CBC Shamelessness Made Remembrance Week Memorable–For the Wrong Reasons

CBC Shamelessness Made Remembrance Week Memorable–For the Wrong Reasons

On Remembrance Day, 2013, CBC Radio (in its early news programme, World Report) sank to new lows in CBC shamelessness. On a day that is reserved to show respect for Canada’s veterans, CBC Radio did the opposite. In the Remembrance Day special edition of World Report, which aired four times, the CBC continued their campaign to make Canadians ashamed of their history. 

The World Report programme began by stating that this was a special Remembrance Day edition, live from Toronto’s Cenotaph. However, it quickly switched the topic to Typhoon Haiyan, then to Aeroplan, next to the U.S and Russia holding a peace conference about Syria, and  finally to the World’s Biggest E-Commerce Event in China. It ended with two alternating news items : One focused on a young Chinese man who had tried to enlist in the Canadian army at the beginning of World War 1. He was refused, so he travelled by horseback to Alberta where he was accepted. The other story featured a Canadian Aboriginal who worked as a soldier sniper in World War 2 and was the most highly decorated First Nations veteran ever. When he returned to Canada, he faced discrimination and little recognition for his efforts.

In other words, this special Remembrance Day edition of World Report spent most of its time on things other than Remembrance.

Here are the crucial points we make :

(1) There are probably tens of thousands of items in the CBC Archives that the CBC could have used to honour Canadian veterans and Canadian war history. But it used none of them. Instead, in the small fraction of the programme it did devote to Remembrance Day, it focused on two items which, it implied, Canada should be ashamed of. Why ?  

(2) The answer is that our CBC, which should be an institution Canadians are proud of, has been taken over by a significant number of people who are committed to making Canadians ashamed of their history. As any CBC observer can say, on the other 364 days of the year, CBC reporters and producers grasp for any story which will present Canadian history negatively. The World Report (Remembrance Day  edition) magnified the stories  of people who endlessly complain about being treated badly by Canada and it minimized the stories of all those who have made Canada one of the best countries in the world. In doing this, the story implied that Canadians have little to be proud of and that the only way they can compensate for their alleged sins is to marginalize themselves. This means they must allow themselves to become a minority, allow their country to be re-colonized, permit themselves to become the new Aboriginals, and re-invent  Canada in the shape of the disastrous source countries which many new immigrants have come from. 

(3) The CBC does do some good work, and it could be a significant force in informing Canadians about immigration and other issues. However, though it receives close to $1 Billion every year from Canadian taxpayers,  it has abandoned all semblance of fairness, betrayed the people who feed it, and has brazenly taken the role of propaganda arm for Canada’s immigration lobby. There must be some CBC reporters who cringe when they hear their colleagues act like “a herd of independent thinkers”. (the words of Robert Fulford). But these few seem so intimidated that they say nothing and the disgraceful and sycophantic groveling of the CBC continues.

(4) Obviously, something is very wrong , but who can Canadians appeal to for justice? When Canadians complain about CBC’s shameless behaviour, CBC Producers go into mental contortions to justify everything that CBC reporters do. Supposedly, Canadians can go to the CBC Ombudsman. But, for years, the CBC Ombudsman’, who should be an unbiased arbitrator,  merely imitates the mental contortions of CBC Producers.

The solution is that our CBC has to be thoroughly cleansed from top to bottom. This CBC World Report programme on Remembrance Day clearly illustrates that the CBC has grossly abused its mandate.


Two similar abuses of CBC’s mandate occurred this week.

(1) On Wednesday, November 13, CBC’s The National did a 13 – minute feature (Untethered Lives) on migrants (from the Middle East and Africa) travelling in rickety boats to the Italian island of Lampedusa (close to the Tunisian coast). Hundreds have drowned.  The reporter presented the migrants’ stories as absolute truth. She asked no questions. To the reporter, the migrants had a right to leave their countries. And, to the reporter and most of her CBC colleagues,  Italy and all other western countries have an absolute duty to accept them !!! Obviously, this reporter believes that Europe’s and Canada’s borders should be completely open. Furthermore,  she and her cameraman did zoom-in shots to capture one of the male migrants breaking into tears. This is one of the more desperate TV reporter techniques that is used to buttress a very weak story.  That and other elements in the  programme were standard CBC propaganda for the immigration industry. To see evidence of this in the programme, click http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/TV+Shows/The+National/ID/2417992531/

(2)  On Thursday, November 14, Vancouver CBC Radio’s Early Edition did a story about Filipino care-givers trying to bring relatives from typhoon-stricken islands in the Philippines. Most Canadians have great sympathy for these people and applaud our government donating money and material help.  But the question is this : Should Canada be offering to bring people from these areas to Canada? This is a precedent that will certainly be exploited.
In addition, the host of that programme should have known that care-givers from the Philippines, the major source country of care-givers, have been abusing the Care-giver programme. That programme was set up so that mainstream Canadians, particularly those with elderly parents, could get inexpensive help. In return for two-years of care-giver work, care-givers have been granted immigrant status. And Canada recently announced that it would double to 17,500 the number of care-givers admitted in 2014 !!!  http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/media/releases/2013/2013-10-29a.asp?utm_source=media-centre-email&utm_medium=email-eng&utm_campaign=generic

Ironically, not long ago, Canada’s immigration department revealed that about half of the Filipino care-givers now coming to Canada are actually being brought here by Filipino families, not by mainstream Canadian families. This is probably a clear case of people using a loophole to commit immigration fraud  in which probably thousands of Filipinos are involved. The move to double the number of care-givers may well double the fraud. The host did not even mention this. Nor did he ask the logical question : How much more fraud will occur when Canada opens its doors to supposed typhoon-stricken “relatives” of  these care-givers.

Finally, Canada’s immigration minister has demonstrated that he too is afflicted with immigration lobby / CBC disease : he has just announced that Canada is opening its doors to such relatives.

The immigration madness continues.