The People Speak : Iran’s Fifth Column Targets Toronto, Ottawa Schools + More

The People Speak : Iran Targets Toronto, Ottawa Schools + More

(1) From V.M. : David Harris, Ottawa lawyer and  Director, International and Terrorist Intelligence Program, INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc., has a few comments for school trustees who love to celebrate “Diversity” and their own extinctions. Here are a few excerpts from Harris’ article, ” Iran’s ‘Fifth Column’ Targets Canadian Schoolchildren “, which was published in The Huffington Post :

“Recently the Toronto District School Board suspended an Islamic school’s operating permit after its Iranian-sponsored textbooks were found to promote anti-semitism and jihad. The school — which operated on Sundays out of a public high school — is now under investigation by police. (The story was originally broken on the Blazing Cat Fur website.)

“According to the National Post: ‘ The school’s curriculum, which it has now taken off its website, referred to ‘crafty,’ ‘treacherous’ Jews and contrasted Islam with ‘the Jews and the Nazis.’ The passages were from two books published by Iranian foundations.

“The booklets also told children that Islam was the ‘best’ religion, and provided a list of ‘unclean things,’ including pigs, dogs and ‘a person who does not believe in Allah.’

“The Toronto incident, however, is not an isolated one: Another program, this one offered in an Ottawa public elementary school, relied on similarly controversial materials — materials which were quietly removed last year after complaints from local Iranian Canadian dissidents.

“Immigrant sources say Iranian embassy sympathizers and collaborators shaped and influenced a weekend Iranian language and culture course offered by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB), on the premises of the board’s publicly-funded Lady Evelyn Alternative School. The course was attended mainly by children of Iranian background. The school describes itself as “a nurturing environment” and prides itself on its “diverse, multicultural population.”

“Several of the course’s Farsi language textbooks — authorized by Iran’s Ministry of Education, bearing the Islamic Republic’s crest, and the motto ‘Teaching and learning is worship’ — were obtained by parents and given to this blogger: They feature prominent photographs of Ayatollah Khomeini….

“Into the disgraceful public school situation, however, came a voice of conscience: Shabnam Assadollahi, award-winning journalist and human rights worker. An Ottawa immigrant settlement counsellor who had survived as a 16-year-old political prisoner in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, Assadollahi managed to escape to Canada. She recognized the text books as extensions of Tehran’s efforts to groom a Fifth Column in our midst, and did her duty by her adoptive country, repeatedly remonstrating with Board and school officials about the books — without noticeable result.

“Assadollahi even reported the issue to the RCMP, which seemed not to have accelerated things. For two years — as Ottawa children were exposed to Iran’s textbook poison — officials avoided meaningful action, perhaps preoccupied by the risk of political and career embarrassment, and the possibility of alienating Iran’s embassy and the increasingly influential, immigration-driven demographic of radical parents. Finally, the use of the offensive books quietly ended in 2011.

“When contacted by Huffington Post Canada about the usage of the books, Charlotte Hunter, spokesperson for the OCDSB, acknowledged that the board had been approached in the fall of 2009 by ‘an individual with concerns about a book being used in our Persian international language programs at Lady Evelyn Public School’….

“However, Hunter insisted that: ‘Immediately, we asked teachers to stop using the books in class so that we could look into the concern. The review was conducted by a Persian-speaking curriculum services consultant and a team from Continuing Education. We did determine that a small number of images and one story were not appropriate to the Canadian context, and they were removed from the book. The teachers were also reminded that best practices is to use a variety of resources that are both age appropriate and appropriate to the Canadian context when delivering an international language program in Ontario.’

“As already shown, the problem with the Board’s Farsi course went considerably beyond ‘a small number of images and one story’ specified in this official response. Aside from the hate material outlined in this blog, there was other text content that pushed Shia Islamic religious themes and seemed to idolize norms associated with Iran’s regime. Few such things seem ‘appropriate to the Canadian context,’ especially if that context refers to a transparent, accountable, publicly-funded school system in a liberal democracy. Contrary to the Board’s claims, more than one person asserts that the texts were in use for the best part of two years. And more than one person made representations to the Board.

“Hence, Assadollahi’s question resonates: ‘Why did Ottawa school officials fail so abjectly, for so long, and despite so much evidence, to defend our children from Tehran’s manipulation and hate propaganda?,’ she asked in a recent interview with me.

