The People Speak : Celebrate Lab Rats, Unemployment, Garbage +

The People Speak : Celebrate Lab Rats, Unemployment, Garbage Incinerators +

(1) From G.R. : We Are A Country of  “Lab Rats” !!!

In the past week, the news has been saturated with a story about food experiments that were conducted on Aboriginal children in the 1940’s in several residential schools across Canada. Several Aboriginal leaders have said the children were treated like ‘lab rats”. We sympathize.

Now, will the media also cover a much larger social engineering experiment that has been occurring for much longer on the minds of Canada’s mainstream population. The objective of the social engineering experiment is to twist the truth in order to convince mainstream Canadians that they have no right to defend themselves from a mass immigration invasion.   When will our media cover this  “lab rat” story?


(2) From T.M. : We Are Not A Nation Of Immigrants !!!

In any discussion about immigration, invariably there is one recurrent statement that never fails to grate : the oft-repeated line that “Canada is a nation of immigrants”. It is a cliche that at once manages to be both untrue in the immediate sense and meaningless in its broader truth.

It is untrue because fully 79% of Canadians were born in this country. To say then that we are a nation of immigrants is like saying that the 401 is a highway of heavy trucks. Yes, there are many heavy trucks using the 401, but the vast majority of vehicles travelling on that road are family cars. In truth, then, the only accurate observation one could make about the 401 is that it is a major conduit of motorized vehicle traffic. So what?

Ah yes, you say, but if we were born here, our parents, our grandparents or our great-grandparents were not. “So we are all immigrants”. Well, that could be said of EVERY SINGLE NATION ON THE PLANET because ultimately all of humanity issued out of the Olduvai Gorge. We are all then “Africans”. So what is your point? That no nation has a right to determine who takes up residence in their country and how many? That unfettered migration is a divine right?  That because we entered the elevator from the lobby, therefore none of us has a moral right to close the (elevator) door no matter how much weight is on board?


(3) From S.L. : Lost Your Job? Celebrate diversity. Eat cake :

I was driving down one of Vancouver’s busiest streets the other day. I saw a large poster on the side of what looked like newspaper boxes. The ad said : “CELEBRATING DIVERSITY .”

Instead of saying such bloody nonsense,  the poster  should have been truthful and said things like the following : (1) Lost your job to immigration displacement? Celebrate diversity. Eat cake. (2) So Canada has  20% youth unemployment? Bring in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary immigrants and make it 40%.  (3) Ottawa’s solution to High unemployment among all age groups : Open the immigration door even wider.


(4) From J.L. : Selinger Out to Lunch

You’d think our provincial premiers  would research topics like immigration before they opened their mouths. Not so for Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger !!  The other night, he was telling news viewers that immigration produced wonderful economic benefits.  What is this guy talking about? Are he and his staff completely ignorant of all the research that has been done on this topic? The research says almost the opposite of what he claims. Are the other premiers and MLA’s as out to lunch as he is?


(5) From G.S. :  Take your garbage and stuff it

Like the mayors of a number of other municipalities in Canada, Mayor Malcolm Brodie of Richmond, B.C. has cheer-led while Richmond’s mainstream population has been relegated to minority status. He sees nothing wrong with that. But he does see lots wrong when municipalities outside Richmond and the rest of Metro Vancouver stand up to him and a number of other Metro Vancouver mayors and councillors who are trying to stuff a $500 million incinerator in a non-Metro municipality to burn toxic plastics and other garbage created by Brodie’s Richmond and other Metro Vancouver municipalities,.

Brodie doesn’t seem to understand that when you allow Metro Vancouver’s population to double in 20+ years to 2.3+ million, you also double the garbage. He also doesn’t realize that close to 85% of the doubling has been caused by unnecessary immigration. Instead of passing on Ottawa’s bullying to non-Metro Vancouver municipalities, Brodie and other Metro Vancouver Mayors and councillors should now do what they should have done years ago :  Organize other municipalities and tell Ottawa they’ve had enough of Ottawa’s garbage.