CANADA’S NEW INDIANS —The Bloodfest on Canada’s Majority Population Continues


The Bloodfest On Canada’s Majority Population Continues

Here we go again. Canadians have just learned that the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has asked Ontario school boards to remove the name of Canada’s first Prime Minister (John A. Macdonald) from the front of Ontario schools. This is the latest of the Trudeau-era blood-fest on Canada’s majority population. The reason the teachers have given for their recommendation is this :  The Teachers allege that Macdonald was a major figure in a number of policies which caused quasi-genocidal consequences for Canada’s First Nations.

There are many reasons why Ontario Teachers should retreat from this very foolish recommendation :

(1) In terms of scale and impact, the  effects of Ottawa’s high and unnecessary immigration intake since 1990 on  millions of Canada’s majority European-based population (the builders of Modern Canada) are genocidal. They will probably make the effects of federal laws against Canada’s First Nations look insignificant. Canada’s people of European descent are the new Indians.  Aggressive, recently-arrived colonizers are here to make Canada look like the failed states they came from. If Ontario Elementary teachers are looking for a recommendation to make to Ontario school boards and to Ottawa, how about a new TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION which will uncover the extent of the “NO WHITE MALES NEED APPLY” jobs policy, the poorly-researched Rosalie Abella Employment Equity policy, and the Diversity Hiring policies all across Canada in the public and private sectors.

All of these policies discriminate against Canada’s majority population and have had quasi-genocidal effects on the job aspirations of millions of Canadians. Ironically, a significant number of those who are or will be  discriminated against are the offspring of current Ontario Teachers who belong to Canada’s European-based population. If not stopped, Ottawa’s policies will turn Canada’s majority population (millions of Canadians)  into a minority, an outcome which no sane society should tolerate.  Instead of waiting for 50 years, why not go after the perpetrators of this discrimination  while they are alive and can be locked up for a long time.

(2) If Ontario teachers are seriously looking for a Prime Minister to destroy, as they are with Macdonald, they do not have to look very far. Instead of taking aim at a Canada-Builder such as Macdonald, they should have considered the obvious : a Canada-Wrecker in the PMO, Justin Trudeau. He is also a gross incompetent. Shortly after his election in 2015, Trudeau publicly and proudly declared that he was a quisling (traitor). He announced that Canada had no main culture, but only shared values.   As far as he was concerned, Canada was the world’s first post-national state. Here is what Trudeau meant : he would not protect Canada’s majority population from the immigration invasion which a previous Prime Minister (his father Pierre Trudeau) had started  in the 1960’s and which a later Prime Minister (Brian Mulroney) had institutionalized in 1990. To achieve that goal, Trudeau increased Canada’s intake to 300,000 in 2016 and maintained it for 2017.

If Ontario Teachers are looking for more evidence of his incompetence,  they need only look at the foolish announcements he made in early 2017 to potential asylum claimants. Trudeau’s foolishness squarely places the blame for the current illegal immigration mess at the Quebec / New York border on his shoulders. How about Ontario Teachers recommending that the money to pay for this disaster be taken out of his pay check and the bank accounts of all those who supported him when he made his statements.

(3) Canada’s education system (as demonstrated by Ontario’s Elementary Teachers and many University Professors) has a systemic bias against people of European origin. So-Called university professors have led the blood-fest—often getting large grants and special academic appointments to perform their treachery. Their view is that Canada’s majority population has an inexcusable history and has no right to exist—-let alone defend itself. In addition, they think that  unjustified high immigration should continue and should be allowed to overwhelm Canada’s majority population.

Some ethnics will become decent citizens of Canada. However, as a result of unnecessary immigration, Employment Equity and Diversity Hiring policies, a significant number of other ethnics have infiltrated the teaching profession at all levels—often with an axe to grind against Canadians of European descent. Ironically, many professors are of European descent, yet they too virtually salivate at the thought of perpetrating another blood-fest on their own kind. The obvious aim of a significant number of Canada’s ethnic groups is to increase their numbers. In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, as announced in its sinister Manifesto, their aim is to destroy Canadian society.  If Ontario’s teachers are looking for a cause to champion, what better cause is there than one of demanding that Ottawa refuse to allow entry to Muslims who sympathize with the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood and remove those who do?

Here are three examples of bias and outright blunders in one of the history text books used in secondary schools in B.C., Ontario and elsewhere.

(4) Ontario teachers who think that the Canadian public will hold them in high esteem for passing such recommendations as their recent one against John A. Macdonald are gullible at best. They should be made aware of a recent  Angus Reid poll which found  that “a strong majority of Canadians in every survey demographic felt that people should ‘take into account the entire life of an individual and principal legacy they left behind’.”

However, common sense does not seem to be a required subject in teacher training.