Whistle Blower-Part 3 : Ban Inland Refugee Claims


Canada’s Refugee System remains in a mess. It continues to allow thousands of people to make Inland Refugee Claims. These are people who fall into two categories : (1) Those who have entered Canada legally by obtaining a 6 month Visitor Visa, yet really want to remain here permanently. (2) Those who have entered Canada illegally by individually walking from the U.S.  into Canada or are guided by a smuggler across the U.S.-Canada border at a place not supervised by a Canada Border Services Agency agent.

These people who cross the border illegally differ from Refugee Claimants who make their Refugee Claims on the day they arrive at Canada’s land borders with the U.S. or at Canada’s airports.

From what I have seen in working for the CBSA for the past 10 years, the only instance for which an Inland Refugee Claim makes sense is if a person comes here from another country on a Visitor’s Visa and, while they are here, their country erupts into a civil war, or there is a massive natural disaster in their country of origin.

This is typically not what happens. Usually, Inland Refugee Claimants are people who come here for a “vacation”. The government’s expectation is that they are to leave once their Visitor Visa has expired. Most times, these people never had any intention to leave and they remain past the authorized period.

I have personally dealt with cases where people have overstayed Visitor Visas in Canada for 12 years. Twelve years !!! They work illegally at cash jobs, live underground and don’t pay taxes. Are these the type of people Canada should even be spending a few minutes of its time considering for Refugee Status?

If they do get caught, they have been here long enough and talked to enough other cheaters or cheater-enablers such as immigration lawyers, consultants and NGO’s in our immigration lobby to know that they can make an Inland Refugee Claim in order to remain here.

Explain to me how if you are so worried about your life being in danger that it takes 12 years to bring forward your concerns for your life !!! These claims are almost always bogus and are only made in an attempt to exploit Canada’s policy which allows people to remain in Canada while their claim is processed.

If these Inland Refugee Claims are accepted, these people are then given a document that entitles them as successful Inland Refugee Claimants to all of this country’s Social System benefits that Canada is internationally admired for : Free Education, Free Health Care, Social Assistance, etc. —–all of which are funded entirely by Canadian taxpayers.

If their claims are not accepted, these Inland Refugee Claimants are now granted access to systems such as Legal Aid. After all, they are “entitled” to due process!!! Why should it matter that their claims had no basis in reality to begin with?   This nonsense further drains and backlogs our legal system which is also funded by Canadian taxpayers.

If a person has a legitimate fear of losing his life, the time to make a claim against his country of origin is when he ARRIVES in the country of his salvation, not 6 months or years later. This should be the case whether you are smuggled into the country or not. Many other countries do not allow this kind of abuse.

My main job for the past decade has been to enforce the Immigration and Refugee Act (IRPA)  The Act states that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) should “effect a removal order as soon as possible”—–once the removal order becomes enforceable.  In most cases, this would be after the refugee claim has been denied. However, the mandate that I am supposed to adhere to has become damn near impossible to actually enforce.

Why? There is an entire industry working tirelessly to manipulate the immigration system to allow EVERY PERSON who has received a removal (deportation) order the right to remain in Canada. This industry consists of immigration lawyers, immigration consultants, NGO’s and others who provide services and conceive tactics that are designed to litigiously erode the government’s ability to enforce a removal (deportation) order in even the simplest of cases. Yet, all of the people in this industry receive money from government directly or indirectly. Why is Canada tolerating this industry?

The Inland Refugee System and the parasites who live off it are a slap in the face to thousands of legitimate immigrants who work hard, learn our languages, wait in line and pay the required fees.

It’s long overdue for Canada to restore some integrity and pride to this country’s immigration system.