People Smuggling Out Of Control, UN Official Says

People smuggling 'out of control, UN official says

The Australian Associated Press, April 9, 2010

Governments need new solutions to deal with 'out of control'' people-smuggling as thousands of asylum seekers try to reach Australia via Indonesia, a top United Nations official says.

Manuel Jordao, a senior representative of The United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Indonesia, says a large number of almost 4000 asylum seekers on the UNHCR's books in the archipelago will try to reach Australia by boat, rather than wait for resettlement via official channels, Fairfax reports.

'It's a big business out there,'' Mr Jordano said.

'It's totally out of control and what we are proposing is that the states in the region are being outmanoeuvred by the trafficking syndicates.''

He said new solutions were required by governments across the region, and called on them to 'get their act together''.


Boat people trade 'out of control'
By Tom Allard
The Sydney Morning Herald, April 9, 2010