Canada Has Another Residential School System. The CBC Is Its Administrator

Canada Has Another Residential School System. The CBC Is Its Administrator

Canada’s national broadcaster (the CBC) and many of the private media have been feasting recently on the reports of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission Modelled on a similar commission in South Africa, it took 6 years to complete and has heard the testimony of about 7000 First Nations former students of Canada’s Residential Schools. The CBC, in particular, relishes reporting on the so-called “sins” that Canada committed. If an outsider were to listen to their reporting on historical events in Canada, the outsider would think that Canada had done little, if any, good over its past 400 years.

The purported objective of the residential schools, funded by the federal government and administered by various churches, was to place young Canadian Aboriginals in a Canadian environment so that they would integrate better into Canadian society. For a significant number, however, the outcome was not good or to “kill the Indian in the child.”

All of Canada’s political parties and our entire political class have been eager to show repentance for these schools, but ironically, in supporting this country’s very high immigration intake , they have re-created a much larger version of the “Residential School” reality—this time throughout all of Canada. In this re-creation, Canada’s political parties have directed a new and much more destructive assault at Canada’s European–descended population.

The CBC has gleefully accepted the role of one of the main administrators of this assault. If it were wise,it should be treading very cautiously on this subject. Why? Like the government-appointed administrators in Canada’s Residential Schools for Aboriginals, it has been assigned the role of “educator” of all Canadians, most of whom are of European descent.

But the CBC is not noted for either its wisdom or balance. So, like some former Residential School administrators, the CBC seems to be more interested in “killing the Canadian in the Canadian” and replacing Canada’s primarily English and French, Judeo-Christian heritage with a multicultural hodgepodge and ideology. It has shamelessly allied itself with the immigration lobby whose goal is not to protect the interests of native-born Canadians, but to advance the aims of immigration lawyers, immigration advocates, and ethnic groups. All three of these groups are pushing to maintain or increase Canada’s current intake, already the highest per capita in the world.

In quisling fashion, the CBC has suppressed the fact that this massive annual influx has degraded the economic interests of most working Canadians, is leading to increased social fragmentation, and is putting significant stresses on the environment, urban infrastructure and social services.

The result of the CBC’s disgraceful decision to act as the propaganda arm of Ottawa, Canada’s political class and the immigration lobby is that the CBC has helped to set Canada’s majority population on a path to minority status and, as with First Nations, on a road to cultural genocide. The majority which may replace Canada’s current majority population are not what anyone would call “champions of human rights and democracy”. In fact, it is clear that a significant number of newcomers have no interest in preserving Canada’s English and French heritage.

As a major administrator-educator in Canada’s new Official Residential School System, the CBC itself is repeating the supposed history it hypocritically condemns. Like the former Residential Schools which allegedly taught First Nations children to be ashamed of their history, the CBC teaches citizens of European background to be ashamed of their European heritage. By promoting high and unnecessary immigration, the CBC is betraying Canada’s majority European-descended population. And, to make matters worse, the CBC conducts its betrayal by shamelessly taking the bulk of its funding from its European-descended population.

Far from being ashamed of this treasonous behaviour and of “Killing the Canadian in the Canadian” , the CBC does all it can to propagandize this national social-engineering experiment to reduce Canadians of European ancestry to a minority. The goal of that project is to turn them into Canada’s virtual “New Indians”. This experiment has reduced Canadians of Europeans of European descent to the level of “Lab Rats”, in much the same way that First Nations were allegedly reduced to the level of “Lab Rats” in nutrition experiments.

The CBC has broadcast tens of thousands of deceitful immigration-related items since mass immigration started 25 years ago. Canadians are led to conclude that CBC producers require their staffs to scour the country for such items and to use a minimum number of such items in programming. Here are some examples :

(1) Every day, the CBC features stories about the immigration/race issue. If it cannot find such stories in Canada, it mines the world for them. In the past year, the CBC found its motherlode in the United States. The CBC has endlessly milked the incidents in Ferguson (Missouri), New York City, Baltimore and other U.S locations. Canadians should ask why their nationally-subsidized broadcaster is relentlessly presenting these incidents from another country and playing the race card. The answer is that the CBC wants to make Canadians think that racial tension is rampant or just below the surface here and that the CBC is the champion of the racially oppressed. The truth is that if racial issues exist here, it is because the CBC has helped to create them. Furthermore, it is the CBC that oppresses Canadians with its relentless propaganda stories about alleged sins committed by Canada’s majority population. These stories serve as the “artillery” that precedes the immigration land invasion. This “artillery” is intended to intimidate Canadians into thinking that they have no right to defend themselves from economic, cultural and environmental destruction. In fact, the CBC wants to make Canadians think that any such defence must always be viewed as “discrimination” against new arrivals.

