Morrison Dismisses Population Worries

Morrison dismisses population worries

The Sydney Morning Herald
April 30, 2010

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has brushed aside business concerns that his population policy would constrain the economy.

The opposition on Thursday released a policy paper in which an expanded Productivity Commission would calculate a more “rational” population target than the 36 million by 2050 forecast by Treasury.

It says the Rudd government had “dramatically” boosted immigration and the opposition would not sign up blind to a “big Australia”.
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But the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has already questioned the strategy, saying it could impede the economy.

Mr Morrison told ABC TV on Friday the plan had been received warmly when he discussed it with business but he understood there would be a range of views.

“I'm sure the business community would like growth to be unfettered and we have as many people as could possibly be jammed in here,” he said.

“There are other interests that need to be taken into account.”

Mr Morrison said the government had limited temporary working visas and admitted some regions needed more skilled migrants.

He denied the policy was a dog whistle to racists.

“If some want to commentate that this is some sort of racist dog whistling then I think that's incredibly insulting to Australians who are concerned about the rate of population growth,” he said.