May 31, 2011 : The People Speak—Canada’s Homegrown Ratko Mladic’s +

The Following Are Immigration-Related Views Sent To Us By 6 Canadians

1. Canada’s Homegrown Ratko Mladic’s— By O.R.

Why did the Liberal Party do so poorly in the May 2 Federal Election?

I would agree that we need less discussion of esoteric, abstract notions of ‘left’ and ‘right’ and whether or not the Liberal Party needs to go in one direction or the other, and more intense examination of practical issues and stands on these, for I would suggest that that is where the answers lie as to why this disaster has befallen the Liberal Party.

One area that I would suggest is in dire need of very intense scrutiny is the Liberal Party’s whole philosophy on immigration and multiculturalism. Many in our political arena (and in the media as well, for that matter) are loath to acknowledge as much, but many, many (I would suggest rapidly growing numbers of Canadians) are coming to view the effects of large inflows of newcomers to our country as nothing less than an appalling example of ethnic cleansing and cultural eradication and destruction on a truly massive scale, for which the promoters of multiculturalism bear direct responsibility.

In all candour (and I say this, incidentally, as an immigrant and a New Canadian myself who has devoted many hours of my time to ESL tutoring of Asian immigrants) I think that those in our political arena, including many in the Liberal Party, who have promoted immigration from non-traditional sources, and the multiculturalism which has ensued therefrom, are, arguably, racists of the worst kind, and guilty of something akin to a war crime.

On a more immediate level, I would suggest that therein lies much of the alienation that many voters feel towards the Liberal party.


2. All That Ethnic Grovelling For Nothing !!! —By J.D.

I was just reading some research that had been done on ethnic voting in the May 2 federal election. Everyone has heard Jason Kenney being praised for all his work with ethnic groups. In fact, the media and others have been giving Kenney  credit for helping the Conservatives to get their majority. Well, according to some research on the election results, it turns out that the Conservatives share of the ethnic vote didn’t really change that much from the 2008 election to the latest one.

According to The Canadian Press, that’s a conclusion of “The Canadian Election Study (which) bases its analysis on a huge amount of polling data, carried out by phone, mail and over the Internet, during and after the campaign, and (which) is generally deemed to be the most accurate look into election dynamics”.

What a waste !! Jason Kenney should tell Harper that if he wants ethnic votes so badly, Harper can do the ethnic ass-kissing next time. Kenney will work on an immigration policy that makes sense for Canada, not the utter nonsense that Harper, Ignatieff, Layton, Duceppe and May advocated.


3. Ancient Chinese Philosopher Spoke About Danger of Too Many People—By M.T.

About twenty-three centuries ago, a Chinese philosopher (Han Fei-Tzu) spoke a truth that economists and growth-boosters today still don’t understand :

“People at present think that 5 sons are not too many. Each son has five sons also, and before the death of the grandfather there are already 25 descendants. Therefore people are more, and wealth is less; they work hard and receive little.”

Should we really think we have advanced?


4. “They Took My Country Away From Me”—By E.M.

A few days ago, I was speaking to an elderly gentlemen who works at a gas station I frequently go to. He was formerly in charge of all grounds maintenance in my school district, and took the gas station job as a post retirement income supplement. I had given him a flyer on the immigration issue the last time I had seen him.

When I stopped in to visit him this time, he was visibly excited, and said to me, “Where were you 30 years ago? I watched while the federal government let immigration get out of hand in Ontario, and whole neighbourhoods changed over from English to areas where no English signs could be seen. They took my country away from me. I think the work you are doing is very important.”


5. There Are Better Ways To Achieve Population Replacement Level Than Through Immigration—By T.D.

According to a recent issue of L’Actualite,  Quebec fertility is now 1.728 for women between the ages of 18 and 44. In the rest of Canada, it is 1.647 for women in the same age group. Actually, this is a slight underestimate because some females have babies before they turn 18 or after they turn 44.

The Quebec example illustrates that low fertility is not written in stone, as some immigration industry advocates claim so that they can continue to profit from high immigration. After all, Quebec’s fertility used to be well below the one in the rest of Canada.


6. Queen Of Cat People Protests Ruling Allowing Muslim Women To Wear Face Covering While Voting—By W. E.

A blogger fixed up a video I did of me voting in the 2008 election. I wore a pink cat mask and said I belonged to the Religion of the Cat People.  I did this in order to protest a ruling by Elections Canada, a body unto itself, which refused to demand that everyone, including Muslim women, show their faces when voting.

The video is about 2 minutes long and is called “Queen of the Cat People”.