The People Speak About The “Brightest and Best”, Sponsored Elderly Parents on Welfare, Royal Bank Displacing Canadians, Etc.

The People Speak About The “Brightest and Best”,  Sponsored Elderly Parents on Welfare, Royal Bank Displacing Canadians, etc.

From G.D. : Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has done some good things, but what a two-face he has turned into recently !! He expressed his disgust when The Royal Bank and many other employers were caught laying off IT workers and replacing them with Temporary Foreign Workers. 

So what does he do in the past week? He makes a visit to California’s Silicon Valley to recruit the so-called world’s “brightest and best” to come to Canada as IT “entrepreneurs” !!!  He’s offering to virtually give away citizenship and other perks to people who don’t really know Canada. What happened to his concern for all the unemployed Canadian IT workers? Most of them are still unemployed.

Doesn’t this guy understand that the federal government’s job is like that of the parents of a family, in this case the Canadian family. The government’s “parental” duty is to first help the members of their family.  Kenney’s not supposed to fake concern for unemployed Canadian IT workers and then repeat the immigration lobby’s self-interested, phoney line that Canada has to recruit the world’s “brightest and best”.

Why didn’t Kenney and his government enact severe measures to deal with slime like the Royal Bank and hundreds of similar employers to force these employers to re-hire the Canadians that the employers had laid-off ? Or, if any incentives are to be offered, why didn’t he offer them to laid-off Canadian IT workers (who actually know Canada) so that they could become entrepreneurs???


From J.L. :  Regarding Immigration Minister Kenny’s recent statements that sponsored elderly parents and grandparents of immigrants were on welfare and abusing Canada’s health care system : I was talking to a leader at a Buddhist Temple about the benefits offered to elderly immigrants. He was a Taiwanese immigrant who had brought his parents here. I mentioned the high number of such parents that collect government benefits. His answer was that Canada needed immigrants because of its low birthrate. I told him that bringing older people here was not going to help solve a low birth-rate problem.

He then complained that for ten years, his parents would not be allowed to get old age security. I mentioned the burden of health care that his parents could impose on Canada, but that was as far as this topic went. I didn’t point out that his parents shouldn’t get Canada’s old age security at any point because he and other children of those parents should incur all the costs of bringing  their parents here.

He then spoke about his admiration for Canada’s multiculturalism which he viewed as better than the American melting pot. What he was really saying was that he loved the fact that Canada was foolishly allowing his parents to live in Canada at our expense.

After he had said all of this, you can imagine my astonishment. Here was one of the pillars of this Buddhist temple who constantly preached about ethics and honesty but practiced the opposite when it suited him. I can only assume that this thinking is prevalent among fellow members of his congregation. Talk about hypocrisy !!


From 1300 who wrote re Royal Bank Displacing Canadian IT Workers with East Indians : (We will publish many more comments later.)

(1) H.R. : Royal Bank should rot in hell for this. The CEO pretended “Hey, It’s No Big Deal”. He makes me sick. I’ve pulled my investments out of that bank and all my accounts will be closed by next month. Screw them and any other company I find out doing this. No more off-shoring or out-sourcing.

(2) A. E. : The Royal Bank CEO is lying through his teeth. There were far more than 40 Canadian IT workers displaced. I was terminated in January 2012 after the bank flooded the place with iGate employees, some of whom took over my job tasks.

(3) B.P. :I am one of the IT workers who was displaced, but by another bank, the TD. I trained a dumb person to be an expert in what I do. It took me 20 years to get my skills and then they let me go. I’m now working in a restaurant as a dish-washer.

(4) I.P. : For our unemployed, those in school and even those with jobs, Canada needs stricter rules on out-sourcing and bringing in TFW’s.

(5) M.K. : Maybe we should out-source our politicians’ jobs. It would cost less for the pensions they receive when they leave office.

(6)  D. M. : Stop this betrayal of Canadians. What countries would give jobs to us???

(7)  B.M. : As a retired Royal Bank employee, I am ashamed that to save a few bucks, the Royal Bank thinks it is OK to out-source to an employer of foreign workers.

(8) M.S. :The gov’t is supposed to be for the people of Canada, particularly Aboriginals and French, English and other European-descended people, their homeland, their culture and their jobs.

(9) C.P : Shameful actions of a shameful gov’t. Treasonous as far as I’m concerned. The gov’t should have their pensions taken away to pay all of the displaced workers.

(10) R.R. : Stop this madness and start putting Canadians FIRST. Canadians are capable of doing the jobs. Enough with the excuses. 

(11) C.W. : There needs to be a moratorium on the TFW (Temporary foreign Worker) program until a full public inquiry is made into it and the national employment rate is below 3% for adults and youth. More emphasis and funding has to be put towards skills training and matching educational direction for young people to economic needs. 


From T.D. : Regarding the suggestion that Canada should dramatically increase its population : Would you rather live in Sweden or Denmark (with respectively 9 and 5 million) or in China or India (with respectively 1.3 and 1.2 billion)?

There are 12 countries in the world with more than 100 million people. Of those, only Japan and the US are very rich. The 12 countries are the US, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, Japan, the Philippines, China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. There doesn’t seem to be much correlation between density and quality of life.

Of course, what counts is the ratio of population to arable land. This is a somewhat cruel indicator because it doesn’t take into account land fertility. Canada has one of the lowest real densities in the world. That is a tremendous source of security because a country that can be self-sufficient in food will always be more secure than one which isn’t. By letting our population increase to 100 million, this advantage would be lost.