“And a year after the books were ditched, Ottawans and other Canadians still have no adequate public accounting of the behavior of the school, the Board and, for that matter, the Iranian embassy and those of its friends who may have facilitated this ‘education’ — whether from inside or outside the educational system. Is it true, as some Iranian Ottawans fear, that Iranian embassy-backed ‘Canadians’ are now trying to get pro-mullah teachers into Farsi language courses at secondary and post-secondary school levels?

“Yes, the text books are apparently no longer in use at the Lady Evelyn Alternative School. But this, combined with the Toronto District School Board episode, means that we need a public accounting to determine how many schools are opening their doors to these kinds of hateful teachings.

“The pernicious influence of the Iranian regime does not stop at the public school either: Iran sends bursaried students to study in Canada. Bursaries can be an indication that Tehran regards these people as ideologically reliable. Those students with links to Iran’s government take orders from the embassy and join certain Iranian ‘student groups’ which then corner and silence pro-democracy Iranian-Canadian students at universities and other institutions. Foreign students often apply for and receive citizenship in Canada, where they are as entitled as any other citizen to find work in sensitive government and other institutions, influence policy and sponsor further immigration.

“While remaining open to bona fide refugees, we must heed recent calls of Raheel Raza and other moderate Muslims, to suspend immigration from terror-producing countries like Iran. Harper must stop enabling Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s penchant for gigantic…immigration influxes — the biggest per capita in the world…over 500,000 newcomers yearly, including visa-holders. These enormous numbers — 60,000 Iranians settled as permanent residents in Canada in the past 10 years alone — still present a virtually insuperable security challenge, where Canada’s finite screening resources are concerned. It is unconscionable to import vote banks at the price of public safety and national security.”


(2) From G.R. : A few days ago, Workplace B.C. started displaying signs containing both English and Chinese in Richmond, B.C. The signs use slogans such as  “Slow down. My son works here.”

According to The Vancouver Sun, the signs are “a joint initiative of WorkSafeBC, Graham Construction and the B.C. Construction Safety Alliance and feature large pictures of construction workers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds with family members such as elderly parents and children”.

What’s going on here? The two official languages of Canada are English and French. Why is an official provincial body like Workplace B.C. having anything to do with the issuing of these signs?

According to The Vancouver Sun, Thomas Tam, CEO of the immigrant services agency called S.U.C.C.E.S.S., and Al Johnson, WorkSafeBC’s regional director in charge of construction, are not aware of similar signs elsewhere in the province.

In commenting, CEO Thomas Tam implied that his Metro Vancouver-based Chinese immigration advocacy group (SUCCESS) had pressured Workplace B.C. to issue the signs. This organization has over 20 offices in Metro Vancouver and gets about $25 million from government—-supposedly to help immigrants settle in B.C. However, its real purpose is to maintain high immigration levels and to increase the numbers of Chinese in Metro Vancouver and many other parts of Canada.

Tam’s final comment on the new signs was :”So we are not talking about people who don’t understand [and] that’s why we need another language … . I would say that this is an enhancement, it’s not a replacement.”

“Enhancement, not replacement” ??? What is this guy saying?? Here are some important questions for governments to answer :

(1) Why is an official government agency allowing itself to be duped into giving legitimacy to this organization’s goals?

(2) If Chinese drivers in Richmond (200,000 population) “understand” the basic English on the signs, is the real purpose in Richmond (whose majority is now recently-arrived Chinese) to assert China’s colonizing objectives?

(3) What other immigrant groups are now going to demand equal treatment and why are we hearing nothing from our politicians about this nonsense?


(3) From O.G. : I was reading Ottawa Councillor Allan Hubley’s comments about electricity outages in the past few weeks in the Ottawa area. I was particularly interested in what was causing them. According to Hydro Ottawa spokesperson Claudia Lemieux, Hydro Ottawa is building new infrastructure for the growing area. Let’s say that again : The cause is “building new infrastructure for the growing area” !!!

The translation of this is that  unnecessary growth which has been caused by unnecessary immigration is a major contributor to the power outages. This should be a lesson for many municipal councilors who refuse to say anything about immigration because, in their view, “the immigration issue is a federal issue and is something we poor sods at the municipal level can do nothing about”. Let’s get real, all elected municipal and provincial politicians. Unnecessary immigration affects your jurisdiction probably more than it affects that of MP’s. It’s time that you got off your asses and did something. I’ll be watching what Ottawa Councillor Allan Hubley does next.


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