MP Don Davies A Disgrace To Parliament

A recent brief speech by MP Don Davies in Canada’s House of Commons is a good example of a politician robotically and desperately playing the race card. It is also one more example of Canada’s political class continuing to attack Canada’s unemployed, Canada’s European Canadian majority population, Canada’s immigration history and Canada’s environment..

Davies’ speech demonstrates that even after several years as the NDP’s immigration critic, his awareness of the immigration issue is disgracefully low. In fact, it is hard to believe that he actually spent a long time with that responsibility for his party. He could rightfully claim that immigration critics from the other parties are just as uninformed as he is. And, unbelieveable as it sounds, he could rightfully say that Canada’s current immigration minister is as poorly informed—as were almost all previous immigration ministers.

The logical question is this : If the immigration issue was supposed to be the primary responsibility of all these people in Parliament and yet, all of these people appear so ignorant of the basics of the immigration issue, what were they doing every day ?  Was Joe’s Bar that irresistible? 

The other conclusion Canadians have to reach is that he and so many others are feigning ignorance of the immigration issue  because they have received party instructions not to say anything that will jeopardize their party’s share of the immigrant vote. If that is so, and it really has to be,  it is exceptionally disgraceful and shameless. In fact, it is good reason to throw all of these people out of the building, to charge them with the betrayal of their country and of Canadian workers, and to claw back the inflated salaries these people have collected. Furthermore, their betrayal and deceit is good reason to disqualify the whole lot from any current or future pensions. 

For example, last week, Davies obviously tried to appeal to recent immigrant voters and to distract  attention from his and Parliament’s failure to speak up about the negative consequences of unnecessary immigration. Of all the ridiculous things he could have said, he chose to compare race conflict in Ferguson, Missouri to a banner demonstration by Immigration Watch Canada on a Metro Vancouver freeway. According to him, the banner, which displayed the words “Fight Gridlock : Cut Immigration.” was racially motivated.

If Davies is going to talk about race, he really should have said that all of Canada’s political parties, including his own, have laid the basis for huge future racial conflict in Canada. The reason : all have enthusiastically supported the importing of people from societies that are very different from Canadian society and, in the case of several of them, ideologically  incompatible with it.  For example, all parties  have also supported preferential hiring and special treatment for people that Canada never needed, two matters of severe injustice to Canada’s majority, European-descended  population. These two matters  have already generated much resentment and much conflict. What has Davies said about this?

Furthermore, since Davies claims to live in Metro Vancouver, and since he collects an MP salary of over $160,000 per year (expense account not included), he should have done the required,  elementary reading to learn the obvious fact that the banner communicated : that Metro Vancouver has severe traffic congestion. To repeat our last bulletin, he should know that according to one major study, Metro Vancouver has the most congested roads in all of Canada as well as in all of North America, and that Metro Vancouver is the third most congested city in all of the Americas. He should also be aware that the number of vehicles in Metro and bordering areas could jump from 1.2 million vehicles to 2 million vehicles in the next 25 to 30 years.

But Davies seems to be completely unaware of gridlock and very determined to remain ignorant.

Davies also seems unaware that unnecessary population growth (that is the arrival of  the recently-imported people) are a major contributing factor, if not  the outright cause of much of the gridlock.

Since 1990, close to six million immigrants have arrived in Canada. For the moment, let’s put aside the fact that southern Ontario took close to three million immigrants and (Surprise, Surprise) it now also has a huge, easily-demonstrated problem with gridlock. Of the six million total for Canada, close to one million have arrived in Metro Vancouver. Does Davies think that this unjustified, huge inflow of immigrants has had no negative results on our roads? Does he think those new arrivals are all driving bicycles?

Furthermore, Davies’ speech shows that he is a person who resorts to ridiculous cliches to support his statements. The cliche in this case is : “Canada is a nation of immigrants from all over the world.” This cliche distorts the meaning of the word “immigrant” which is supposed to denote someone who was not born here. However, most of Canada’s 35 million people were born here and are therefore not immigrants. In addition, most would be insulted by being classified as immigrants. For instance, many of our French can trace their ancestry back 400 years. Many from the UK can trace their ancestry here back close to 250 to 300 years.

Those people of European ancestry created the enviable Canada we see today. New arrivals obviously have felt very attracted to this creation and that is why they have come here. Some are quite content to accept Canada as it is. However, a significant number of them want to re-make the very attractive society that has been built here over four centuries. They express this view by parroting the immigration lobby’s insulting cliches and advocate two goals  : (1) to import very large numbers of their own groups and (2) to use whatever tactics possible to get politicians like Davies to support them.

And Davies and others like him are quite willing to betray Canada’s majority population and grovel for immigrant  votes. If Davies needs reminding, let’s remind him that his party sets itself apart from other parties by claiming to stand up for average Canadians, especially for blue collar and low-paid workers. Any party and its representatives that say this should know that a surplus of workers is a clear formula for wage stagnation,  unemployment and a lowered standard of living, if not downright impoverishment. Yet his and his party’s reactions to unnecessary immigration are the same as the reactions of the other major parties.

Davies ends his ridiculous speech to the House of Commons by puffing himself up and declaring to his equally shameless MP colleagues : “Canada is for ALL no matter from where they come.” Our response to him is that Canada’s immigration policy should be for ALL Canadians and for their well-being, not solely for Canada’s visible minority population (20% of Canada’s total population). Canada can be generous to the world by doing many things, but the 80% majority will commit suicide if, under the guise of promoting ridiculous ideas like Diversity,  it  reduces its majority population to a minority,  marginalizes its   unemployed to an even greater degree, and degrades its environment even more.

Clearly, Canadians have to consider one big question before our next federal election : Why should we continue to put up with an immigration intake that Canada’s political class (Davies included) has imposed on Canadians? Obviously, Canadians have never been asked whether they wanted that intake and that the intake has sown the seeds of huge future political division.

Davies The Distractor and the yahoos in Parliament who cheered his speech are brazenly guilty of  disgraceful behaviour and should be thrown out. Tomorrow would not be too soon.


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