The People Speak : (1) Ban English. It offends Me ; (2) Multiculturalism Is The New Fascism + More

The People Speak : (1) Ban English. It offends Me ; (2) Multiculturalism Is The New Fascism + More

(1) Re The BBC Bans The Abbreviations “A.D.” and “B.C.” —-By TB

Why stop at banning “AD” and “BC”? I think that the BBC should ban English. The use of English obviously offends the many residents of the UK whose mother tongue isn’t English.

The use of Esperanto by the BBC would be the right solution for all of those people.

What do you think about that? I do not want you to answer in English. That would offend me. Thank you very much.


(2) Re Discussing Communism in Slovakia 30 Years Ago vs. Discussing Immigration In Canada Today—-By KM

I lived in Slovakia during the communist regime. Contrary to what many North Americans might think, I remember that we had many open discussions about communism.

Compare that with discussions about immigration in Canada. Most people here are afraid to raise the topic. Canada’s fascists  are everywhere !!!


(3) Re  B.C. Announces $350 Million in Spending on New Schools—-By NO

Take note that the largest percentage of that $350+ Million will be spent in the Metro Vancouver suburb of Surrey which is really a suburb of the Punjab.

In area, Surrey is B.C.’s largest municipality. It has nearly 500,000 people, and used to have a large percentage of B.C.’s best farmland. New housing for immigrants has been built on that farmland.. For those people who still think that immigration costs Canada nothing, think again.


(4) Re Elites Help To Destroy Their Country’s Identity—-SG

I just read the following on CNN : “Europe is a continent whose elites are waging war on their own populations, pursuing some demented ideological fantasy that denies the very right of their people to exist.”

You can replace the word “Europe”  with the word ‘Canada”.

It is interesting that all English-speaking western democracies like Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand adopted multiculturalism around the same time (1973-1976).  Multiculturalism is like a hang over from the hippy attitudes of the 60’s. I think the inventors of multiculturalism were on hallucinogens when they came up with that idea.


(5) Re The Douglas Todd Column “Employers Favour English-Sounding Names” in The Vancouver Sun—-By RD

I sent the following note To Douglas Todd :

Mr. Todd,  I gather you are English. When will you Anglos have something positive to say about your ancestors instead of always looking for ways to put down your parents and the founders of Canada?

I am a member of a so-called minority, but I can assure you that Chinese and other minorities are far more bigoted when it comes to hiring. Try getting a job in a Chinese or Indian establishment.

Remember : Those who render themselves contemptible by groveling do not win the respect of those they fawn on.


(6)  Re Manitoba Gives Free Health Care to Foreign Students—-By SC

Did you know that the Manitoba gov’t quietly gave free health care recently to international students? Previously, those students were paying $400 a year. I also read that Manitoba’s health care costs had doubled since 2001 to $5 Billion.

As one columnist said, ” if you’re not a resident of Manitoba and you don’t pay taxes here, you shouldn’t be eligible for publicly-funded health care. “

I agree.


(7) Re Jason Kenney’s National Survey on Immigration—-CTF

Well, I have had a miserable and dysfunctional morning trying to complete Jason Kenney’s survey on immigration. I got to a certain point and then the survey would not let me continue.

I attempted to use another browser, thinking this might get me past the question, but that did not work.  No matter what number I placed in those boxes responding to the questions, I was still given the same message, and I could not continue.

I called the CIC contact number listed…….oh my, all you were given is a menu of options, all pertaining to “If you are an immigrant, and sub-sections of status, etc., etc.,  so I thought I would go through the long telephone recordings, etc. on one of these options, hoping I could finally get to a physical operator – NO SUCH LUCK……..this was a horribly painstaking procedure!

Then I contacted “O Canada Service”, and actually spoke to a human being (shock) . I presented my situation regarding this survey, etc. and after a long time, the woman eventually informed me that she could not assist me and gave me the telephone number I had already called at CIC. !!!   I mentioned what results I received from the CIC number and she apologized, as that was  the only number.

SO, needless to say this experience left me out of Luck in completing this survey. I wonder how many others had the same problem.