Canada’s population gives the CBC $1 Billion a year. Justifiably, it expects the CBC to provide unbiased coverage of important national issues. But what it gets is the CBC’s biased ideological and unquestioning support for senseless immigration. This amounts to criminal action against Canadians. It also amounts to denial of such a basic human need as affordable shelter to hundreds of thousands of Canadians. As a result, the abbreviation “CBC” to many now means “Criminals Betraying Canada”.

The public has long thought of real estate developers and the rest of that industry as a collection of society’s low life which deserves to be spurned, not to rule. Yet in the midst of the Metro Vancouver housing chaos, the CBC has virtually married it and allowed Metro Vancouver’s real estate industry not just to rule, but worse to “have its way” with Canadians. The CBC has done that by repeatedly broadcasting the industry’s fraudulent claim that the solution to housing unaffordability is to increase the number of housing units. In contrast, the CBC has repeatedly suppressed a much more reliable and honest analysis done by UBC’s David Ley which concluded that relentless high immigration is the cause of stratospheric housing prices. The big question is this : How can Metro Vancouver ever keep up with the housing demand of an endless yearly inflow of tens of thousands of immigrants? The truth is that it cannot without doing enormous economic, cultural and environmental damage.

To make this point clearer, imagine a janitor trying to mop up a floor where a nearby tap has been damaged and water is spraying out uncontrollably onto the floor. Unless the janitor locates a water shut-off valve and shuts off the water that goes to the broken tap, his efforts at mopping the floor will be overwhelmed. In Canada’s case, the broken tap is Canada’s immigration intake, almost all of which is unnecessary. The water on the floor is the damage being done to Canada by unnecessary immigrants. The janitor is the Canadian infrastructure which has been overwhelmed.

The corrupt real estate industry knows that its claim is false and that it has caused huge suffering. It also knows that its claim and its pressure on Ottawa has stood in the path of a real solution (a huge reduction in immigration) being implemented. However, it does not care.

Very serious and widespread unrestrained criminal acts depend on the support of many people. Those include the CBC and the private media which disseminate information that is vital to decision-making . If the CBC decides to with-hold or omit information which severely harms or destroys the lives of Canadians, it is guilty of criminal acts. There is absolutely no doubt that the CBC has done that. Every day, it damns itself and arrogantly thinks it can get away with its actions.

The CBC’s collusion and complicity with the real estate industry has been very clear in two recent events :

(1) Ottawa’s announced housing strategy for the country and

(2) The City of Vancouver’s announced 10-year housing strategy

Neither strategy even mentions the word “immigration”. Why? The country is run by a person who has proved himself to be a complete fool. Even the “DIVERSE” hordes of low-quality immigrants he has allowed in laugh at him behind his back. The city cannot seem to do much better. As huge areas of the city are demolished and densified, the city claims it will become the World’s Greenest City!!!

If the CBC had been doing its job, it would have challenged Ottawa and the City on these disgraceful “strategies”. But it said nothing. What greater sin is there than betraying one’s country and the Canadian family in it?
What but the lowest Circle of Hell would be suitable for Trudeau and the xenophilic horde of criminals in Parliament, other political positions, the real estate industry, the CBC and elsewhere?

At the beginning of December every year, the CBC devotes a day to collecting money for food banks across the country. Again this year , it will try to tell Canadians that it deserves to be commended for raising money for such a basic need as food. But the damage the CBC has done to such a basic need as affordable shelter on the other 364 days of the year negates any good the CBC does on Christmas Food Bank Day. There is absolutely no question that in Metro Vancouver and other parts of Canada, the CBC is a criminal accomplice to the real estate industry.

Where are our rocket launchers?