By Tim Murray

It has not escaped our notice that in the wake of the Quebec city shootings the CBC has been particularly zealous in its mission to stoke the ensuing flames of hysteria about the dark undercurrent of “hate” that runs through Canadian society. The irony is that the CBC need not look afar for hate. It only needs to look in the mirror.

Of course, there are many kinds of hate—and fear. But the CBC seems to be obsessed with only the hate that some people direct toward “The Other”: outsiders, strangers and newcomers. A pathology they label as ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’, the buzzwords of our time. However, they neglect to acknowledge that there is another kind of hate that is equally pathological. The hate which the CBC amplifies . The hatred not of the stranger or newcomer, but of those closest to home, of those in one’s own national family.

It is the flip side of xenophobia: Xenophilia, the perverse love of the stranger at the expense of one’s own people. In other words, it is a hatred that masquerades as love. A misplaced ‘compassion’ that would be better apportioned to the abundant number of desperate people in their own backyard. It is an attitude manifested in an unspoken desire to weaken border control or even discard borders entirely, and open the floodgates to untold millions of refugees who would make refugees out of our own people.

This is the agenda of the immigration and refugee lobby. Their clarion call is for “migrant rights”, the rights of Canadians who wish not to be overwhelmed or displaced be damned. There is an undercurrent of hatred in Canada alright, but it is running through the immigration lobby and its voice, the CBC. It is the hatred of Canadians. And it is “Old” Canadians, not New Canadians, who bear the brunt of it.

No one better articulates this hate than immigration lawyers, whom the CBC regards as a font of knowledge and expertise on immigration matters. The latex paint on any front page story about immigrants or refugees never gets dry before the CBC hands the mic to an immigration lawyer for sage advice and analysis. This is akin to asking a drug lord to comment on the virtue of free injection sites.

What the CBC fails to understand is that immigration lawyers are not objective observers. They have a vested interest in promoting any policy that would generate more clients. The more refugee and immigrant applicants the better. To present these immigration policy pimps as noble advocates for the global poor and persecuted is more than galling. It is outrageous. The “expertise” that they possess is the mastery of lining their pockets with the proceeds of what amounts to a glorified people-smuggling racket. Rather than being beatified as tribunes for the downtrodden, they should be vilified for their part in enabling the successful settlement of thousands of false refugee claimants whose seeming desire is to remake Canada into the image of the third world shithole they left. An enterprise which grovelling politicians are too eager to call cultural “enrichment”.

It is no wonder that most Canadians liken lawyers to the toxic effluent that flows into a sewage treatment plant. Immigration lawyers would be those concentrated chunks that emit the strongest stench. That is the cesspool of hate that the CBC should wade into.

Instead, our taxpayer-funded broadcaster prefers to search through the pool of ‘deplorables’ from which they say the Quebec City shooter emerged. All to prove that Canada is a seething cauldron o f hate on the verge of boiling over. This is all in keeping with the CBC’s depiction of Canadian history as an unending trail of evils committed by European settlers and their descendants, who must atone for past sins by capitulating to the demands of the immigration and lavishly funded ethno-cultural industry. The end game is to persuade their audience to internalize the full measure of guilt and self-hatred that the CBC purveys, with the understanding that the logical conclusion of hate turned inward is suicide. In this case, national suicide through population replacement. Whereas Trump campaigned to put “America First”, it has been the CBC’s longstanding campaign to put “Canada Last”.

This means that for the CBC and the pro-immigration advocates they interview, the views of the resident majority population who question their agenda are of no account, and that any politician who would dare to give voice to them will be ritually defamed and demonized. Just ask Kellie Leitch.

If the CBC believes that they will be rewarded for their treason when Canada is under “new management”, they would do well to ponder the fate of the “Kapos”, the Jews who thought that they could gain an exemption from murder by helping the Nazis to supervise and bully other inmates in the death camps. These collaborators only earned their masters’ contempt and a temporary stay of execution. We can be assured that once the invaders are in the drivers’ seat, they will quickly dispense with their useful idiots at the CBC.

I would rather they suffer a different fate. I would rather see Canadian taxpayers pull the plug on the whole lot of them. Give the Pinkos the Pink Slip. The CBC and the ethno-cultural organizations that suck from taxpayers’ tits should be de-funded and cut loose to fend for themselves. Trafficking in the hatred of Canada and the founding peoples who built it is not the kind of business that we should be subsidizing.

The CBC should know that despite the many injuries that they have inflicted upon them, Canadians are not yet ready to die. As battered and bruised as they are from relentless open-borders propaganda, they are yet ready to beg to put out of their national misery. Instead, they have another message: Tell the Jack Kevorkian of Canadian broadcasting, the CBC, to off itself.