CBC Low-life are going berserk over migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border

CBC Low-life are going berserk over the migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border

If Canadians ever thought that their CBC was providing dispassionate, sensible coverage of news, the CBC’s current behaviour on the issue of migrant children at the U.S. Mexico Border should have convinced them otherwise. The CBC has clearly demonstrated to Canadians that it is an unmitigated collection of opinionated hacks who are using Canada’s publicly-funded broadcasting institution to impose their immigration-related views on Canadians.

What are those views?

(1) Those at the CBC believe in open borders and they are opposed to any sign of nationalism. If anyone does not understand what the term “open borders” means, just think of the footage that news agencies have been showing over the past year of Canada’s border with New York State. The RCMP and the CBSA are at the border, but neither are stopping border crossers from entering Canada. In fact, the RCMP are virtual bell hops who carry luggage for illegals!! THE CBC sees nothing wrong with people from any country crossing into Canada. Its reporters such as Margaret Evans in Europe and Lindsay Duncombe in Washington are clear examples of that attitude. Hundreds of other CBC hacks do the same thing. If Canadians want specific recent examples of the hack journalism Evans and Duncombe have produced, here are the examples : Evans has been cheer-leading the cause of a ship-load of Africans who were recently refused entry to Italy’s ports. Duncombe almost nightly spouts venom at Trump and other Americans who want U.S. borders protected.

If anyone wants a definition of a Canadian nationalist, here it is : anyone in this country who says that the immediate and the long-term well-being of Canadians and Canada have to be placed first in all immigration-related decisions. In other words, if Canada has any unemployed people, the well-being of unemployed Canadians has to take priority over the well-being of any unemployed person who come from outside of Canada’s borders. Also, if Canada’s majority population is being overwhelmed by outsiders, the well-being of Canada’s majority population has to take priority. Half-witted ideas like creating diversity should not even be a consideration. Trudeau has become Canada’s NATIONAL FOOL for championing such a notion.

(2) Those at the CBC also believe that migrants have an absolute right to come to Canada or to any other country they want to go to. In the past few days, the CBC has gone virtually berserk in condemning Trump for trying to stop migrants and their children from entering the U.S. Sensing it may be on shaky ground, it has tried to distract Canadians by focusing on migrant children, not migrant adults.. However, its interviews with (a) shrieker politicians like Jenny Kwan of the NDP, (b) marginal “academics” like Pam Palmater at Ryerson and (c) organized slime such as immigration lawyers who want Canada’s Safe Third Country Agreement abolished, demonstrate what the CBC’s views are. The CBC’s goal is to give a virtual open microphone to anyone who thinks as they do and to suppress the views of anyone who thinks differently from them on the immigration issue. The CBC is deathly afraid that if such a character as Trump would rise in Canada, the first stroke of justice such a character would perform is to summarily throw CBC hacks out of CBC buildings and off the air.

In order to discourage migrants from trying to enter the U.S illegally at its border with Mexico, the obvious answer is ZERO TOLERANCE . That policy is particularly necessary for migrant parents who are irresponsibly bringing children to the U.S. Neither the U.S., Canada or any other country has any obligation to take migrants.


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