Libs Want To Get More Young Into Jobs

Libs want to get more young into jobs

The Australian Associated Press, August 6, 2010

The federal opposition will announce a policy soon to attract more young people into the workforce, its economic spokesman Joe Hockey says.

'If we can get more Australians working, if we can get greater participation by Australians in Australia, then you don't need to have a massive expansion of the immigration program,' Mr Hockey told ABC radio on Friday.

He said the Coalition would have a 'three-tranche' approach to improving workforce participation, so that Australia's economy could grow without an increase in population.

The first incentive was its paid parental scheme, and the second was the incentives announced last week for businesses to give jobs to unemployed over-50s.

'Tranche number three, which we will be announcing in the next couple of weeks, before the election, is one that focuses on getting more young people, under the age of 30, into work,' Mr Hockey said.

He also said the Liberal Party would support the inland rail link between Brisbane and Melbourne and the feasibility study for a very fast train announced by the government on Thursday.

'We're not going to oppose that initiative. We will certainly sit in the same camp, have a look at it,' he said.

Nationals leader Warren Truss and Greens leader Bob Brown both expressed their support for the high-speed rail study on Thursday.