Trudeau’s Most Serious Sins, Not MP Ethics, Are The Issue

Post National Trudeau is now being criticized for breaking the MP Code of Ethics . The criticism is based on the fact that he accepted a vacation stay and a helicopter trip from the Aga Khan who is the spiritual leader and lobbyist for the world’s Ismaili Muslim sect

The key point is that the things for which Trudeau is being criticized are trivial when placed beside the much more serious sins he has committed . Here is a list of those sins :

(1) His MASS BETRAYAL OF CANADA’s JOBLESS —He approved a treasonous 300,000 immigrant intake in 2016, In addition, he has approved a 300,000 immigrant intake for for 2017. We use the word “treasonous ” because Canada has over one million unemployed. A Prime Minister’s key role is is to protect the job prospects of Canadians. Instead, Trudeau frivolously plays the role of Philosopher-King and makes ridiculous proclamations such as “Canada is a post-national state”.

(2) HIS TREACHEROUS “CANADA LAST” POLICY. His second serious sin is to treacherously imply in his “post-national state” proclamation that he believes that the needs of Canada’s majority population are the last thing that he will attend to. The needs of immigrants are more important. If he wants to imitate his father who did play the Philosopher King role, he should dramatically cut immigration as his father did in the early 1980’s. His father, by the way, was the last Canadian Prime Minister to cut immigration in order to protect jobless Canadians.

(3) HIS SHAMELESS COWARDICE IN FAILING TO SEPARATE HIMSELF FROM LIKE-MINDED TRAITORS IN PARLIAMENT,—This third sin is Trudeau’s version of the “Everybody is doing it” sin. For example, in spite of a huge amount of evidence that Canada’s immigration intake is unnecessary and is producing many tragic results, neither he nor any other member of Canada’s House of Commons has challenged the federal government’s post-1991 immigration intake. That intake has averaged 250,000 per year for 25 years and totals close to 7 million people. Canada did not need most of those people. The scale and the gravity of tise sin amount to gross betrayal and gross negligence by Canada’s so-called leaders. In fact, Canada’s House of Commons could be more appropriately called Canada’s HOUSE OF COWARDS AND QUISLINGS. Its actions have been cowardly and treasonous to Canada’s own citizens. As a result, Canada’s large number of unemployed have been languishing on the employment sidelines for years. Bringing in a total of 600,000 immigrants in 2016 and 2017 is going to cause further unnecessary competition for a limited number of jobs and more languishing and unnecessary hardship for Canada’s unemployed. Post National boasts that he wants to enlarge Canada’s middle class. However, his actions and those of all other MP’s regarding Canada’s unnecessary immigration intake are destroying the country’s middle class.

(4) Trudeau’s fourth serious sin is that he BLINDLY AND ARROGANTLY REFUSES TO ADMIT THE OBVIOUS DANGERS THAT A SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF POST-1991 IMMIGRANTS (MUSLIMS WHO SUPPORT THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD) pose to Canada. That Brotherhood has declared in a widely-publicized Memorandum that its purpose in settling in North America is to infiltrate our society, and destroy it from within In case anyone has missed that point, Let’s quote directly from that Memorandum : “The process of (Muslim Brotherhood) settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process,’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in (North America is kind of a grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house.” Furthermore, the Aga Khan is a prominent supporter of the sinister Muslim Brotherhood. Trudeau should not be even associating with the Aga Khan, let alone staying under his roof.The same applies to Trudeau’s groveling associations with Muslims and Muslim MP’s who support the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood.

(5) Trudeau’s fifth serious sin is to DELIBERATELY DISTORT Donald Trump’s legitimate question of a few months ago : For those who cannot remember what Trump asked, here is Trump’s question : “What the hell is going on?” A Muslim in Orlando, Florida had just killed about 50 gay Americans and wounded another 50. Previously,in San Bernardino, California , a Muslim couple with ISIS ties had murdered 14 and wounded 22. Trudeau’s recent proclamation in praise of Muslim immigration, is foolish and not logical. : Here are the words he has directed to Trump :” I am proclaiming loudly to the world (WORLD = TRUMP) that I am a feminist, and that immigration is a source of strength for us and Muslim Canadians are an essential part of the success of our country today and into the future.”

Here are some questions Post-National Trudeau should be answering : (1) What in God’s name is the logical connection between supporting feminism and supporting Muslim immigration–especially from countries that are notorious for their anti-feminist policies? Trudeau’s statement makes no sense. Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood : Are Muslim Brotherhood immigrant bullets in Canada’s head essential to Canada’s success? Most important, is Trudeau even aware of the Muslim Brotherhood’s document ? If he is even remotely so , why has he made his recent proclamation? If Canadians knew the Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions for Canada , they would wisely want to have nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood and even less to do with importing more Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters !!

(6) Trudeau’s sixth serious sin is to NEGLECT HIS HOMEWORK . He has stated that the purpose of the 300,000 immigrant in intake in 2016 and 2017 is to offset problems created by Canada’s aging population. As the Prime Minister of this country, Trudeau should know that Ottawa commissioned its own Department of Health and Welfare to determine whether Canada should use immigration to offset problems that are being caused by its aging population. The answer Health and Welfare gave was that Canada should not do that. A very detailed follow-up study done by the CD Howe Institute repeated those findings. Trudeau seems completely unaware of both studies. Ironically, he claims to support evidence-based policies. However, if he has not even read those studies (the EVIDENCE) he should keep his mouth closed. !!

(7) Trudeau’s seventh serious sin is to REFUSE TO ADMIT THAT HE LIVES IN A WORLD OF LIES AND DELUSIONS that have been created by Canada’s political class. To Canadians who don’t belong to that political class, and who have seen the overwhelming of Canada’s majority population all across the country, Canada’s immigration policy since 1991 has been a NATIONAL POPULATION REPLACEMENT POLICY, that is, a policy to replace Canada’s majority population. THIS IS THE MOST SERIOUS OF ALL CRIMES THAT CAN BE COMMITTED IN ANY COUNTRY. HERE, It amounts to a mad, state-sponsored invasion of Canada and utter contempt for Canada’s majority population.

Let us repeat : A prime minister’s primary responsibility is to defend and protect Canadians and to act as their informed advocate. The last thing a prime minister should be is an un-informed puppet for the immigration lobby (grasping ethnic groups trying to increase their numbers, and contemptible immigration lawyers and low-life immigration consultants who want to increase their profits. The path the immigration lobby advocates is the path to national suicide.

Trudeau’s sins are the most mortal of all sins. If Trudeau continues to betray Canadians, as he has implied he will do in his past and recent declarations, he will be held to a very severe accounting.

Here is a link to a description of how U.S. authorities found the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to destroy North America