Canada Moves From Earth’s Knuckle Dragger To Earth’s Drunk

Canada Moves From Earth’s Knuckle Dragger To Earth’s Drunk

If Canada’s immigration intake does not change, its environmental status will not ascend to Environmental Hero, but move only from Earth’s knuckle-dragger to Earth’s drunk. In other words,  instead of dragging its knuckles, Canada will play the role of the drunk who takes two environmental steps forward. Then, because of ideological commitment to Diversity, it stumbles back two steps.

Here is a short way of saying this : PM Justin Trudeau’s high immigration intake will slowly nullify any gains achieved by cuts in GHG Emissions.

On Trudeau’s current trip to Europe, his first message was that creating diversity will still be a major target of his government. In other words, he is saying that Canada will continue to have the highest per capita immigration intake in the world.

His second message was that Canada will decrease its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 30% of its emission levels in 2005. In that year, Canada emitted 749 million tonnes of GHG’s.

To repeat, his first message contradicts his second.

If we Use Environment Canada projections, the followingwill happen : In the first year of any agreement, if Canada takes 250,000 immigrants, Canada will add another 5+ million tonnes of GHG’s to its total emissions.That number rises to 10+ million tonnes at the end of Year 2 and so on.

According to Environment Canada, ‘”In 2013, Canada’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were estimated to be 726 million tonnes” Those emissions had decreased from 2005 but had increased by 113 million tonnes (18%) above the total of 613 Million tonnes in 1990, the year of the Kyoto Accord. Between 1990 and 2013, Canada’s population increased by close to 6 million——-primarily because of unnecessary immigration. If Canada had not had its most serious economic recession since the Great Depression,  (and the layoffs of about 300,000 workers + the closing of GHG-emitting factories), its totals would have been considerably higher. Ontario’s recent closing of its coal-fired electricity plants have further reduced Canada’s total of GHG’s. The great emitter villains (the Oil Sands and automobiles) do not emit the majority of the 726 million tonnes, so merely attacking them will not make a huge difference.

Environment Canada states that although Canada represents less than 2% of total global GHG emissions, it is one of the highest per capita emitters, largely as a result of its size (long traveling distances), climate (keeping houses and workplaces warm) and resource-based economy. Every Canadian on average emits 20.7 tonnes of Greenhouse Emissions per year to the atmosphere. That means that by adding 6 million people to Canada’s population since 1990, mostly through Canada’s unnecessary high immigration intake, Canada added 124+ Million tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions to the planet’s atmosphere. Within a short time, another similar increase in population will nullify any gains created by conservation. In other words, conservation has to be combined with stabilizing Canada’s population if it is to have any lasting effect. If the two factors are not combined, Canada will be the planet’s drunk, taking two steps forward and then two steps back——getting no where.

Trudeau promises to reduce Canada’s emissions by 30% by 2030, that is by 224+ million tonnes (749-224 = 535 tonnes)

If he were truthful about his intentions, he would work to significantly decrease Canada’ immigration intake, start Canada down the road to stabilizing its population, and embark on a massive plan to conserve its resources.

Here is the blunt truth : Institutionalized Diversity = Institutionalized Gross Stupidity

There is a precedent for dumping Diversity in Canada. In fact, in 1984, Justin Trudeau’s father, the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, recognized that if he did not dramatically cut immigration, immigration would seriously increase the suffering and economic damage already done to Canadians by a severe economic recession. In reducing immigration, Pierre Trudeau showed he had the courage to admit that his multiculturalism (Diversity) goals had to take a back seat to the overall interests of all Canadians. In effect, he took Multiculturalism and Diversity off the agenda.

The tragedy is that subsequent Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper re-instituted groveling to the immigration lobby. By increasing immigration to 250,000 per year and institutionalizing high immigration, they and their governments betrayed all Canadians and inflicted a huge economic, cultural and environmental cost on all Canadians—–and on the rest of the world.

It’s now time for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s son, current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government to imitate what his father, Pierre Trudeau did : swallow their pride and do the right thing for Canada and the rest of the world.


For details of Environment Canada’s calculations, see