The People Speak : Raped Canadian less important than foreign student revenue


Last week, we provided a comment from a reader who told of an alleged rape at a prairie university of a Canadian woman by an international student. For several reasons, we are replacing her comment with the following :

Immigration Watch Canada provides the following links to three news reports and one column on the rape incident. The rape occurred at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon last New Year’s Eve. Readers should note that the university delayed releasing news about the rape incident for over a month and a half. News was not released until late February. One news report was published in the student newspaper, “The Sheaf”. The other two appeared in Saskatoon’s  “Star Phoenix” in late February and early March of 2012.

Readers should also note that the university’s student union complained that news should have been released much earlier. It also complained that when the university finally issued news about the incident, it did so on a Friday just before the university was to go on a one-week break.  A column from the university’s student newspaper, “The Sheaf”, suggests that the university’s long delay in releasing the news was an attempt to conceal the incident. It also suggests that the release of the news on a Friday before a one-week break was made in the hope that few if any people would read about the incident.

This material is arranged in the order in which it was published.


From T.D. : Regarding the recent matter of the Muslim killer in the south of France who targeted minority groups, I must say that I find it interesting, and slightly bizarre, that while the search was on for this individual, our CBC news department referred to the individual as a ‘racist’ killer. However, when it was revealed that the suspect was an Arab from North Africa – an Algerian, to be more precise – all of a sudden, the killer was no longer a ‘racist’ killer, but – if one can use such a description – a ‘normal’ killer.

It really has left me scratching my head a little. There would seem to me to be some confused people in the CBC news department. Is one to conclude that, in the eyes of the CBC, one is only a ‘racist’ killer if the killer is ‘white’? Or that it is not a ‘racist’ crime to kill a Jew if the killer is a North African Arab? If the French Algerian had killed ‘white’ people, would the crimes have constituted ‘racist’ crimes or not?

Might I suggest that there is much fodder here for some in-depth analysis on the CBC?


From E.M. : When my own job got out-sourced abroad years ago because of globalization, I didn’t manage to get any help in retraining from the government, nothing at all. And like many others I have ended up in low paid— very often risky —jobs where I have worn out my back and knees and been exposed to toxic fumes. I have seen many people through the years who got injured and never got compensated or else got something only for a very short time. I have seen hardworking men living out of their cars or vans during the boom here in Alberta, due to accommodation shortage, while most of the government housing is occupied by refugees and immigrants, very often by people who seem to harbour hostility for us, or at least no desire to integrate into our society. I have seen people who work 60 hours at different part-time jobs with no paid statutory holidays or benefits and after they pay for the vehicles they can’t do without to go to their jobs, can’t even pay for dentist fees, the kind of care that immigrants get for free. But what really absolutely astonishes me is the silence on all this. You would assume that this situation would constantly make headlines, causing some huge demonstrations.  But nothing, nothing at all.  Sounds like fiction, doesn’t it? I could call this the tale of two Canada’s. One Canada is based upon self reliance, despite the fact that its inhabitants are very highly taxed and that the rules of the game are warped considering that through globalization, its workers have to compete with very low paid foreign labour. The other Canada is for immigrants. That’s the absolute welfare country where the government provides everything for free.


From M.A. : I am sending this email to report and comment on some information I came across recently. I am talking about the fact that some immigrants to this country are receiving huge bundles to study English, despite the fact that they have been here for decades and never bothered to learn on their own. I know one Asian individual, who at around sixty years of age got a bundle worth around $15, 000 to study for a semester, and that included tuition, books, and a living allowance of around $200 weekly, plus free dental, medications, etc. That person’s ex-spouse received the same for 3 semesters. I am certain of the validity of these facts, having seen the government paperwork. Through a conversation with them, I learned of another Asian in their class, who at the age of 65, and also 2 decades in the country, is receiving the same perks. I also learned of a Filipina lady who studied with the same benefits because she wished to better her grammar. And another one from South Africa whose English is excellent but who pretended to have poor English language skills so she could get the  benefits. I couldn’t help being shocked by the absurdity of this whole situation, since, according to what I have heard over the years, the government will invest in you if they see the possibility to recover their expenditures from you in future income tax. No need to be a math genius to realize that at around sixty, or worse sixty five, no one will ever repay those monies. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the sixty-five year old will, upon completion of her language course, be sent to a trade school to become a baker, under the same conditions. Apart from the insanity of it all, this is a situation that constitutes a terrible injustice to Canadians whose families have been here for generations and who couldn”t even dream of getting a fraction of those benefits despite the fact that they are the ones bearing the cost of those generous government gifts to immigrants through income tax paid from often terrible underpaid, dangerous, unhealthy and backbreaking jobs.


From R. A. : I am an immigrant from Eastern Europe. I’ve been in Canada for about eight years, all the time spent in Quebec. I’ve been closely following all the immigration issues in Canada and the Western world in general and here are my two cents. Visible minorities, for the most part, treat Canada as a luxurious hotel where you don’t have to pay a penny to stay. To the contrary – you will be given money. I remember talking to one East Indian lady who had just arrived in Canada and already was writing lengthy letters/e-mails to different politicians, complaining about the Canadian immigration system. She was offended by the fact that immigrants could not find good jobs fast. She said something along the line “You (Canadian government) invited us here, but you don’t give us jobs”. She sounded like Canada owed her everything. Another Bangladeshi man I studied with told me how he bought a house for a below-market price by being approved for a mortgage through one of his relatives, a mortgage he would never have been approved for otherwise. Then all proud of himself, he told me how he saw news about government grants for house renovations, applied for one and received it. “I’m a small man”, he said, “but now I’m worth over half a million dollars”. I’m not saying he did something illegal or immoral, but I just see how many immigrants (from my experience especially East Indians) are just abusing the system and doing everything possible and impossible to get something for nothing. It’s pure materialism. For the most part, people come here out of convenience, not because they want to become Canadians. Every day I see more and more proof of this.

Once I heard this phrase:”If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. I think it describes Canada quite well. Canada nowadays doesn’t stand for something. Therefore it constantly falls for diversity, multiculturalism, Sikhism, Islam, and many other things that keep making the founding people a “ghost people” in their own land. I always wanted to live in Canada where the majority is of European background—- just like it used to be for a very long time. But quite often I find myself in China, India, Philippines, Jamaica, and Haiti and another 200 countries I never wanted to go to. Why are Canadians who were born here silent? Why don’t they speak up like Lowell Green, Mark Steyn and William Gairdner did? I’m an immigrant, but I feel Canadian…and I don’t want to celebrate  diversity, I don’t want to know immigrants’ customs and traditions, I want to celebrate Canadian, European-based democratic values and origins. I want to celebrate Canadians who fought in WW2 just like my grandfather did. Often, I feel that celebrating traditional Canada is not encouraged by the state machine. But when I came across your web site, I found hope that Canada still can be great….just like it used to be.