Whistle-Blower-Part 2 : Direct Deposit Welfare +

Whistle-Blower-Part 2 : Direct Deposit Welfare + Other Cheating

(This is Part 2 of A CBSA Officer’s Whistle-blowing account sent to Immigration Watch Canada.)

Our government continues to enable the abuse of  Canada’s Social Assistance System by providing assistance to persons who HAVE ALREADY BEEN FOUND NOT TO BE  REFUGEES. These people are without status and are ineligible for government assistance.

According to IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act), once a person is found not to be a refugee, any work permit or interim Federal Health Certificate issued to them becomes null and void—-even if the validity date has not passed. The dates given on these documents are issued with long time-lines in the event that their claim processing time is lengthy.

However, illegal persons continue to use these documents to send their children to school, attend Hospital Emergency Rooms, and apply for welfare. No follow up is done with Education Departments or Schools, Health Departments or Hospitals, or Provincial Welfare Departments.

The public servants that Canada relies on to cure illnesses, mold young minds, provide for those in need, and protect our borders are receiving CUTS to funding and budgets. This has resulted in low job satisfaction, poor work environments and job losses. At the same time, Canada continues to give handouts to those manipulating Canada simply because these manipulators   DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE. Why? Because they can get nearly everything for free and they know their chances of getting penalized are slim.

Explain to me how a failed refugee claimant, who entered Canada 7 years ago, needs an interpreter to attend an interview at a CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY (CBSA) office. Why would these failed refugee claimants have refused to learn even one of our TWO official languages? Yet they are able to ask a CBSA officer for “compassion” saying they “need” a deferral of their deportation (removal) date from Canada for such reasons as the following  : (1) to sell their condos (YES, THAT’S PLURAL ! ) that they bought in Toronto.   Or (2) to make arrangements to ship their luxury vehicles to their home country (and even ask CBSA to cover the cost of shipping since the CBSA is making their deportation arrangements !!).

Did you know that failed refugee claimants  have blatantly asked me to confirm if certain Canadian banks will allow them to access their accounts  overseas because those are the accounts that the DIRECT DEPOSIT FROM A CANADIAN  GOVERNMENT WELFARE  DEPARTMENT IS set up with? Yes, this means that illegals, who have signed up for social assistance and get deported, continue to receive Canadian monthly welfare deposits in their home country !!! This happens because the Failed Refugee Claimants do not notify the Canadian Welfare Department of their “situation” or change of address. It is only when CBSA contacts Canadian Welfare Departments to advise them to cancel an account (because the person is being removed or has been removed from Canada) that the Failed Refugee Claimant’s direct deposit can be cancelled.

In the cases where failed refugee claimants have not disclosed that they are receiving welfare, they are able to leave Canada AND STILL GET A MONTHLY SOCIAL ASSISTANCE DEPOSIT MADE INTO THEIR NON-CANADIAN ACCOUNT INDEFINITELY !!!

(Editor’s Note : Provincial Governments all across Canada provide the Welfare Payments to these people. Yet as far as we know, none of these governments has ordered an investigation of this Direct Deposit cheating. The total of the cheating could be enormous.)