14 Million Refugees–How Many Canada Bound?

14 Million Refugees–How Many Canada Bound?

The primary interest of every community must be to first provide for its own needs. In other words, every country has a moral right to set limits. Canada cannot be a safe haven for the many millions of people who seek to escape privation and persecution, and the potential millions that are likely to join them in the future.

Of course, as a signatory to the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees, Canada is legally obligated to accept a portion of them. But the question is, how many? And what of their impact on Canada’s own citizens. Do not they too deserve a portion of Canada’s compassion? And behind the screen of empathy for refugees, are there Canadian groups with more mercenary motives? Exactly who in Canada benefits from this ‘compassion’?

American analyst Judy Warner of Refugee Watch asked similar questions. “I am wondering whether the State Department thinks that 14 million refugees (in the Middle East)… are our responsibility, a great pool of potential U.S. citizens. I am also wondering if the resettlement agencies see a potential windfall and meat packers see cheap labor without end.”

Canadians must wonder the same thing about their government and lobby groups. One can only imagine how they would react to this “great pool of potential Canadian citizens”. Let me guess:

Elizabeth May (Leader, Green Party of Canada): “Bring them all to Canada. They will enrich our culture. Multiculturalism is Canada’s Great Project”.

Justin Trudeau (Leader, Liberal Party of Canada): “Canada is a welcoming, compassionate nation. We shouldn’t worry that many of them might be terrorists, who after all, are just people who feel alienated and excluded from society. We need to understand them. And we shouldn’t call their customs barbaric. That’s too strong a word, and quite disrespectful and insulting. They are just people whose culture is different from our own, with a lifestyle that we have no right to judge. Let’s fast-track their applications. Except for the Christians of course, who need to be screened.”

Thomas Mulcair (Leader, NDP): “Bring them into our unions ! More members, more dues!” (echoing the Canadian Labour Congress). “Regularize them”!

Jason Kenny (former Immigration Minister): “The Conservative Party is no longer a WASP party. We have an aggressive out-reach policy toward ethnic minorities. We would welcome all of these people into the Conservative fold. After all, most of them share the traditional family values which Conservatives hold dear.”

All-Party Chorus: “Let’s declare Halifax, Quebec City, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria sanctuary cities, CBSA-free zones, a safe haven where they can avail themselves of all the city services, health care, education and welfare benefits that Canadian taxpayers enjoy! Canada is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants built this country. We need more immigrants. We are a rich nation with lots of room for lots of people.”

Conference Board of Canada, Bay Street, Fast food restaurant chains, home-building contractors, and hospitality industry: “Bring them in. They will do jobs that Canadians won’t do.” (i.e. , at the low wages we pay them and which no one can live on)

Brad Wall (Premier, Saskatchewan): “Let them come to Saskatchewan! They’ll grow our economy. We’re open for business!”

Irvin Studin (School of Public Policy and Governance) and Steve Lafleur (Frontier Centre for Public Policy): “14 million? Is that all? Canada needs another 65 million to realize its potential and fulfill its destiny!”

Michael Enright, CBC radio host: “I agree! Come here and I’ll give you another 20 minute interview and another opportunity to spread your message!”

Dr. William Rees, Canada’s most esteemed environmentalist: “We have a moral obligation to settle them here because they were displaced by climate change. And Canada is guilty of being, on a per capita basis, a huge emitter of Green House Gases.”

Sierra Club of Canada: “Population growth has nothing to do with environmental degradation. It is not how many refugees we welcome, but how much they consume. We could take in another 14 million and the many millions they subsequently sponsor if only we would move over, densify our cities and live simply.”

Multicultural Industry: “More funding!”

Immigration lawyers, social workers, ESL teachers: “More clients ! Higher case loads ! More job opportunities !”

Refugee Board: “More hearings !”More work ! More hirings ! Even higher salaries for Board members !”

CSIS (Canadian Security and Intelligence Service): “Higher budgets ! More security agents ! More surveillance !”

Tim Horton’s: “They can become part of our diverse workforce!”

Diversity Sensitivity Awareness Workshop facilitators: “More native-born Canadians to ‘educate’ ! A chance to inculcate the virtues of respect, tolerance and acceptance of their own displacement!”

Public opinion: (No voice allowed !) Who cares what the majority of Canadians think anyway?

Published Media opinion: “Canada is Home to the World!”

CBC: “We will hire them as news presenters, moderators and TV/Radio hosts—-and our programming will reflect their cultural contribution to this country. Canada Lives Here.”

Tim Murray
September 9, 2014