Sponsoring A Spouse Is Like Holding A Time Bomb Which Can Explode Anytime

This bulletin is a shortened version of a fraud marriage report which was sent to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It was written by a Canadian man who had sponsored a woman from Pakistan to come to Canada as his wife. He alleges that the woman used their marriage as a method of getting herself into Canada and of eventually sponsoring her family to come here.

This report is timely because Canada’s Minister of Immigration has been travelling across Canada hearing the reports of many other victims of fraud marriages. Mr. Kenney has hinted that he will introduce legislation to do all he can to stop fraud marriages from occurring in future. However, Mr. Kenney is also hearing that many victims want immediate enforcement of current laws in order to have their fraudulent partners deported from Canada.

Very importantly, we are also providing a link to a survey that Citizenship and Immigration is currently conducting to determine the views that Canadians have about fraud marriages. Please take 10 minutes or so to complete the survey. As you know, it is rare to have Citizenship and Immigration actually ask Canadians for their views on immigration issues. Usually, it consults only the immigration industry. A significant response from Canadians may encourage Citizenship and Immigration to consider the real “stakeholders” of immigration policy in Canada, not the ones who profit from it.


Many Canadians will be shocked to learn that in 2009 alone, Canada’s Department Of Citizenship and Immigration received 49,000 applications from Canadians who wanted to bring a spouse or partner to Canada. Of these, about 10,000 were rejected. The fact that 49,000 people applied and that about 40,000 applications were accepted, should raise alarm bells all across Canada. To us, this smells of massive fraud.

It is not known how many people are now living here as a result of sham marriages, but it is estimated that the total is probably tens of thousands. The number of people these fraudulent partners have sponsored is not known, but it is likely tens of thousands also.

Sham marriages are of two kinds. One occurs when a foreign spouse conspires to trick a Canadian into a marriage. The other occurs when two people conspire to trick Canadian immigration authorities into believing their marriage is genuine when, in reality, the foreign “spouse” has paid the Canadian “spouse” a large sum of money (estimated $50,000) to get into Canada.

Daniel Murray
Immigration Watch Canada


My name is NED.

I have an urgent matter that needs your immediate help. My child Leo, a Canadian Citizen, born in 2006 has been kidnapped by my wife, Z, whom I sponsored to come to Canada.

This is also a matter of extortion, the result of my wife Z filing false Police Reports and abusing Canadian Family and immigration laws.

I and my child are in great danger at the hands of a family of Immigration criminals and Human Traffickers from the infamous city of Gujrat in Pakistan. This city is known throughout the western world for immigration fraud and human smuggling.

According to eye witnesses, Z was skilfully coached by her Pakistani father S on what to do, even down to the smallest detail of establishing one year of residency in Canada, afterwards calling police, filing false police reports and taking my boy with her to a Woman’s Shelter in order to later use him as a bargaining chip.

She was secretly packing for almost 2 months without my knowledge. She even deleted select, beautiful pictures from our cell phone in June, 2010, three weeks before leaving on a so-called “sudden 911 situation”. On Thursday evening, 15 July while I was out for different errands, Z called police, falsely claiming that she was in need of shelter. As directed by her father, she claimed I had threatened her. On the contrary, I pampered Z and did nothing but give her affection and provide her with everything imaginable. I kissed her at around six PM that very day of 15 July, 2010. I had nothing but love for her and my son.

I knew nothing about her plans.

But when Z left, she did not forget to take all my gold jewellery, her immigration documents, and all the clothes, and make up I had bought for her.

When Z first left my apartment for shelter, she did not say that she had been abused. However, two months later, in September 2010, she learned that under Manitoba Family Law, unless cruelty is claimed, divorce cannot take place until one complete year has passed after separation. After discovering this, she changed her story. Time is what Z can not spare. The earlier Z gets a divorce, the earlier she will make $50,000 from a customer she wants to bring to Canada as a fake husband. Now, Z is saying to court under oath, that I, NED , was beating her and my only child every day, even the day when my wife and child arrived from Pakistan after years of waiting. Police working like robots have levelled enough charges to put me in prison for many years. To secure a protection order, Z, under strict coaching from her translator, said that I would kill her after first killing her child. Then, according to her, I said I would take a 48-hour flight to Pakistan, go almost 1500 kilometres from my home city in Pakistan to Gujrat, search for and collect all her family and kill them all. To protect them, she is asking for immediate visas for her otherwise-inadmissible, uneducated family who have extensive criminal records.

