The People Speak About Red Deer, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Toronto And More

Immigration Watch Canada presents our latest Bulletin :

“The People Speak About Red Deer, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Toronto, and More”.

Dan Murray
Immigration Watch Canada


From JB :

If Canadians support high levels of immigration, it is because they have been told umpteen times that prosperity isn't possible without immigration. This claim is puzzling. Apart from total lack of historical evidence for the thesis that immigration causes prosperity, it is also an insult to the natives.

Suppose that the mayor of Vancouver were to state that without migrants from Toronto, Vancouver would be a third-rate city. How would Vancouverites react? Not very positively, I bet. However, when Canadians are told that Canada can't be prosperous without immigrants, they swallow it hook, line and sinker. That is baffling because this view implies that the native population in Canada is too lazy, incompetent or stupid too create prosperity on its own. How come nobody feels offended? I don't get it.


From LJ :

I was talking to this lady from Red Deer, who, in the course of the conversation told me she was self employed as a house cleaner. When we started talking about immigration, she told me she had lost a ten year-old contract with Telus to some Latinos or Filipinos who underbid her. She then went on about how this is prevalent and that those immigrants generally do a poorer job, taking shortcuts such as using the same rag they use in the toilets to clean up a kitchen counter.

On a second encounter, that same lady told me that she has never seen so many newcomers in Red Deer, adding that wherever you went (Tim Horton's, Canadian Tire, and other places). businesses were staffed with Filipinos. Meanwhile, her husband and many of her friends were out of work—despite looking very hard for employment.
It is obvious that the concept of inheritance or seniority doesn't apply at “country level” in Canada. Actually, it seems it is quite the contrary : any newcomer has more rights than people whose ancestors built this place.

I like the statement made by a British professor that I read in the Globe and Nail a few years ago. It went more or less like this:

A country is made of people of identical ethnic extraction or else from people who share some common sets of values. How far removed from what Canada is now!


From DT :

In the last few days, the Swedish Democrats Sverigedemokrater entered the Swedish parliament for the first time, having won almost 6% of the votes. Judging by their website, they seem to be national social-democrats. They want to preserve the Swedish welfare state, which they see threatened by mass immigration. (Yet they've been demonized by many, in the media and elsewhere.)

Here are some points from their program.

1 – A forceful reduction of immigration by asylum seekers and relatives to a level which is not higher than that of our neighbors, Denmark and Finland.

2 – A return to the assimilation policy which prevailed till the middle of the 1970's and which meant that it was the immigrants who had to adapt to Swedish society and not the other way around.

3 – Strongly increased support for the Refugee organization of the UN, the UNHCR, and the millions of really suffering refugees in the world who lack the opportunities and resources to escape from the conflict regions.

4 – Abolition of free health and dental care for illegal immigrants. Sverigedemokraterna believe that foreigners who are in the country illegally have the right, according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, to receive care for acute and emergency conditions but that they also should be forced to pay the full price because the contrary is an unsustainble policy in the long term and deeply unfair toward law-abing Swedish taxpayers. Authorities should also be informed so that deportation can be carried out.

5 – Increased support for vulnerable immigrant women through a crackdown on forced marriages, honor-related violence and religious oppression.

6 – Much more severe penalties for crimes against women, such as human smuggling, rape and wife-beating, combined with preventive measures and more
resources for taking care of the vicitims of these crimes.

7 – Strongly increased support for the preservation of Sweden's cultural heritage. Sverigedemokraterna want to increase significantly government subisidies for associations, organizations, government departments or institutions whose activites are aimed at preserving and keeping alive Swedish cultural heritage.

There is much more in there, but none of it looks very sinister to me.


From WH :

Mr. Prime Minister and other MP's : I came from Sri Lanka, but I am now a Canadian. Have any of you visited Sri Lanka to witness how Tamils live in perfect harmony with the rest of the countrys Sinhalese, Muslim and other ethnic minorities, in every part of the country? I have no reservation in saying that your perception of the Tamil situation in Sri Lanka is 100% based on the lies and bogus claims made by Tamil Tigers and their supporters who want a separate, mono-ethnic (Tamil only), apartheid-based nation of their own, rather than living in harmony in already-multi-ethnic Sri Lanka or Canada.

The most ludicrous and insulting part of all this madness is that 71% of these Tamil Asylum seekers and refugee claimants RETURN to Sri Lanka, which they earlier claimed in their refugee applications was persecuting, discriminating against and killing them. They have a good holiday with our tax money. They roam around Sri Lanka, eat, drink, party, sponsor other would be Canadian Tax-money-dependents to come here. We are witnessing all this now.


From PE :

A caller to CBC Radio today said that “Canada must give sanctuary to these Tamil refugees as they will be killed if they return to Sri Lanka”. The caller had no experience of the subject and had made assumptions on what she had read in the media. If we carry her logic to a conclusion, all 2.4 million Sri Lankan Tamils should be accepted here if they can make the necessary arrangements. Just one example of muddled thinking.

Exports. It is suggested that immigrants can increase Canada's share of world trade because of their contacts and language skills. Canada's share of world trade is increased by having the right products, the right people and a lot of very hard work. Having an Indian represent you in India can lock you out of the market if he is of the wrong Caste. Better be sure of an Iranian's background before you send him to Iran. The Saudi's and all Gulf Arabs look down on Arabs from poorer countries (Egypt, Jordan, North Africa, etc.) and they remember that when Sadam invaded Kuwait, the Palestinians and Yeminis supported him. So simply coming from a particular country is not necessarily an advantage at all.


From CL :

Why does no one mention that the Ecole Polytechnique massacre was committed by Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi, not “Marc Lepine”? Gharbi was the result of the marriage of a Canadian and an Algerian, woman-hating Muslim? Why does no one say that the murders had as much to do with the importation of values which we abhor, as they had to do with guns??