August 9, 2011 : The People Speak—“Somali Man Sponsors 100 Family Members” + Much More


From David L. Henderson, BSc, MBA
Mayor, City of Brockville

I’m favour of immigration just the way it is. How about the fact that many rural areas are declining in population, or that our current birthrate is below a replacement rate, or that we are all immigrants and we have the second largest land mass in the world, or that we need immigrant skills and investments and drive and risk taking?


From J.M.

A week or so ago,  I read that a Somali man had just sponsored his 100 th family member to come to Canada. 100???? What is going on? Has Canada’s immigration system gone even more berserk? Hasn’t anyone in Citizenship and Immigration noticed that this guy has brought in 100 family members? If the CBC article is correct, this is not a case of chain migration, that is of people whom the Somali man  sponsored then moving on to sponsor other people.

So, is this guy saying that there are 100 members in his family and that Canada sets no limits to the number of family members one person can sponsor? How many other immigrants have done something similar ?


From P.B.

First off I would like to thank you for the wealth of information on this site. It amazes me that the government continues to ignore such blatant facts regarding immigration. I live in a mid-sized town in Ontario, and can attest to the negative effect that excessive immigration is having.

The majority of people in my neighbourhood have left Brampton and Mississauga to get away from being a minority in their own city, and to escape the crime and problems that go along with it. I have had enough of what this country is doing with immigration, the fact that most children of White citizens will attend a school in the GTA where they may be one of a handful of White children is ridiculous. The policies that are in place in this country will only continue to make this situation worse.

How can our gov’t claim that skilled immigrants are the only ones being accepted, when you only have to go to the local Tim Horton’s to find evidence to the contrary?.

I have grown disillusioned with what this country has become, and as the child of Immigrant parents who came to this country from England, I can attest to the fact that they feel the same way. I want my Canada back, and can only hope that the service you are providing with the information contained on this site will improve things. Thanks


From T.R.

What has happened to Vancouver over the past 20 years is considered progressive to the media, politicians, businesses, immigrant lobby groups. But any other nation state and its host population would have safeguarded or backlashed at the same dramatic demographic changes.

A recent article on the Chinese buying up real estate in Vancouver barely stirs any notion of limiting foreign ownership which is displacing thousands of Canadians out of metro Vancouver to far reaching suburbs or other locations in B.C. or other provinces. Some would argue that what has happened to Vancouver is nothing short of a soft form of cultural genocide. I grew up there and it saddens me to go back there every time to see all the drastic changes.

There seems to be a lack of political choice in this country. There are no alternatives to the status quo, especially in an immigration policy context. All the federal parties want more immigration. Even the Green Party is calling for dramatic increases. None of our political parties seems to have the appetite to contemplate any changes to the status quo (which is based on left wing notions of humanitarian borders and right wing profits. None are even willing to discuss this mess in the political arena.


From D.K.

The bashing of our Constitutional Monarchy and the defaming and destruction of the history and heritage of “Old Canada” is total ethnic cleansing which leaves folks like Don Cherry, Ted Byfield and Lowell Green labelled as “extremists”.

In my opinion, the  gender empowerment programs have been designed to “split ” the white vote (as Canada is still 85% white) as many  women now think it is socially unacceptable to support a white guy . An example of this is what happened in the election for Mayor of Calgary.. Tragically, when it comes to fighting and dying for Canada in Afghanistan, it falls squarely on white males. I’ve seen my country abandon traditions and Anglo-Britannic facts to accommodate the exponents of a 30-yr social engineering program.


From S. B.

I fully agree with the statement that Canada does not require 250,000 immigrants a year. It puts undue pressure on the finite resources available. I have been living in Canada for the past thirty-six years. As a professional, I have and even now continue to work and pay a good amount of tax year after year. I dread the day when I will need hospitalization and find that the authorities can not find a bed for me. The reason – baby boomers and immigrant senior citizens.

The Family Re-unificaton rule should apply only to brothers, sisters and parents and not cousins, uncles, aunts etc., etc.. Of course, the sponsor should be made responsible for buying medical insurance for their parents. Hard working, tax paying Canadians should not be saddled with more tax to take care of immigrant seniors’ medical expenses. I chose not to bring my parents, brothers sisters etc. to Canada. Some of them were not willing to re-locate to Canada and in the case of some others, I did not encourage them to immigrate, as I felt that they would not be able to settle down that easily. I helped my family by sending money back home, so that they could live comfortably.


From S.C.

I conclude that any amount of money thrown at “rehabilitating” metropolitan Vancouver is a waste of resources.  The federal government is determined to overpopulate all cities in Canada, paying no attention to the hard lessons taught by the Balkans area of Europe over the past 1,000 years.

Various inimical cultures have gained firm beachheads in Canada, and cannot be undone. Furthermore, those cultures want to see more of their native culture imported as a form of de facto “invasion”.

The general European Judeo-Christian culture must move to areas that are currently sparsely-occupied if they wish their culture to survive, and must do much as the Quebecois have done in the Province of Quebec: exclude, by any legal means, any group whose characteristics are not highly-harmonious with their culture and traditions.

Establishment of a Society with firm requirements for membership (based on whatever criteria are decided upon at a founding convention) may be the only route available for the preservation of the general European culture.  The Society may wish to form “preferred trade” groups based on membership options.

Just a suggestion as food for thought.


From C.W.

China’s influence and power is bound to grow in Canada as a result of the Canadian government’s tilt in foreign policy toward China—-that is, cozying up to China, a la Liberal foreign policy and former PM Jean Chretien, as a major trading partner.

All this is happening in the wake of the recent major hacking scandal in Canada and other Western nations that China, notorious for industrial espionage, is believed to be behind.

The Chinese communists are avaricious imperialists of the worst order in my view who are devoid of conscience or the meaning of the word ‘honesty’ and should not be trusted for one minute politically or in business.

China’s history with Tibet, Taiwan and skirmishes with India ,not to mention their major role in the Vietnam war and their current move to develop mammoth aircraft carriers with far reaching air strike capability, needs to be put into perspective.

I’d like to think that Stephen Harper will tread softly and carry a stick when dealing with China.

As a footnote I might add that the disclosure by Richard Fadden, the director of CSIS in June of 2010 regarding Chinese influence among certain Canadian municipal and provincial politicians is very timely today as it could very well be linked to the current hacking of sensitive government trade and technology information that has apparently gone on for years and has curiously dropped off the news media’s radar like a flaming comet.