Immigration Minister “Know Nothing” Speaks

In a recent speech to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Canada’s Minister of Immigration (John McCallum) boasted about the economic effects of immigration. Once again, he showed that he does not know what he is talking about.

His government has recently raised Canada’s immigration intake to over 300,000 for 2016. This intake is the highest in 100 years. Now, he is proclaiming that his government will raise immigration to even higher levels in the years following—-all supposedly to stimulate Canada’s economy. .

Let’s point out some basics for Mr. McCallum : In the late 1980’s, Ottawa asked The Economic Council of Canada to investigate whether immigration had produced economic benefits for Canada. Their answer : next to non  for every decade since 1867. In other words, if government wants to stimulate the economy, immigration has not done it in the past and is unlikely to do it in future.

Even worse, according to a recent study done by SFU Economics Professor Emeritus Herb Grubel and Veteran Economist Patrick Grady, recent immigrants are annually taking up to $35 Billion more out of government coffers than they are contributing. On top of that, two UBC professors have just released studies which demonstrate that Canada’s relentless immigration intake, far from benefitting Canada,  is the cause of astronomic house prices in Metro Vancouver in particular, but also in Toronto—the two major destinations of immigrants.  Speculation by Chinese buyers has literally driven many Vancouverites out of Metro Vancouver.

McCallum seems to be completely unaware of these studies and that all contradict what he says.

But that did not deter him. His speech to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce got worse. He stated “I know that when a society faces an aging population and does not have an access to immigrants, it is a recipe for trouble, and if you don’t believe me, just look at Japan. ” He implies that if Japan were to use immigration as a tool, it could solve its aging population problem.

For McCallum’s benefit, let’s make something else clear. Regarding the aging population issue, in the late 1980’s, Ottawa asked its Health and Welfare Department to determine whether Immigration would solve the potential problem of an old population outnumbering the workforce. The possible result : government tax revenues would decline and both Canadian workers and the Canadian economy would be burdened with providing for older citizens. The Department looked at many options (including one option of greatly reducing the age of immigrants). It concluded that even increasing immigration to 600,000 per year would make very little difference to the proportion of workers to the number of aged Canadians. It recommended that Canada get both its 45+ year-old unemployed males and more women into the workforce..

Let’s make something clear :  Health and Welfare Canada’s conclusions were based on mathematical projections, not wishful, ideological opinions which are the basis of McCallum’s. Japan has probably done similar projections and concluded that even if Japan were to ignore the crucial cultural issue of being overwhelmed by non-Japanese, it would not make mathematical sense to import large numbers of immigrants.

Let’s give Minister “Know Nothing” more evidence. In 2006, Canada’s C.D. Howe Institute added to the mathematical investigation of the aging population issue. Its overall conclusion was that immigration would not make Canada younger. It looked at three strategies that Canada might use. Two of them involved stabilizing the number of older Canadians. In one strategy, immigration intake would have to rise to 7 million per year by 2050­­ at which time Canada’s population would be 165.4 million !!! Obviously, such a solution was not a sane option.

The other very interesting thing about McCallum’s reference to Japan is that he (and previous immigration ministers and Prime Ministers) seem to think that the cultural effect of a high immigration intake is unimportant. Most countries, particularly China and India would regard the process of being overwhelmed by foreigners as an invasion. They would not tolerate it. In contrast, McCallum has raised no objections to his own riding becoming over 70% Chinese. Does he want to cover up his own guilt by making the rest of Canada look like his own riding? Furthermore, the Prime Minister’s own riding is now majority visible minority. Is he also so guilty that he approves what Minister “Know Nothing” recommends?

Let’s spell things out for Immigration Minister John McCallum, PM Trudeau and politicians of all stripes : The current Chinese and the East Indians came to Canada because they know that the people who have built the country of Canada had built a culture and a country that was significantly superior to that of the current versions of China and India and to that of most other countries. Both China and India are vastly over-populated, economically unsustainable and, according to Canada’s Privy Council, the major environmental cesspools of the planet.

In fact, China’s Deputy Minister of the Environment had a name for the large number of Chinese who were leaving China and going to “Western” countries such as Canada. He called them “parasites” who had exploited the Chinese landscape and Chinese workers to acquire profits and who had left sordid messes behind them in China. As Canada has found out, those same “parasites” are repeating their behaviour in Canada. For example, several hundred thousand Chinese immigrants have entered Canada under Canada’s so-called “Investor Immigrant” programme. Huge numbers of them live in mansions, pay little (if any) income tax but extract all the benefits they can get. One of those benefits has been getting a Western education for their children at a dirt-cheap price and without the cut-throat competition for professional degrees that their children would have faced in China. The result has been displacement of thousands of Canadian students by Chinese students who never should have been allowed in—–a fact that, unbelievably, a number of university presidents such as those at UBC and SFU have cheered. Is displacement what our Immigration Minister considers an  economic “benefit” of immigration?

What other reasons do many Chinese and Sikhs have for coming here? Some are undoubtedly here for sincere reasons, but it seems clear that significant numbers of them want to re-create the national cesspools they came from and to plunder and displace as much as they can. They see themselves as colonizers and relish the thought of becoming a majority in different parts of Canada. For example, a number of Sikhs now want to have Punjabi elevated to the status of an Official Language of Canada. In addition, there are so many Chinese in places like Metro Vancouver and Markham, Ontario (Minister “Know Nothing’s riding) that the public now say “Free Tibet. But First Free Metro Vancouver and Markham.” To make matters worse, a number of Chinese are watching the crude and boorish tactics of some Sikhs with equally malicious intent. Other groups feel the same way.

How do our Immigration Minister, the PM and a considerable number of our politicians respond? Well, our PM announces that Canada is ‘a post-national state” !!! Then, he and others get down on their knees and give new arrivals whatever they ask for—- in return for their votes.

Let’s be blunt : The next time our PM, Immigration Minister “Know Nothing” and his like are on their knees in boot-licking position, they should pause for a few minutes from their degrading activity and look up at the faces of the crude elements in the Chinese, the Sikhs and other groups whose boots they are licking. Those getting boot-licked are laughing at them and have contempt for them.

A fiasco is happening in Canada and it is being led by fools, quislings and Know Nothings. Things don’t have to be this way.