Arizona Immigration Law Worries Mexican Government

Arizona Immigration Law Worries Mexican Government

The Latin American News Dispatch, April 23, 2010

The Mexican Foreign Ministry protested on Wednesday against a proposed Arizona law that would allow police to stop suspected undocumented immigrants and compel them to provide proof of immigration status.

The Arizona legislature has already passed the bill, SB 1070, but Governor Jan Brewer has yet to sign it.

The message echoed a statement last week from the Mexican Embassy criticizing the proposed law.

'The Mexican Embassy observes with great concern the potentially serious effects for its nationals civil rights that could result from certain legal initiatives, like SB 1070,' the statement said.

The press release also said that the Mexican government worried that the law could have 'possible negative effects' on relations between the Mexico and Arizona if it were to pass.

The bill has caused controversy nationally, with some opponents saying it amounts to racial profiling.

Approximately 500,000 undocumented immigrants live in the state of Arizona and 90 percent of them are from Mexico, according to Mexico Citys The News, citing figures from the Pew Hispanic Center.