June 17, 2011 : The Stanley Cup Riot : Who Are The Real Criminals, Yahoos and Losers?



So Vancouver has had its second Stanley Cup Riot. And this time, it has attracted world attention.  No one disputes that the rioters deserve punishment for the damage they have caused to Vancouver.  However, our politicians and media have seized the occasion not just to heap scorn on the rioters, but also to hold themselves up as the champions of all that is good and that makes sense in Canada.

Everyone seems able to understand that cars being set on fire, store windows being smashed. and general mayhem is a bad thing.

But few seem able to see and admit that slow, methodical, insidious destruction of all of Vancouver, its suburbs, and its neighbouring farmland is occurring and is much more serious. Few seem able to see the ethnic cleansing that is also well underway. Few seem able to grasp that the same things are happening in many parts of Canada.

The cause of this national destruction is 20 years of mass immigration. Yet the self-righteous, hypocritical politicians and media who have been screaming for the past few days have said and done almost nothing about this issue.  That long, destructive event makes the rioters’ damage pale into insignificance.

Here are a few of the names that our politicians and media have used to describe the rioters. Here also is a case for why our politicians and media, like the rioters, need to be held to an accounting.

(1) Criminals : Politicians and media have called the rioters “criminals”. Yet every day, politicians and media help to trash and erase  Vancouver under the guise of densification. For example, City Hall in Vancouver, with the approval of its Mayor and Council, daily issues permits to demolish houses, a significant number of which tell an important part of Vancouver’s history.  Then they allow two dwellings to be built where one stood before. Or, in many cases, they allow 20 condos to replace the original two or three houses. In fact, the entire city has been re-zoned to accommodate more and more people, almost all from offshore.

Municipal offices in Vancouver’s suburbs do the same thing. Not one municipal or provincial  politician has had the courage to protest what is going on. In fact, almost all quiver at the thought. So the destruction continues. It is no exaggeration to say that Vancouver and the rest of Canada has one of the largest collections of cowardly, criminal politicians and media per acre and per capita on the planet.

In many cases, the recent demolition permits are being issued to wealthy Mainland Chinese buyers. Many of these people are coming here as Investor Immigrants. It has long been known that Canada has no need for Investor Immigrants (wherever they come from) and that this program amounts to selling Canadian citizenship at a fire-sale price.  Yet the program continues. Not one politician at all 3 levels of government has spoken out against this program, despite the fact that investor immigrants and other unnecessary immigrants drive house prices further and further out of the reach of Canadians.

Furthermore, what of the workers who build the houses that replace the old? Most of the workers are East Indians or Chinese. How is the displacement of Canadian-born construction workers by immigration supposed to better the lot of Canadian-born? How exactly did these new workers get here? We know about 50,000 immigrants enter Canada through the “Family class”every year.  Is it true, as many suspect,  that these construction workers  have been brought here fraudulently as “Family” in order to work at cheap wages?

We also know close to 200,000 people come here as Temporary Foreign Workers every year. It is well-known that employers are using this program to import cheap labour. How many of the construction workers building
replacement houses are TFW’s?

The fact that sycophantic politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa are withholding answers to these questions leads us to conclude that mass fraud is occurring at the same time as mass immigration. Why have our politicians and media said nothing and done nothing to investigate this matter?

Who are the real criminals then : so-called hooligans on a  one-night, alcohol-fueled binge or  politicians at all 3 levels of government who, in order to get votes,  conspire to subvert Canada, its environment and its people every day of their lives? When will the real criminals be charged and put on trial?

(2) Yahoos : A number of politicians have used the word “yahoo” to describe the rioters.

This is ironic because the word “yahoo” refers to mindless brutes who cannot think for themselves. When called upon to explain why they are doing something, yahoos merely repeat slogans they have learned.

Isn’t this a good description of mass immigration supporters all over Canada? How many times have they told us how “vibrant” and “enriched” we have become as a result of adding so many immigrants to our population.

Since the riot, these cheerleaders  have been especially sanctimonious. They tell us that Vancouver is a beautiful city. They don’t tell us that the beauty is primarily a gift of Nature. They also don’t say that Nature’s gifts are being overwhelmed by unending inflows of people and that Vancouver is becoming uglier and more unliveable.

This has happened because Vancouver has been governed by a series of mayors and councils who take huge donations from developers in order to get elected. In return, Vancouver’s city councils have said absolutely nothing about the increasing damage that has been caused by unending, immigration-driven increases in the area’s population, and the massive changes that have occurred in the ethnic composition of its population.

These Mayors and Councils have never produced any evidence to show that growing larger will benefit Vancouver or any other place.  In particular, none of them have had the backbone to object to Ottawa’s plan to deposit another 1 million people (almost 100% immigrants) into Metro Vancouver by 2030.

If Ottawa’s Master Plan for limitless population continues, Ottawa will tell Metro Vancouver yahoos in 2030 that another million unnecessary immigrants are on the way. And Metro Vancouver yahoos will do as they are told.

In the midst of the environmental carnage created, the most ridiculous claims are that  Vancouver can become the greenest city on the planet and that any other part of Canada can remain green. These claims demonstrate supreme naivete, blatant fraud or gross stupidity.

(3) Losers : Canada’s media has leaped into the rioter fray swiftly. The rioters are “losers”, they say.  For example, echoing Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, CBC Editorialist Rex Murphy has not only called the rioters a “pathetic pack of losers”. He has offered even more blunt phrases : “useless wretches”,  “scum of the earth”, and “vulgarians who have defecated on one of Canada’s best cities”.

The obvious question to ask is this : If the rioters are “losers”, are the media and politicians  “winners”?

Before we write the “losers” off as unredeemable, it would be interesting to get some background on them. From television footage, we can see that most of them are young. According to many observers of the riot, many of them  behaved as if they wanted to be photographed while trashing their city. Why? Have the so-called progressive “social media” such as Facebook plumbed new depths of stupidity?  Or are there reasons for the behaviour that was displayed?

Our media and our politicians are boasting that they will “get” the rioters and hold them to account for the damage they have done. However, accountability is for everyone, including  Murphy, his fellow CBC employees and other media, as well as for all of the political hypocrites who are now proclaiming that they represent “good sense”!!!!

Accountability is especially relevant to the CBC which annually gets $1 Billion from Canadian taxpayers. Although the CBC does some good, it has contributed significantly to the trashing traditional Canada.

Along with other, supposedly-objective media, the CBC has cheer-led mass immigration, stifled criticism of it and marginalized any serious debate about the future of Canada. For all intents and purposes, the CBC and others in the media and political office have virtually declared that Canada’s immigration and demographic future has already been decided and that traditional Canada is dead. To them, the majority of Canadians should give up and shut up. All of this needs immediate correction.

Environment and culture are not the only victims. It is clear that mass, post-1990 unnecessary immigration has negatively affected the employment and educational opportunities of many Canadians (possibly including those of the rioters). It’s also clear that maintaining high immigration in the latest recession has created misery for many Canadians. Yet our Prime Minister has boasted about maintaining high levels. And our other political leaders have not objected to what he did and said.  When faced with a choice between helping Canadian-born and importing new, unnecessary immigrants, these politicians have chosen the latter.

To sum up, the damage created by these people who consider themselves “winners” far exceeds the damage done by the rioter “losers”.

In closing, we ask once again : Who are the real criminals, yahoos and losers?