Double-Deportee Jailed For Immigration Violation

Double-deportee jailed for immigration violation

By Jane Seyd
North Shore News
October 3, 2010

A failed refugee claimant who hopped on a cruise ship and returned to Canada after he was deported has been jailed for six months by a provincial court.

Judge Doug Moss handed the sentence to Pierre Fils Gog, 37, a native of Cameroon, after Gog pleaded guilty to a charge under the Immigration Act Sept. 14 in North Vancouver provincial court.

Gog had previously come to Canada and applied for refugee status, but had been deported after his final appeal was rejected. In 2009, he was convicted of returning to Canada illegally, sent to jail, then sent packing. Soon after, he reappeared in the country.

Crown prosecutor Peter Whyte said this time, Gog took a cruise ship from Germany to Halifax then drove across the country with a friend, ending up in the Lower Mainland. He came to the attention of authorities in June after being arrested in Vancouver on several charges of identity theft and credit card fraud. Less than a week after he was sent to jail on the immigration offence, Gog was handed another prison sentence of more than eight months for fraud over $5,000 committed in West Vancouver in December 2008.

Whyte said after Gog serves his sentences, he will be deported again, once any necessary risk assessments are completed.