Immigrants NOT More Likely To Start Businesses Than Canadians

Immigrants NOT More Likely To Start Businesses Than Canadians
by Ricardo Duchesne, Professor of Sociology, UNB

It’s time to wake up from the lies

Robin V. Sears, an NDP strategist for 20 years, says in an article pasted in Century Initiative, without offering any evidence, that

“newcomers arrive with ambition, creativity, and a hunger to succeed, that far outstrips most of the rest of us.”

Sears is supposed to be a friend of Canadian workers. Some might say he is a cuckolded White male who wallows in false claims to the point of self-deception. He is not alone: the entire Canadian establishment enjoys mocking their own workers while praising foreign workers.

You can be sure no elite member in the non-Western world, in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, you name it, would trash their own citizens this way.

This backstabbing claim is inscribed into Century Initiative as a statement of beliefs intended to persuade Indigenous Euro-canadians that they should be glad immigrants with superior skills and higher racial qualities are taking charge of their nation.

According to Century Initiative:

“Immigrants to Canada are more likely to start and own businesses than those born in Canada.”

CI does not offer any evidence or any study validating this claim. As a fair-minded person, however, I will bring up the most recent and most lauded study by StatsCan making this claim. This study, “Immigration, Business Ownership and Employment in Canada”, was released in 2016, authored by David Green, Huju Liu, Yuri Ostrovsky and Garnett Picot (Statistics Canada: Analytical Studies Branch Research Paper Series, March 2016).

This study was celebrated by our lying press with gusto. Global News thus announced on March 2016:

“Immigrants more likely to start businesses than the Canadian-born: study.”

CBC News:

At creating new businesses, immigrants outpace Canadian-born people, StatsCan finds”

What The Data Really Says About Immigrant “Businesses”

I will demonstrate below that the data in this study actually says something substantially different from what the media want us to believe and what the authors of this study would have liked the data to say.

Canada-B.C. Job Grant
Don’t forget that immigrants get preferential support for business startups

Now, before I start exposing this study, keep in mind that the Government of Canada, including all the universities and all the grant agencies, only offer financial support to academics who support immigration. After all, you can’t be an academic, or a government employee, if you openly reject the diversity mandate.

Yet, despite these inherent biases, I have found (in my careful examination of many statistical studies coming out of the establishment) that the evidence collected in these studies, what the details actually say, however skewed the research questions were in the first place, do not fit the media headlines, and even the conclusions of the researchers themselves.

Let’s examine the aforementioned StatsCan study. This data-oriented study examines immigrants who “entered Canada since 1980 and who were in the country in 2010.” The first weakness in this study lies in the very term “business.” By “business ownership” this study includes not only “ownership of private incorporated firms,” but “unincorporated self-employment.” These self-employment “enterprises” are indeed so small that almost half of the “self-employed immigrants” get most of their earnings “from paid jobs” rather than from their “self-employment.” The self-employment “businesses” are “secondary activity.”

Check the accepted definitions of what constitutes a “business,” the BusinessDictionary, Investopedia,, Cambridge Dictionary, and you will find that this study redefines the meaning of “business” to contrive the argument that immigrants create “more businesses than Canadians.”

Redefinition of words is typical of the cultural Marxist establishment. They have been redefining words for decades to fit their extremist agendas : the definition of marriage, the definition of masculinity and femininity, what is a nation, what is a settler, what is culture.

The “Size” And “Job-Creation” Of Immigrant “Businesses”

We also learn in the details (hidden by the mainstream media) that the “private incorporated firms” set up by immigrants were on “average” smaller in size than the ones set up by Canadians, with the result that “on a per capita basis, the rate of job creation in 2010 via private incorporated companies was lower for longer-term immigrants than for…Canadian-born.”

We also learn that:

” there is very little evidence on the key question of how much immigrant entrepreneurs and the businesses they create contribute to job growth.”

How come this was not the headline in the media and in Century Initiative? Keep in mind that in these calculations “an unincorporated self-employed person” is said to be a creator of jobs, “for himself or herself.”

Immigrants Do Not Even Own Their Businesses

As if this were not enough: we learn that a business, in this study, “is said to be immigrant-owned” only if “at least one owner is an immigrant “with more than 10% of the shares.” So, a company — or am I missing something — that is 85 percent owned by Canadians, but 15 percent owned by immigrants, is counted as “immigrant owned”? So, What exactly is counted as Canadian owned?

Are you getting the picture why I am so emphatic in my assertion that we cannot trust our experts, politicians, journalists and academics on the issue of immigration? Fake News, Fake Research, Fake Studies are now the order of day in all Western countries that are bblindly dedicated to diversity.

Why does this study announce so casually that immigrants are more entrepreneurial than Canadian born”?

Smaller Businesses And Substantially Lower Job-Creation

Immigrant women’s small business Expo
Don’t forget that non-White immigrants get special treatment for business startups

We learn from this study by StatsCan that:

Among the immigrant population that has entered Canada since 1980, immigrant-owned corporations tend to be small compared with private corporations owned by non-immigrants. Just under 40% of immigrant-owned businesses had one employee or fewer in 2010, compared with roughly one-quarter of private incorporated businesses owned by comparison-group members. Very few immigrant-owned private businesses are large; 8.9% had 10 or more employees, compared with 17.7% of the comparison-group companies.

To summarize, these results suggest that on a per capita basis, the job-creation activity of immigrant-owned private incorporated companies is substantially below that of their comparison group counterparts.

White Immigrants Are The Top Creators Of Business

How about if we break up the number of private businesses according to the ethnicity of the immigrant owners? Well, this study has a very revealing factoid that the entire media and the authors themselves have never spoken about:

Immigrants from English-speaking countries (the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa) and Western Europe registered the highest likelihood of being owners…Immigrants from India and from China registered the next highest proportion of owners…The lowest rates were observed among immigrants from Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.

This is the real picture that comes from this study once we get past the deceptive headlines of Century Initiative. Why did the CBC lie to us announcing that “at creating new businesses, immigrants outpace Canadian-born people, StatsCan finds”? What do you think would have happened if the headline was: “Immigrants from White countries are the most entrepreneurial, whereas African, South Asian and Mestizo immigrants are the least entrepreneurial”?

There is a well orchestrated campaign of deception going on at the highest levels of Canadian society aimed at compelling Canadians to believe that their dispossession is good for them.

Research the anti-Canadian Century Initiative.