April 27, 2011: Nine Immigration Matters That Needed To Be Debated In This Election—But Have Been Ignored

Nine Immigration Matters That Needed To Be Debated In This Election—­­But Have Been Ignored

It is truly a national disgrace that during the current federal election, all 5 of our major federal political parties have repeatedly and shamelessly grovelled for the ethnic vote. Yet not one  party has said a word about the enormous effects that importing all of these ethnic voters has had on Canada.

In fact, all imply by their silence that all of the effects of mass immigration are positive and none are negative.

We provide 9 points that should have been hotly debated and which should have resulted in calls for thousands of heads to roll.


(1) Most Canadians have no desire to commit national suicide and to see this country be re-colonized. But there is no doubt that re-colonization is happening here.  Colonization of Canada created many problems for First Nations. Similar things will happen with re-colonization.

(2) Canada is not a country of immigrants. From its colonial beginnings 400 years ago, Canada has evolved with First Nations, French and British traditions into a distinct country with institutions which are clearly superior to those of many countries from which many of our recent  immigrants come. It is an insult to mainstream Canadians of French and UK ancestry who have been important architects of modern Canada to say that everyone who lives here, except those from First Nations ancestry, is an immigrant. Making such a statement is an attempt to create a false equality between the recently-arrived and the mainstream who have been here for several hundred years. It is also an effort to make mainstream Canada accommodate ridiculous immigrant demands such as providing pensions to those ineligible to receive them, sending recent immigrants to the front of the employment queue, funding their schools, teaching their history and culture in our post-secondary institutions, etc.

(3) Canada’s yearly intake of 250,000 immigrants is far above the level that Canada can adequately manage. Canada does not have enough overseas Canadian staff to examine immigration applications. The foreigners who are asked to help with processing applications in our embassies are subject to bribes and corruption. Most of those who enter Canada by fraud are never investigated because Canada’s investigative institutions do not have sufficient resources. A significant number of immigrants interpret Canada’s generosity as naivete and stupidity, take advantage of it, and have no fear of consequences.

(4) National morality has been so corrupted that betrayal of Canada is considered normal behaviour. Our governing bodies and supporters think it is their duty to abandon mainstream Canadians. A large part of Canada’s real estate industry profits by inflating house prices and making housing unaffordable. Every year, our CBC receives over $1 Billion from Canadian taxpayers, but daily betrays Canadians by suppressing important immigration information and by acting as the propaganda arm of Canada’s immigration industry. Our private media is not much better. Our employers betray our own workers by importing Temporary Foreign Workers solely because they can pay them less. Our educational system at all levels has been thoroughly duped by those who advocate “the wonders of diversity”. Its real effect is to displace many Canadian-born and to create unnecessary competition for scarce placements in Canada’s post-secondary system.

(5) Large-scale immigration fundamentally alters any country, but those who govern Canada portray immigration as a minor issue and an ongoing “normal” process. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is clear that high immigration’s tentacles extend into every aspect of Canada. No government has the right to ignore consulting with its population about such massive change, but those who govern Canada actually think they are exempt from such a duty. In fact, significant numbers of politicians at every level of government try to satisfy every demand of Canada’s immigration industry. In particular, they grovel to gain the favour of minorities, one of whose primary aims is to increase their numbers and to change the character of Canada’s population.

(6) Those who govern Canada have a fundamental obligation to prevent illegal entry, illegal working and illegal residency. Laws exist to prohibit this behaviour because these actions are harmful to Canadians, particularly to those who are displaced from employment by illegals. Yet, almost no enforcement of Canadian laws is occurring.

(7) For over 20 years, those who govern Canada have turned over the control of immigration to those who profit from it. Our government actually has thrown billions of dollars to Canada’s immigration industry which has used the funding to subvert Canada. Over 5 million people have entered Canada since 1990, the year when the basis of Canada’s immigration policy changed from “need for specific people” to “a search for votes”. Close to five million unnecessary people have caused widespread damage.  Canadian seniors have had to compete with senior immigrants for medical services and housing. Canadian workers have had to compete with immigrant workers for scarce jobs. Canadian students have had to compete with immigrant students for scarce places in our post-secondary institutions.

(8) Canada cannot be a job-finding agency for the rest of the world. Canada should not be importing immigrants unless it has a need for them. With minimal exceptions, all those who cannot meet that need should not be considered for entry. Many immigrants who complain that their credentials are not being recognized were never needed and should never have been allowed into Canada.

(9) Canada is not an empty space waiting to be filled. It has limited agricultural land and other resources. It cannot be the world’s welfare office. It cannot look after the aging parents or grandparents of immigrants. It cannot accept huge numbers of false asylum seekers and the abuse of those using fake marriage and other illegal methods to enter Canada. Yet Canada is treated as a country with unlimited resources and unlimited carrying capacity.