(2) The CBC’s support for unnecessary immigration contemptuously ignores the plight of Canada’s own approximately 2 million unemployed. Its campaigning for the notion of “Diversity Hiring” (DH) and so-called “Employment Equity” (EE) for visible minority immigrants compounds the assault on the unemployed. Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission says that at least 6000 first Nations children died in Residential Schools and that the entire 150,000 who attended these schools suffered long-lasting damage. However, the number of “deaths” caused by Ottawa’s immigration policy and the CBC’s administration of it will be infinitely more. Already, the number of European-descended Canadians who have been denied jobs through so-called “DH” and “EE” measures. is probably well into the hundreds of thousands.

This does not bother the CBC. In fact, the CBC cheerleads organizations like “Canada’s Best Diversity Employers” which lists such employers as RBC and Loblaws, one of Canada’s largest banks and grocery chains respectively. Both of them are notorious for their “Have Them Dig Their Graves and Then Shoot Them” policy toward their Canadian employees. Last year, RBC was caught and publicly humiliated for firing many of its IT workers and replacing them with East Indians. Loblaws did much the same thing, but was not caught. Furthermore, Canadians of European descent are scorned for expecting to have their job dreams satisfied. In fact, the CBC and the immigration lobby describes such dreams as “White Privilege”. In the CBC and the lobby’s perverted view, such matters as denied jobs, lost opportunities, and psychological trauma are “social Justice” The CBC itself has practiced “DH” and “EE” for visible minorities when instead it obviously should have asked why Canada was bringing so many immigrants, visible minority or otherwise, here in the first place. By not asking this question, it has deceived millions of Canadians. This is a gross violation of the CBC’s duty to Canada.

(3) The CBC has developed a “curriculum” which demands that almost all of its programmes contain immigration-related items that praise the value of mass immigration. The ignorance of its staff about even the difference between the word “immigration” and the phrase “mass immigration” or even the basics of the immigration issue is systemic. Recently, CBC Host Michael Enright, in a discussion with immigration lobbyists about the refugee issue, proclaimed that Canada was “empty”, implying that Canada could take unlimited numbers of refugees. Clearly, Enright does not know that The Science Council of Canada stated that if Canada wanted to maintain its standard of living, it had to conserve its resources, limit immigration and stabilize Canada’s population at what it is now, not increase it to the 100 million that The Globe and Mail and others have advocated.

Moreover, in a recent CBC Radio programme out of Vancouver, Early Edition Programme Director Michelle Elliot claimed that “we” still don’t know what is causing Vancouver’s astronomic house prices, the second highest in the world. Clearly, she is unaware that UBC’s David Ley has shown that relentless high immigration has caused astronomic house prices. If she and Enright are so poorly informed, they should not be in their highly-paid jobs. To compound the problem, “luminaries” like them regularly seek visible minority university faculty to voice expert opinions. But with such an emphasis on employment equity and diversity hiring, Canadians are left to wonder if the visible minority was hired for his/her expertise or simply for being a visible minority.

In addition, the CBC’s ample resources mean that the financially-challenged private media often save money by re-broadcasting CBC “news”. The result is that the CBC breeds a large number of other equally-ignorant “useful idiots” for the immigration lobby. Overall, the very serious problem with the CBC “curriculum” is that it has started many naive Canadians down a path in which Canadians engage in national masochism and national suicide.

The CBC likes to claim that “CANADA LIVES HERE”, that is at the CBC.

The reality is that “CANADA DIES HERE” , that is at the CBC.

We repeat : Canada Has Another Residential School System. The CBC is Its Administrator