Canada’s Media Presents Our Breakup As An Achievement

Canada’s Media Presents Our Breakup As An Achievement

This past week, Statistics Canada announced that the 2011 Census confirms that fewer Canadians are speaking English or French at home

The dramatic increase in the number of people speaking foreign languages at home in Canada is not a passing phenomenon that will work itself out with the passage of time, as has been the case in the past. After the initial wave of Ukrainian immigration, for example, Ukrainian was seldom spoken by subsequent generations. In other words, this latest census revealed something with more troubling consequences.

There is an easy explanation for this. Because Canada has had a relentless average intake of 250,000 immigrants per year for 21 years ( versus a previous  traditional  intake which rose and fell according to Canada’s need), ethnic groups have grown larger and larger every year. Some of those groups have sensed growing power and influence and have sought to increase their numbers in perpetuity. The big problem this presents for Canada’s mainstream, European-based (particularly English-French) majority population is that minority groups now threaten to overwhelm them.  If this continues, they  will become Canada’s new “Aboriginals”.  And Canada’s current Aboriginals will be in an even more precarious position.

Canada’s politicians are aware of all of this, but in an act of madness, they are afraid that if they defend Canada, they will lose their share of the immigrant vote.

The reality is that if they continue to do nothing, their own children will lose Canada.

But that doesn’t seem to bother many of them as they continue to fall over one another in the mad scramble for the immigrant vote.

Canadian skeptics of this notion need look only at their TV screens every day our House of Commons is in session. All of our TV networks show Parliament’s “Question Period”. There, very clearly, viewers can see that Conservative gov’t MP Tim Uppal (complete with Sikh turban) has been strategically seated in the House of Commons behind Conservative Prime Minister Harper. The message is obvious : the gov’t is committed to pursuing the Sikh and other immigrant vote. The Conservatives are not alone. The presence of visible minority MP’s in strategic positions in Canada’s other federal parties shows that those parties  think much the same way. Canada’s provincial and municipal governments claim to be impotent to do anything about immigration, but they share the blame because they are just as pre-occupied with getting the immigrant vote as their federal counterparts.

Meanwhile. many of Canada’s new immigrants seem unaware of the language conflict that has occurred in Canada’s past between Canada’s colonizing founders, the French and the English. They also seem to forget that many countries ( particularly the ones they come from ) which have had to deal with ethnic fragmentation have not fared well.

Most relevant of all, the media’s portrayal of the latest census demonstrates clearly that our media ( particularly our national broadcaster, the CBC, and like-minded major outlets ) agree with Canada’s political parties. These media enthusiastically promote Canada’s new state religion, “Linguistic and Ethnic Diversity”. Even more important,  they have adopted a policy of not asking why Canada has this policy at all.

To put this matter in a nutshell, the CBC and their copycat media rivals are our national quislings. This statement cannot be dismissed as a harsh judgement or a mere opinion. There are thousands of examples in CBC broadcasting logs and in newspaper archives that can be called upon to prove that this quisling behaviour is a fact.

Let’s do a brief survey of how some key media players covered the Statistics Canada story about Canada’s new “Linguistic Diversity” :

CBC’s “The National” treated this latest census revelation predictably. Its host, Peter Mansbridge, proudly reported that there are now 191 different languages spoken in Canadian homes, and fully 8 of the country’s 34 million people speak neither official language at home. Interestingly, the subject of the fragile footing that Aboriginal languages have in our much vaunted “mosaic” was not mentioned. Neither was the fact that job opportunities for unemployed Aboriginal youth are going to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary immigrants and “temporary” foreign workers who speak all these “wonderful” languages at home.

Canada’s self-described “National Newspaper”,  The Globe and Mail, imitated our CBC  in its reporting on this event. It also re-confirmed its role as Canada’s National Manure Spreader on the immigration issue. Detractors have given it that name because of an unforgivable two week-series of biased, info-mercial articles the Globe and Mail published in May which advocated that Canada increase its population to 100 million.

The Vancouver Sun’s Front page story showed a German mother, Iranian father and their infant. According to the reporter, the parents were going to make their household tri-lingual. The deceit is this : the languages that dominate the Metro Vancouver area are not German or Persian. They are Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, and Tagalog. The parents will get the shock of their lives when their child learns what many job-seekers in Metro Vancouver are now discovering : that Mandarin or Cantonese are pre-requisites for many jobs. As for speakers of Tagalog (Philippines) and Punjabi, these people are veterans at using Canada’s immigration system as a social assistance programme for themselves. Mainland Chinese have done the same thing, but their homeland gov’t has added something even more sinister. It is engaged in a world-wide grasp for the world’s resources and in a major colonization project. Its fifth column in Canada, funded with Canadian tax money, is helping China accomplish these goals. It does this by tricking Canada into thinking that Chinese state-owned  investment in Canada (particularly the oil sector) is “normal” investment.  

The tone of this article is that an increase in the number of non-English speakers is an achievement. With its suppression of all criticism of immigration, The Vancouver Sun has certainly helped Mainland China to increase its numbers here. The inevitable question is this : Why does that newspaper not explain why setting up a Chinese beach-head in Canada is a benefit to Canada?

The Calgary Herald’s coverage is  “Golly gee !!” writing.  It would have made sense for the reporter to have interviewed a critic of immigration. But instead she sought out a Punjabi and a Filipino. Going one step further in the wrong direction, she also allowed Alberta Education Minister Jeff Johnson to preach globalization : “It’s very exciting because we are in a global economy and a global society and the more our kids get exposed to that in our schools and our communities is a good thing”. What??? Does that mean that when Alberta sells off all of its oil to China and every other taker, and has a population of 4 to 6 million whom, in its newly acquired poverty, it cannot support, that China will be truly “Global” and send welfare payments to Alberta’s unemployed ?? Better still, will hurtin’ Albertans and other Canadians be allowed to emigrate to China or such places as the Punjab and the Philippines? Places which are not exactly models of self-sufficiency. Places which have in effect, dispatched to Canada their surplus population which, once established, serves as an anchor to an unending chain of more migrants who send remittance money home as they draw more benefits from Canada’s social safety net than they pay back in taxes. Is Canada’s role to be a job-finding agency and social assistance provider to the emigrants of developing nations?

Like its counterparts, Canada’s second most-watched TV network, Global TV, celebrates Canada’s increasing language diversity. According to them, “Toronto is Canada’s foreign language capital “. It would have been helpful if Global had explained to Canadians how linguistic diversity is a benefit to Toronto, or for that matter, to Canada.  If it could explain, that is !! Global also emphasized that “As far as Canada’s predominant language is concerned,  in Toronto, the proportion of the population speaking English at home continued the decline markedly between the 2001 and 2006 census years. In 2001, nearly 63 per cent of people in Toronto reported speaking only English at home. That number dropped in 2006 to about 59 per cent, and again in 2011 to 55 per cent.”  So, according to Global,  the decline and marginalization of English and English speakers was a good thing. Global’s sycophants and quislings seem to be unfamiliar with Biblical precedents like Babel as well as with countries torn apart by incessant conflict between different linguistic groups. They also seem to be unfamiliar with much of Canadian history. Given this kind of reporting, when Canadians man the barricades to free themselves, they shouldn’t expect the great “patriots” at Global TV to be there!!!

In summary, it is clear that on the issue of mass immigration and cultural fragmentation, Canada’s mainstream media is not only reporting the news, but cheering it on.