“Sanctuary City” is an Insult to Legal Immigrants and a First Step to Dismantling Control and Management of Immigration

Immigration Watch Canada provides readers with a copy of the  following Feb. 27 press release from Canada’s Centre for Immigration Policy Reform :

“Sanctuary City” is an Insult to Legal Immigrants and a First
Step to Dismantling Control and Management of Immigration

The Centre for Immigration Policy Reform condemns the decision by the Toronto city council to declare Toronto a “Sanctuary City.” Despite having sworn a solemn oath to bear allegiance to the Queen and the laws of Canada, the councillors on February 21 voted 37 to 3 in favour of permitting individuals who are in the country illegally to have access to all city services. Having already pursued a policy of “don’t ask –don’t tell” in the provision of such services, this is tantamount to an open refusal to cooperate with federal authorities in enforcing immigration laws.

It also assures anyone who is in Canada illegally or who wants to remain here after his or her legal status expires that they will receive an official city welcome. Considering the millions of tourists and others who visit Canada each year and the million or more temporary foreign workers now here who are expected to leave when their employment contracts expire, the city has extended an open invitation to potentially massive numbers of claimants.

Since such individuals will not be eligible for provincial or federal assistance, the decision by the council appears to be more symbolic than real but the damage lies precisely in its symbolism. By failing to uphold the law, Canada’s largest city has sent a message that the law doesn’t matter.

Canadians have observed with alarm the deep divisions and economic costs resulting from the failure of the United States to enforce immigration laws where its 11 million illegal immigrants are concerned. Now, the actions of 37 of Toronto’s city councillors place Canada on a similar path.

Moreover, and by bowing to the demands of a small handful of marginal, radical groups, they have opened the door to further demands from these organizations which, in addition to providing access to all city services, include amnesty for all those in the country illegally; an end to deportation and detention; open borders; recognition of indigenous sovereignty; and an end to exploitation and imperialist wars.

While these groups claim to support working people, their actions encourage the creation of an underclass vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers who will lower the wages and employment opportunities of Canadian workers as well as newcomers. As one of the three dissenting councillors argued, the policy is an insult to every immigrant who played by the rules to get into the country and to every immigrant who is waiting to enter this country legally.

The designation of Toronto as a “sanctuary city” is a de facto first step to dismantling Canada’s ability to control and manage its immigration programme. It must rank as one of the most ill-considered and spineless decisions ever taken by a municipal government in this country.

The taxpayers of Toronto should demand a policy change at once.

For more information please see www.immigrationreform.ca