Shafia Convicted, It’s Now Time To Put Immigration Lobby On Trial

Shafia Convicted, It’s Now Time To Put The Immigration Lobby On Trial

So Mohammed Shafia has been tried and convicted for the murder of his first wife and his three daughters by both Canada’s judicial system and the court of Canadian public opinion . Now, however, it is time to put Ottawa’s investor immigrant program on trial. According to reports on the Shafia trial, that program allowed Shafia into Canada in the first place.

It is also time to hold to account those Canadians who, while unanimous in their disgust for the Shafias, have supported this program and Canada’s high immigration policy.

Let’s put the investor immigrant program on the witness stand first. In 2007, when Shafia was allowed into Canada, the investor immigrant program required that he and all other investor immigrants, on approval of their applications, pay $400,000 to the federal government. According to the rules, Ottawa then put that money into a special fund which the provinces could use interest-free. In return, on landing in Canada, Shafia— the investor immigrant—- and all his eight (later nine) family members, received Permanent Resident status. In addition, all investor immigrants, Shafia and his family included, could eventually receive Canadian Citizenship.

This year, five years since Shafia put his $400,000 down, the provinces are required to give the $400,000 back to Shafia. At a preferred customer interest rate of 3%, the provinces would normally have been required to pay a conventional lender about $12,000 per year over the five year term of the loan. That would mean in the five year term, the provinces would have had to pay a conventional lender $60,000 in interest. Since Shafia and all Investor Immigrants defer this in return for citizenship, that means that if all the Shafia family were alive this year when the $400,000 is returned to Shafia, the cost to each of the ten for their Canadian Citizenship would have amounted to $6000.

As the late immigration critic Charles Campbell pointed out years ago, the entire Investor Immigrant program amounts to the sale of citizenship—-at a fire-sale price. For straightforward ethical reasons, this program and its sister, the Entrepreneur Program, should never have been introduced. Furthermore, Ottawa audited both in the 1990’s and concluded both were riddled with fraud.

In response to the audit, immigration officials are supposed to conduct a thorough check on investor immigrant applicants in order to determine whether the investor immigrants obtained their money legally. In Shafia’s case, he is alleged to have supplemented his income as a salesman of  radios, television sets and used cars,  with a job in the Afghan government. There, he supposedly profited handsomely by accepting bribes from families who had relatives in Afghan prisons and wanted to have them released. If this is true, why did the immigration officials who examined this case not detect this dishonest activity and refuse to accept Shafia as an investor immigrant?  This would have saved Canada an enormous amount of money and grief.

Shafia and the supporters of current immigration policies share one conspicuous trait—their misplaced priorities. Shafia placed his twisted concept of ‘honour’ above the lives of his first wife and his three daughters. Those who have supported the intake of more than a quarter million immigrants per year—even in the teeth of a severe recession and high unemployment—-have placed an equally-twisted concept— the welfare of non-Canadians—-above the well-being of Canadian citizens.

While it is easy to see the error in Shafia’s  justification for  the murder of four members of his family, it is a bit more difficult to grasp that every country is a “family” and that such an entity as a “Canadian Family” also exists. It should follow that all citizens have a moral obligation to protect one another and to speak out against policies that are, in effect, crimes against the “Canadian family”. We refer here most especially to the policy of mass immigration, which—without any government consultation with the public or consent of the public—- in just 22 years, has turned Canadian society on its head.

How this was done will be the subject of a subsequent bulletin. It will enumerate the crimes that the supporters of mass immigration have committed against the “Canadian Family”. All of these constitute a massive social engineering project that has amounted to a coup d’etat by the growth lobby against Canada and the majority of its citizens.


Notes :

!. Investor immigrants are now required to invest $800,000.

2. For more details on the Investor Immigrant issue, see