Immigrant Accuses University of Helping International Students To Defraud Canada

Immigrant Accuses University of Helping International Students To Defraud Canada

(1) I wish to accuse a Vancouver area university of helping its students to work illegally in Canada, to worsen the job market for genuine immigrants and Canadian-born, and to exploit Canada’s immigration and tax system.

(2) I became an immigrant to Canada in 2005 and have been continuously looking for jobs in my field of study. I have had a considerable amount of difficulty surviving and have often required financial assistance from home.

(3) Of late, I have realized that even the survival jobs such as those at most of the convenience stores in Vancouver are taken by students of one particular university. I came across more than 50 Students from this university who are working full time and paid illegally in cash at convenience stores such as Mac’s and at many restaurants in Vancouver.

(4) I have noticed and can prove that these students attending this university are just exploiting the sole purpose of their Visa and are actually working full time as soon as they arrive in Canada. They work at convenience stores on East Hastings Street, Commercial Drive, Main Street and in many more areas in Vancouver. Now it’s getting more difficult for the Immigrants and Citizens of Canada residing in Vancouver, B.C. to get survival jobs at these businesses.

(5) These students pay an initial fee of $4,500 CAD to the university when they get their Visas in India. Once they arrive here, they start working full time for cash and pay for all of their tuition fees by ruining the job market for Immigrants and Canadian Citizens. I have reported this matter a number of times to officials at this university, but those officials are not bothered by what their students are doing to the lives of Immigrants and Canadian Citizens and to the present job market in Vancouver. This university cares only that these students pay their fees.

(6) The employers who are participating in this scheme in the Vancouver area hire most of these students at the rate of $8/Hour. This is beneficial to the employers because they get cheap Manpower. The students pay others to complete assignments for them so that they can get a degree from this university. After getting their degrees, these students then start looking for bogus companies who play around with the system in order to get them a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) or a Fake Job Offer. This is meant to fool Canada’s Department of  Immigration into thinking that these students are needed by Canada’s economy. In some cases, the students make arrangements to be put on the payroll of a company or else they move to Saskatchewan and apply for the SINP which requires 960 Hours from any employer to get Permanent Resident status. It is easy for them to find an employer to participate in the fraud.

(7) This is a total injustice to immigrants who genuinely get their Permanent Resident status in Canada as Skilled Immigrants.

(8) I am ready to work with Canadian enforcement agencies or any newspapers who wish to investigate this issue. I can provide all the details of these students and employers so that we can together fight immigration corruption and  unemployment.