Hull North Candidates Clash On Immigration

Hull North candidates clash on immigration

The BBC News (U.K.), April 23, 2010

Candidates in Hull North have clashed over the effects of immigration policy on the local economy.

Labour's Diana Johnson and Conservative Victoria Aitken said a Liberal Democrat plan to move migrants from the South East to other areas could hit Hull.

Lib Dem candidate Denis Healey accused both of his rivals in Hull North of adopting scare tactics.

The Lib Dem manifesto says they support a regional points system to ensure migrants work where they are needed.

Labour's Hull North candidate Diana Johnson said: 'As we emerge from the global recession it's a real challenge to ensure jobs and training opportunities for local people in Hull, especially the young.

'However, the Lib Dems' immigration plans would make it harder for local people to get jobs, especially in Hull where the jobs shortage has been especially acute in the recession.

'Hull people doing their best to get new skills and look for work don't need an added hurdle put in their way.'

'Raise city's profile'

Conservative candidate Victoria Aitken said: 'At the end of the day, this city has enough problems of its own and cannot be taking on the problems of the rest of Europe.

'I'm well aware of migrant workers coming into an area when what we need to do is start stimulating our own people to do this work.

'I am a Hull businesswoman, not a professional politician, and the reason I'm standing is I believe we need to raise the profile of Hull nationally to attract business in.'

Liberal Democrat candidate Denis Healy said: 'The comments of the Conservative and Labour candidates for Hull North are clearly a reflection of the scare tactics that we saw in Thursday night's leadership debate.

'The Liberal Democrat policy on immigration is about making sure immigrants go to where they are needed and where there is work to be done and there are the local facilities to support these people.

'People need only come to Hull if there is work to be done and the local facilities to support them.'