Say No To Vancouver Apology : Mainland Chinese Rape of Vancouver Dwarfs Alleged Discrimination Against Chinese

Vancouver City Council’s announcement that it will deliver an apology to Vancouver Chinese is probably one of the most outrageous acts ever committed against its European-based population. It comes after immigrants, particularly Chinese from Mainland China, have driven housing costs into the stratosphere for hundreds of thousands of Metro Vancouver residents. If anyone should be apologizing, it should be the 200,000 recently-arrived wealthy Chinese immigrants who have become notorious for shameless tax evasion, the huge number of recently-arrived Chinese real estate agents who have fanned this rape, and the thousands of gutless politicians (Vancouver City Council especially) who said and did nothing to stop the rape. In effect, these politicians, in an act of unprecedented gross stupidity and treachery have held their victim down and cheered the rape.

The most important point to be made is that this shameless rape dwarfs any alleged discrimination by Vancouver Citizens of 100 + years ago. Denying access to such a basic human need as shelter or burdening hundreds of thousands of Vancouver residents with enormous mortgage debt far into the future makes the effect of Vancouver City Bylaws of 100 + years ago look completely insignificant.

Here are five important points :

(1) Low-wage Chinese labourers have been a thorn in the side of Western countries such as Canada, the U.S., Australia and others for well over 100 years. In the late 1800’s, labour contractors (mostly Chinese) brought low-wage Chinese labourers to Western countries to compete against Canadian, American and Australian labourers. The result was that the U.S., Canada and Australia defended their workers against Chinese low-wage labourers and the contractors who imported them from China. The defensive measures took the form of justifiable head taxes against the low-wage Chinese labourers. The taxes should really have been described as Low-wage Chinese Labourer taxes, not Chinese Head Taxes because the head tax did not apply to all Chinese. For example, Chinese business people were still allowed tax-free entry to Canada. And thousands of Chinese business men entered Canada without paying the head tax.

(2) Since 1980, a major reversal has occurred in the relationship Canada and other Western countries have with Mainland China. Instead of labour flowing from China to Western countries, labour has flowed from Western countries to Mainland China. To put the matter in a sentence, Western businesses have colluded with Mainland Chinese contractors to export millions of Western jobs to China. As in the past, the people who have benefited most are Mainland Chinese labour contractors and business owners who have paid their workers low wages, but have paid themselves huge profits. Along with long-existing Mainland Chinese business owners, these Mainland Chinese business owners have often seriously polluted the areas where their businesses exist and then headed for clean places like Canada where they have used their environmentally-dirty money to buy housing. China’s Deputy Minister of the Environment aptly described these wealthy Chinese as “parasites” because they had paid nothing to clean up the environmental catastrophes they had created in China. If some Canadians think this is an exaggeration, they should be reminded that Canada’s Intelligence Advisory Committee described the entire country of China as “an environmental catastrophe”. In addition, about 10 years ago, China’s Deputy Minister of the Environment gave a one-sentence warning to Western countries : “Parasites are heading for Canada, the U.S., Australia and other parts of the West”.

(3) One hundred + years ago, Canada’s politicians and union leaders actually had the courage to stand up for Canadian workers. Today,  Canada’s political class has said and done almost nothing to defend Canadians against these Mainland Chinese parasites. In fact, they have immorally portrayed this massive export of western jobs as an inevitable part of globalism and a win-win for both Western countries and China. To say the least, the 100,000 Canadians who have lost their jobs to Mainland Chinese workers would not be amused. In 1900+, Canada could not have dreamed of such a collection of cowards and quislings in the position today of this country’s “defenders” and of such an extraordinary fool as Trudeau being in the position of Prime Minister.

(4) Like other Canadians, many Long-term Canadian Chinese have been appalled at the conduct of recently-arrived wealthy Mainland Chinese in Metro Vancouver’s housing market. It is time for those long-term Chinese Canadians to organize in order to tell Vancouver City Council to retract its apology and direct its energy towards assisting Ottawa in deporting the hundreds of thousands of recently-arrived Chinese who have inflicted so much shame, and dishonour on the name “Chinese”.

(5) Long-term Chinese should also direct considerable scorn against the following two in their midst :

(A) Henry Yu : This is the so-called UBC Professor of History who is in reality an ethnic Chinese hack. He is a darling of CBC and other media sycophants, but he has distorted Canadian history in order to maintain Chinese immigration to Canada and to assault Vancouverites of European origin with his perverted version of British Columbia’s history. It will take a long time for him to outlive some of the most ridiculous comments ever made about B.C.’s past. See

(B) Kerry Jang : This is the Vancouver City Councillor who along with current Councillor Raymond Louie and former Councillor Tommy Tang asked City Staff to uncover alleged Vancouver bylaw discrimination against the Chinese. Jang will go down in Vancouver City history as the hack Deputy Mayor who stood at Vancouver City Hall in 2016 on China’s National Holiday with Mainland China’s flag displayed around him. He even sang Mainland China’s National Anthem. Any observer would have to be exceptionally naive to miss his obvious intent : “China is taking over Vancouver and I’ll do all I can to speed up the process.” If politicians had wanted a brazen example of contempt for Vancouver and all of Canada, this was it. Jang’s treason and arrogance don’t stop there. He boasts that his role as a Vancouver City Councillor is “a part-time job”. By the way, he collects about $70,000 a year for that job. He also claims to be a UBC Professor of Psychiatry and collects a significant salary there. To save themselves from further embarrassment from one of their own, Long-term Chinese Canadians would probably be glad to pay for appropriate psychiatric treatment for Jang, including his committal.

For details of Jang’s celebration of China’s invasion, see

To summarize, Vancouver’s proposed apology to the Chinese for alleged discrimination is as insane as it gets.

For an historical account of Canada dealing with illegal Japanese immigrants in 1907, see