Remembrance Day : Planned Immigration For 2015 Shows War Against Canada Continues

Remembrance Day : Planned Immigration For 2015 Shows The War Against Canada Continues

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has boasted that his government will be increasing Canada’s Immigration intake to as high as 285,000 in 2015. He has bragged that this intake is “the highest planned level of admissions in recent history”. At a time when 1.5 million Canadians are still jobless and hundreds of thousands are under-employed, we think this announcement is outrageous and filled with deceit.

Here are a few examples of the shameless deceit to remember :

(1) Alexander says that a major goal of the increase is to open the door wider to “higher caliber” skilled immigrants. The important question he has not answered is this : Which occupations are these so-called “higher caliber” immigrants going to fill? His predecessors have a long history of lying about these occupations.

For example, in 2006, then Immigration Minister Monte Solberg presented a list of about 170 occupations in which Alberta and British Columbia supposedly had shortages. Significantly, he made his announcement at a Chinese immigration advocacy office in Metro Vancouver. The list was obviously thrown together in haste and in the hope that no one would look at it carefully. It stated that Alberta and B.C. needed people such as real estate agents, biologists, lawyers, school counsellors, journalists and others. Any person with an ounce of sense would have known that Canada had a surplus of people in all of those occupations and most of the remaining ones.

(2) In 2008, Canada’s immigration department claimed that the country needed immigrants in 38 occupations and stated that it would fast-track applications in those occupations. It placed considerable emphasis on the trades such as chefs, cooks, industrial electricians, non-industrial electricians, plumbers, steam-fitters, pipe-fitters, sprinkler system installers, welders, heavy-duty equipment mechanics, crane operators, and drillers and blasters.

At that time, unions stated that they supported the general principle of bringing in foreign workers, but only if a genuine need existed and only if foreign workers were not brought in as cheap labour. However, a significant number of tradespeople were unemployed, so Canada did not need tradespeople at that time.

Another seven occupations with alleged shortage entailed the supervision of skilled workers in all of these trades. The problem for the Immigration department was that if there was no need for additional skilled workers, there was probably no need for additional managers and supervisors to oversee the workers.

Together, the skilled occupations and the supervisors comprised about half of all the 38 occupations. It is probably safe to assume that claims of shortages in the other half were suspect —if not brazenly false.

(3) Our current Immigration Minister tries to create the impression that 65% (185,000) of Canada’s immigration intake in 2015 will be highly skilled. The reality is that the list includes spouses and dependent children. They have always comprised most of the “Skilled Worker” total, are often unskilled and often will not be working. In fact, the spouses and children should really be listed under “Family Class”. Including them in the “Skilled Worker” category is intended to deceive the public.

(4) In the past few years, public and media attention has focused on endless scandals in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker programme which has allowed close to 400,000 TFW’s to work here—many of them as a result of shameless employer fraud. Canada’s yearly immigration intake (250,000 per year for the past 23 years) is a much more serious problem, but it has escaped scrutiny. Ottawa has never provided any justification for this senseless intake, and never asked Canadians if they wanted this abnormal and corrupt intake.

(5) Canada’s previous immigration minister, Jason Kenney, recently provided considerable insight into why the corrupt immigration madness has gone on for so long. In front of several Conservative party rallies, he proclaimed that recent immigrants tend to vote for his political party much more than long-term Canadians do. In other words, that is why Canada has just announced its record intake.

To Kenney, such matters as massive, unnecessary competition for scarce jobs, the environmental destruction of many of our cities, and the senseless cultural transformation of Canada are irrelevant. Most of Canada’s political class in all political parties agree with him.

On this Remembrance Day, Canadians can easily see that a war against Canada continues and that most of Canada’s political class has betrayed us. All of these incidents are crucial things to remember in the 2015 election.


For details on Solberg’s list, see

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