separatism.

'This is a breeding ground if you are providing the passage through asylum-seeking avenues,' he said.

'Therefore we should discourage, and I call on the Australian Government not to recognise, the asylum seekers under any circumstances from Sri Lanka.

'I don't want Australian soil to be once again spoiled with the type of asylum seekers who are seeking [asylum] for political purposes,' he said.

Mr Bogollagama has made the remarks as Sri Lankans prepare to go to the polls later today in the country's general elections.

The ruling alliance is expected to win a large majority.