For Canadian Immigration, Punjab Woman Marries Father, Son

For Canadian immigration, Punjab woman marries father, son

Jul 7, 2010, 12.00pm IST

CHANDIGARH: This is one idea that may not have struck even story writers in Bollywood. In her desperate bid to get Canadian immigration, a woman from Punjab conned a millionaire father as well as his son into marrying her.

But her plans seem to have gone awry with not only the NRI father-son duo but also the Chandigarh Police now looking for her.

Cases against her include cheating two men in marriage, getting a fake passport made with forged documents and even involvement in a murder case in Uttar Pradesh. Chandigarh Police's operations cell officials do not rule out her links with terrorists either.

The 'mystery' of the woman, Priya Inder Kaur, has baffled the father-son duo and Chandigarh Police as not much is known about her. The woman is on the run after dumping them and eloping with yet another man.

Kaur married NRI Rajinder Singh Mann, aged around 60 years, in 2001 after staying in his house in Chandigarh's upscale Sector 11 as a tenant for a few months.

It all began after Mann, who had divorced his Canadian wife earlier, started living in Chandigarh in 2001. That's when he met Kaur who came to stay in his house as a tenant. Mann tried to get her antecedents verified but when he failed to do so, he turned her out of the house.

The woman approached him again a few months later and sought help with a job. Taking 'pity' on her, Mann employed her as a helper in his house. The two became close and married in September 2001.

“She thought that being an NRI, I would take her to Canada. But when I told her that I had no plans of going back to Canada soon, she started behaving weirdly and finally divorced me in February 2002,” Mann said.

Mann did not hear from Kaur for over two years after that.

In 2004, she came to his house again. Since Mann was not at home, she met his son, Rajan Mann, born from the marriage to his Canadian wife. On learning that Rajan was a Canadian citizen, Kaur befriended him over the next few weeks.

“They went to Leh for a holiday and later got married. She did not let him (Rajan) know that she had earlier married and divorced me. She thought that Rajan would take her to Canada after the marriage. I was staying in my house in Kasauli (Himachal Pradesh) at that time,” Mann said.

When Mann came to know of his son's marriage to Kaur and told his son about the earlier marriage, Rajan was shocked and divorced her.

Having lodged a complaint of cheating and forgery against Kaur, Mann and his son came to know that she had even approached the Canadian embassy in New Delhi to work out her immigration to Canada as Rajan's wife.

Operations cell investigating officer Malkit Singh told IANS: “We are investigating the matter. It is a serious matter. All her given addresses have not led us anywhere. Neither she nor her family members live there.”

Police officials say that Kaur was also wanted for her involvement in a murder case in Uttar Pradesh.