How Not To Build A Country

How Not To Build A Country :

(Part 2 of “Shafia Convicted, It’s Now Time To Put The Immigration Lobby On Trial”)

1. After hearing complaints about new biculturalism and bilingualism policies in the late 1960’s, surrender to those who object to these policies. Introduce conflict from outside by initiating multiculturalism. Then, change the source countries of Canada’s immigrants. Aim to dilute the Quebec population with immigrants from a non-European background. Apply the same policy to the whole of Canada in order to dilute it too. To further weaken both French and English-Canadian nationalism, elevate multiculturalism to the position of Canada’s new official religion. Transfer Christian good-neighbour principles to multiculturalism. Do not ask Canadians whether they want multiculturalism and a change in source countries. Have politicians assume that politicians know better. Have them impose their will.

2. In order to raise Canadians’ acceptance of immigrants from non-traditional source countries, lower the value of Canada’s institutions and traditions. Belittle and demean Canada which immigrants have come to because it is obviously superior to their own.  Attack the effects of the colonization of Canada on Canada’s Aboriginals. Imply that immigrants from non-traditional source countries would have done better. Begin the re-colonization of Canada. In 1979, have the Minister of Multiculturalism (Norman Cafik ) make the outrageous statement, “There are no founding nations in Canada.” Have all our federal political parties parrot statements like this so they can get their share of the immigrant vote. Imply that  “multiculturalism” means only “multi-ethnic”. Conceal its real meaning  which is to maintain or increase high immigration intake in order to overwhelm Canada’s Aboriginals, French and English. Institute “Thought Police” such as Human Rights Commissions to prosecute all those who think multiculturalism’s real goals are nonsense.

3. Diminish any right that Aboriginal, French or English-speaking Canadians might have to setting immigration policy. Describe Canada’s population with a lofty, naive name such as “a United Nations”. Imply that Canada is impoverished and cannot be complete until it contains representatives from every tribe on the planet. Ignore the countless examples of countries that have been torn apart by civil war and tribal strife. Present Canada’s “United Nations” as true humanitarianism in action. Ignore the evidence that the United Nations itself, as well as many of its member states, often cannot function because of inter-ethnic conflict.

4. Sponsor research into whether immigration produces an economic benefit and whether it will help to solve problems that an aging population might create. When the researchers report that (a) immigration produces virtually no economic benefit and that (b) using Canada’s own population, not immigration, is the best way to solve problems created by an aging population, ignore the researchers. Worse, tell Canadians the opposite of what your researchers have discovered. Repeat the lies many times. In 1990, have the Immigration minister raise immigration levels to 250,000 per year because, in her words, “the day is long gone when immigrants or any particular group are captive of any one political party”. In other words, have immigration increase in order to have her party compete with Canada’s Liberal Party for the immigrant vote. In fact, institutionalize political party grasping for this vote. In elections, have all parties refuse to evaluate immigration policy. When they do mention it, have them grovel to recent immigrants, yet Ignore 80% of all Canadian voters. In effect, have the ‘immigration tail” wag the Canadian dog. Have this policy continue for over 21 years, and bring in over 5 million people in that time. Present this 21- year abnormality in Canada’s immigration history as something normal. Ironically, falsely compare immigrant arrivals at Pier 21 in Halifax with immigrant arrivals today.

5. To re-inforce the lie that Canada has no founding nations except Aboriginals, invent slogans like “We are all immigrants.”. Help to deny and erase over 400 years of French Canada’s past and 250+ years of English Canadian history. From 1989 on, allow the majority of the 800,000 refugee applicants to remain in Canada in spite of the fraud that many of them have committed. Then allow most of them to bring their relatives here. Have them play the race card whenever Canadians protest the fact that the refugee system is being abused and that Canadians are being overwhelmed by people Canada never needed.

6. Encourage historians, and other like-minded academics who write about Canada’s past, to preach that Canada’s past is of no value. Have them re-write Canada’s history. Have governments make apologies which scorn generations of Canada’s dead. Encourage these academics to heap guilt on the descendants of Canada’s French and UK founders. Feed young Canadians a constant meal of guilt in their schools. Give academics unending public money to proclaim the wonders of multiculturalism and unjustified high immigration. Give preference in hiring to those Canadian “researchers” and “educators” who have culturally emasculated themselves.

7. To provide jobs to immigrants whom Canada never needed, hire a biased judge to do a major study on Canadian hiring policies. Accept incompetent work and enshrine it as “Employment Equity” legislation which will discriminate against millions of Canadians, particularly white males. Force Canada’s public and private sector to spend millions on instituting “Diversity Committees” and to hire hundreds of thousands of people whom  Canada should never have brought here. Put these people into “Diversity Committee” positions where Employment Equity injustice will be perpetuated.

8. In recessions since 1990, continue to import several million people Canada does not need. Put the search for “Diversity” above government’s duty to protect Canadians against unnecessary job competition. At election time, have all political parties shamelessly ignore the country’s own unemployed, yet boast that they support high immigration. Take away the employment opportunities which give hundreds of thousands of Canadians an identity and some dignity in their own country. Have the country’s labor movement do and say nothing about politicians’ betrayal. In fact, have unions participate in the betrayal by concentrating on the recruitment of new immigrants to their ranks rather than attending to the needs of Canada’s own population. Have unions also forget the key fact that an excess number of workers causes wage suppression.

9. Tell Canadians, with programs like “Hire An Immigrant” and “Recognize Foreign Credentials”, that Canadians have no more right to employment in their own country than anyone else in the world who wants to come here. When people in many parts of Canada complain that high immigration is reducing their chances to find jobs and to afford housing, follow the model set by lazy  media and government hacks : refuse to look for evidence. Ignore the key fact that a constant inflow of immigrants causes continued demand for housing and raises housing costs.

10. Have a robotic, ill-informed and biased CBC, and media like them, shamelessly deceive Canadians about the immigration issue. Have the CBC and other media refuse to ask the obvious immigration question : “Why has Canada been bringing in about 250,000 immigrants per year for 21 years? Have the Canadian public pay the CBC $1 Billion a year, yet have the CBC daily abdicate its basic responsibility to tell the truth to Canadians. Have the CBC invent slogans like “Canada Lives Here” when in fact,  “Canada Dies At The CBC”. Have the CBC hire a Filipino “Diversity Manager” who arrogantly boasts that “Vancouver is an Asian city”. Have the CBC hire on a racial basis hundreds of other employees who will ensure that the CBC betrayal of Canada continues for generations.

11. Have Canada’s cities become crowded and begin to resemble the environmental disasters many of Canada’s new arrivals came from. Have Canada’s Science Council research an optimum population for Canada. Ignore it when it recommends that Canada restrict immigration and limit its population. In fact, have environmental organizations hypocritically tell Canadians that unending population growth is not to be feared and that all Canada needs to do is to densify its cities.  Have politicians spread the nonsense that Canada can take unlimited numbers of people and that Canada has unlimited resources. When Stats Can reports that Canada’s population growth is the highest in the G8, have these politicians and the media, especially the CBC, cheer-lead it —as if corrupt, incompetent stewardship of the land and unending growth on it were things that should be rewarded.

Conclusion : It is no exaggeration to say that continuing down this immigration road will kill this country. The major immigration decisions that have been made in Canada for over 40 years can be reversed and need to be reversed now.