Canada To Use Biometrics To Secure Its Borders

Canada to use biometrics to secure its borders

September 24, 2010

Canada Immigration has announced a new five-year plan to institute a secure, biometrics-based border entry system to protect the nation from illegal immigrants.

According to Karen Shadd, spokeswoman for the federal immigration office, Visa applicants in Canada will be required to provide biometric information in the form of fingerprints and a photograph to acquire a digital Visa, the Canadian Visa Bureau reports.

Shadd told the news source, “biometric verification significantly reduces the chance that one individual could pose as or be mistaken for another individual. Biometrics will bolster Canadas existing measures to reduce identity fraud and enhance the safety and security of Canadians.”

According to the Toronto Sun, the new program, which could show dividends as early as next year, will put Canada's border security in line with other nations such as the United States and UK.

Greg Cox of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told the news source that the biometric program will reduce fraud and enhance the law enforcement office's ability to screen criminals applying for Visas.

Recently, India, Costa Rica and Gambia have announced new plans to use biometrics to protect their borders from foreign nationals who may enter the country illegally. Movements to use biometrics in immigration and border patrol are spreading across other parts of the globe as well, with New Zealand instituting a fingerprinting policy for foreigners entering the country.