For Canada’s Sake, Get Immigration Intake and Policy Right on Nov. 1

For Canada’s Sake, Get Immigration Intake and Policy Right on Nov. 1

By November 1 every year, Canada’s Immigration Minister is required to announce to Parliament the number of immigrants Canada expects to take in the coming year.

Here is some advice to Canada’s Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, PM Harper and his party, all other political parties, and all politicians at all three levels of government across Canada

(1) Recognize that many Canadians have been overwhelmed by the flood of immigrants who have arrived in the past 21 years. Recognize that Canadians have as much a right to defend their country as other people do to defend theirs. Most Canadians would not refer to Chinese defending China as an example of  “yellow supremacy”, to East Indians defending India as an example of “brown supremacy” or to blacks defending many African countries as an example of “black supremacy”. Yet Canadians hear a host of political and media hacks screaming “white supremacy” when Canadians try to defend Canada. Recognize also that platitudes like “We are all immigrants” are a cowardly response to this flooding. Canada was a country long before the flood of 1991 to 2012 began. Long ago, immigrants who have come here recognized that Canada was superior in most ways to their countries of origin. Otherwise, why would these people have left their countries? For some time, a number of these new arrivals and their ethnic supporters (who have been here a number of years) have wanted to flood Canada with their own people, apparently so that they can re-create the inferior environments that they came from. What sense is there in this? Why are we not defending Canada from these people?

(2) Instead of apologizing to ethnic groups who have used Canadian government immigration apologies to maintain or increase their own immigration levels to Canada, many politicians now should apologize to Canadians for helping to perpetuate the immigration flood.  In severity, the betrayal of one’s country through an immigration flood ranks far more serious than the alleged immigration sins Canada has committed in its past.  Our politicians’ duty now should be to take immediate action to stop the flood. What could be more sensible?

(3). Acknowledge that the flood has been a state-sponsored assault on Canadians and that, in its effect, it has not differed much from the assault that a number of states, for example those in Syria and Libya, have conducted on their own populations. There are many ways to destroy the lives of people besides bombing them and cutting their throats. Denying them employment is one way. Using the race card to intimidate them into fear of defending themselves is another. So far, there have been none so silent as the job-displaced. Along with this acknowledgement, institute a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission and order  the guilty federal, provincial, and municipal politicians who have conducted  the assaults on Canada to appear before these commissions. Demand that they provide details of their participation in the national disgrace caused by this flood.  What could be more just?

(4) Acknowledge that, through intimidation and obfuscation, the immigration lobby has succeeded in dominating Canada’s immigration policy for many years and that their role has to end. Send these people packing. Admit that these people have caused enormous damage to Canada.  Mr. Chungsen Leung, an immigrant from Taiwan and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s Parliamentary Secretary,  has recently used the term “disgusting” to describe an interview that an immigration reform group had posted on their web site. Before Mr. Leung gets carried away with self-righteousness, describe to Canadians the grossly-disgusting mutual grovelling that has occurred for many years between many MP’s and the immigration lobby at so-called “immigration consultations”. From now on, reveal the truth that Canada needs very little immigration. For immigration advice, go to real Canadians. What could be more logical?

(5) Assert loudly and clearly that immigration exists for the benefit of the majority of Canadians, not for the needs of immigrants. For years, our federal political parties and their provincial counterparts have assumed the latter. For example, they have appointed immigrants as the heads of immigration policy committees. Also, not that long ago, immigrants held seven of 12 positions on Canada’s Standing Committee on Immigration. All of our governments have to get the following point through their heads : Canada has no duty to increase the numbers of visible minorities. Immigration does not exist for immigrants or to create so-called “Diversity”. Here is a simple question to illustrate this point : Can any Canadian imagine going to the Punjab, to China, or to any African country and proclaiming. “We have come to make you diverse !!! ” At the very least, people in those countries would deliver a solid boot to such arrivals and send them packing. And they would be justified in doing that. The call for so-called “Diversity” is the last resort of the immigration lobby who know there is absolutely no reason for Canada to be taking 250,000 immigrants per year.  Isn’t it long overdue to end the “Diversity” nonsense?

(6) Announce to Canadians that Canada will return to a Tap-On / Tap-Off immigration policy. In other words, announce that if Canada has some need which it cannot satisfy within Canada, it will allow some immigration. But the 250,000 gravy train, and all the fraud that has accompanied it, is over. Acknowledge that the current immigration intake of 250,000 immigrants per year is completely out of control, that it is an abnormality in Canada’s immigration history and that it is the highest per capita in the world. Most important of all, admit that Ottawa has never provided any sensible justification for that yearly average of 250,000. Admit that  former Immigration Minister Barbara McDougall originated the policy in 1990 in order to have her party ( the Progressive Conservatives ) get more of the immigrant vote. Most important of all, admit also that the 250,000 intake has persisted because none of Canada’s federal political parties or their supporters at all three levels of government has had the courage to stop this policy. All have placed their pursuit of the immigrant vote ahead of the interests of the majority of Canadians.  When can we expect sensible policy to displace senseless policy?

(7) Acknowledge the economic damage Canada’s immigration intake has had on the country. Start with its students who have assumed huge debt loads to get future employment. Add our own unemployed. Many in both groups cannot find jobs because both have been forced to compete with immigrants for employment. To add insult to injury, young white male children of long term Canadians have been victims of Rosalie Abella’s so-called Employment Equity programme, which has resulted in widespread Employment Inequity and Injustice. End the “Employment Equity” policy that gives preferential hiring to visible-minority immigrants. Huge numbers of these people now occupy positions in federal, provincial and municipal governments, in our educational system at all levels, and in private business solely because of their race. Isn’t this absolute nonsense?

(8) Admit the huge environmental and economic damage that the immigration flood has caused. In particular, look at the foolish efforts that have been made by our cities to manage “Supply” for things such as affordable housing when they should have shouted to Ottawa to decrease “Demand” for such things. If Ottawa had reduced immigration, it would have reduced “Demand” for housing. Such a move could easily have resulted in more affordable housing. Instead, Ottawa has refused to admit that a relentless immigration inflow has been a major reason why housing has become unaffordable. Our cities have limits to the space they govern, but they continue to act as if their space can take unlimited numbers of people. A significant number of our cities and towns are guilty of this attitude. The most guilty has to be Vancouver which hypocritically proclaims that it will be  the Greenest City on Earth. Yet it does absolutely nothing to reduce immigration and refuses to admit that cities that do not control the size of their populations should not be claiming that they are “Green”.  Vancouver complains to Ottawa about many other issues. Why has it not spoken up on the immigration one ???

Mr. Kenney, Prime Minister Harper and all other politicians at all three levels of government, here is an important question :

Wouldn’t instituting these changes correct a large number of Canada’s problems?