If one person could do all of this, I am sure the armed forces would be using this person to teach their forces. Since hundreds of witnesses including neighbours, friends, doctors and other health care workers have seen my wife and my child happy, playing in the parks, going to the stores, visiting other families, malls, etc., I am confident that in a court of law, all her charges will be proven wrong. So far, good-natured-Canadians have heard only her side of the story.

In the past few months, I have been shocked to learn that Z has lied to authorities in many places.

Her previous marriage history had been totally hidden from me. In addition, she has multiple birth records, multiple identity papers, multiple bogus educational records, and multiple marriage records. All have been concealed to cover past criminal history and years of life in Libya that Z never mentioned to me or others.

In speaking to many people since she left, I have learned that Z and her father S have been in courts all their lives. They know how to lie to Police and Courts.

I also know from Civil Court and Court Records that, contrary to Z’s claim on our marriage certificate in Pakistan, and also on CIC forms, she was not “never married” before marrying me—as she claimed. Rather, she was married and sought divorce unilaterally through civil court in Pakistan. It was a messy divorce. Her poor husband was duped of 300,000 Rupees in 1996, a very large amount at that time. With the help of her criminal father, she had married this 26 year-old man to trap him. After three months, Z went to visit her parents, wearing all 27 Tolas of Real Gold and carrying 2 suit cases of silk clothes.This was the last this husband saw of Z. After looting this loving husband, Z sent him a divorce demand and ignored any and all requests from civil court to mediate, arbitrate or do family counselling. Although this man begged Z to give her reasons for leaving him, she refused to even look at his face. The reason was simple. Her marriage to that man was a fraud. Both Z and her criminal father S robbed the poor person of his life savings, joy, and peace. They charged him with abuse and neglect, not providing necessities of life, etc. The same charges she levelled at him, she now levels at me : “He beats me every night, abuses me. I hate him, I cannot live with him. His parents also beat me, do not give me food, etc.”

Here in Canada, she has been a winner so far. She is doing it all at tax payers’ expense. She has free lawyers, shelter, a translator, counsellors, and paralegals. The services she has received at the Immigrants’ Women’s network have already cost taxpayers an enormous amount. In addition, she receives a furnished two bedroom House in the best part of town at $62 Dollars a month. Ordinarily, such housing would cost someone $1500 per month.

I have also learned in the past few months that her identity, birth, marriage and educational records are all forged as in fact she was born in Bin Ghazi, the second largest city in Libya. She was not anywhere close to Pakistan till 1995, when suddenly her father’s money laundering activities were about to put him in the Libyan jails of Dictator Qaddafi. This family rushed overnight to Pakistan in 1995 and escaped certain jail in Libya.

Her family from Pakistan is threatening me with all types of abuses and consequences. Her father is openly boasting that he persuaded Z to call police, file a false police report, get me into legal trouble by filing false charges of abuse, take all benefits such as welfare, free legal help, shelter and separation and starting a marriage for convenience business. S openly says to people in Gujrat that “Canada is a women’s country. Nobody will listen to NED. My daughter will bring us all to Canada.”

The long Canadian struggle for women’s rights and Family Laws has become a tool in the hands of human traffickers.

Z is still legally married to me (NED) in Pakistan and Canada. Yet, I have heard that Z is planning to bring another man (MN) who is now in Pakistan to Canada. That man will pay her and her father $50,000. This is a clear case of human smuggling and marriage of convenience.

I am left with grief, disbelief, utter pain, a bleak future, uncertainty and hopelessness at seeing no immediate help from my government against threats, extortion and the crime of filing a false report to police.

Z’ s father is asking me to pay Pakistani 50 Lac Pakistani Rupees (about $60,000) to see my son, a Canadian citizen. If I pay him, the protection order against me will be dropped and I will have access to my child.

I hope you will look into this matter as soon as possible. My child’s future, health and well being pivots on it. The wife I sponsored has robbed me, left me, abused me, and destroyed my financial situation. I am left to apply for Social Assistance. Please look at this matter for what it is, fraud against CIC and Canada.

My Canadian citizenship has become a curse. I had sponsored a spouse to establish a loving family life. But the sponsored spouse was not sincere and just wanted to use me for immigration. Now all of a sudden, I, a person with a spotless career, will have a criminal record. Sponsoring a spouse is like holding a time bomb which can explode anytime.

Everything Z has done is motivated by the great rewards offered by our strange Immigration and refugee system. Her lies and false claim that her life is in danger will be rewarded by free, immediate visas for an otherwise-inadmissable uneducated, and unskilled group of people. Canadians have heard of chain migration. The situation I am describing is the chain migration of criminals.

Who will listen to the cries of my helpless son and a grieving father?