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“A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.”

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson Rally

Videomessage from Geert Wilders #FreeTommy rally – London, July 14, W018

Video message from Geert Wilders


Free Tommy Rally, London | 14th July (Full Recording – ALL speakers)

Raheem Kassen emceed the event and thanks everyone who came and supported Tommy as well as urging people to be peaceful! All speeches are included and the individual times are posted for your convenience. Among the speakers were Geert Wilders, Gerard Batten and American Congressman Paul Gosar. Enjoy!  Scroll down to “Show more” where it lists the times of each individual speaker.


Tommy Robinson appeal: Watch ALL of Ezra Levant’s reports from London

Ezra Levant reported on Tommy Robinson’s appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice, in London on Wednesday. Tommy Robinson’s appeal hearing is finished. The panel of judges say they need “the rest of July” before they hand down their decision. Ezra does some excellent interviews with some of Tommy’s supporters outside the Courtroom.


Tommy Robinson: Set Free or Stitched Up? Decision Delayed

His barrister was Jeremy Dein, QC, who spent more than an hour going through his argument, with barely an interruption by the judges. Dein says there is no “rehabilitative aspect” whatsoever. Tommy is only permitted 30 minutes of yard time per day. Not permitted to work. Not permitted to attend church. As a result of his solitary confinement, he is not even permitted to talk with his children. Dein further described Tommy’s treatment in prison as being like that of a murderer, not a civil prisoner


Completing our last #freeTommy task in London

Australians Avi Yemini and Debbie Robinson of Australian Liberty Alliance deliver a petition of 12,000 Australian signatures to the Queen at Buckingham Palace to free Tommy Robinson


Tommy Robinson’s Right to Free Speech Morally Trumps All Laws That Violate It

Tommy Robinson morally must be freed. Immediately. And everyone who understands the importance of individual rights, freedom of speech, and objective law morally must demand it. If we look at the full context of relevant facts surrounding this case, we can see that the real reason Robinson was arrested and jailed is that he has spoken out vociferously against jihad, Sharia law, Islam-inspired child rape, and mass Islamic immigration into England. Whether Robinson is right or wrong about any of that is beside the point here. People have a moral right to speak their minds regardless of whether they are right or wrong (so long as they do not incite violence, commit fraud, or the like).


Tommy Robinson’s Last Stand

 There is no better example of their submission to Sharia than the gag order placed on media coverage of the so-called “grooming gangs” trials. This gag order is so extreme that, according to Craig Biddle, British censors will not allow his article “Tommy Robinson’s Right to Free Speech Morally Trumps All Laws that Violate It,” to be shared on social media sites in the UK simply because the names of the Muslim defendants are included.


Trump’s ambassador lobbied Britain on behalf of jailed pro-freedom activist Tommy Robinson

At last, an American administration that has its priorities in place. What a change from the Obama administration. The government of Theresa May has become increasingly repressive toward anyone and everyone who opposes its sinister agenda regarding mass Muslim migration into Britain. Tommy Robinson is just the most well-known case of many.


UK Home Office had information on Muslim rape gangs in 2002, failed to act for fear of “racism” charges

Everyone who drew up that report in 2002 and then stayed quiet about it should be fired now and barred from public life forever. They sacrificed their nation’s future to their fear of being called “Islamophobic.” If Britain has any hope of surviving as a free society, and that hope is very, very dim at this point, the entire British political elite class that enabled this massive betrayal needs to be repudiated and thrown out of office. But that isn’t happening. Meantime, Tommy Robinson sits in prison for exposing the truth.


“Notes from the Cassandra Society”

by John Thompson

Post Cards from the Edge

Canadians have a tradition of accepting refugees. After all, what were the United Empire Loyalists but political refugees from the American Revolution?  So were a lot of the Six Nations and other native peoples who migrated north in the following decades to get away from the United States.  We were the terminus for the Underground Railroad and became the destination for many other uprooted people.


“As citizens, we must prevent wrongdoing because

the world in which we all live, wrong-doer, wrong

sufferer and spectator, is at stake.”
~ Hannah  Arendt ~


SPLC open Canadian branch after paying $3M slander settlement

Nawaz raised the alarm about Muslim rape gangs and defend Tommy Robinson, so the left hates him. Despite being a Muslim, the SPLC compared him to neo-Nazis in their field guide to “anti-Muslim extremists”. Now we’ve learned that the SPLC is funding a new Canadian colony called the “Canadian Anti-Hate Network”. It’s going to be run by notorious hucksters Evan Balgord and Bernie Farber.


Trudeau government goes silent on Canada’s 50,000 Syrian refugees

After more than two weeks of inquiries by Postmedia, a media relations officer acknowledged the department has not produced any report in almost two years on the about 50,000 Syrian refugees now in Canada. Instead of posturing in photo opportunities, Canada’s governing politicians need to follow Europe and track what is happening on the difficult ground. It’s impossible to create effective integration programs if no one knows what’s working and what’s not.


Western Governments Seek to Evacuate White Helmets from Syria, Resettle Them in Canada

The White Helmets have been shown to effectively be the same organization as terror group al-Nusra and have been caught on film aiding al-Nusra terrorists execute Syrian civilians.  It is hard to imagine any Westerner who would want the White Helmets as neighbours.


Does Canada have a refugee crisis? Yes

Canadians contemptuous of Americans’ recent hostility to illegal immigration should try this thought experiment: imagine a proportionate number of illegals in Canada, or about 1.4 million people, most of whom would be in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, competing for jobs, housing and social services. Immigration-friendly Canada would not survive. That’s the danger represented by Roxham Rd. and other places where a steadily growing stream of people is entering Canada in defiance of the rules.


Enough with the politically correct policing of the border issue

When is it OK to publish a photo of a migrant? The Conservative Party of Canada released an ad showing a man walking into Canada at an unofficial border crossing. The man, wearing nice clothes and pulling a new suitcase, is shown walking over Prime Minister Trudeau’s infamous “Canada will welcome you” tweet. Liberal activists jumped in to criticize the Conservatives for daring to show a dark-skinned migrant in their ad. And just like that, the ad was taken down.


‘Grope-gate’ and #MeToo’s Crisis of Legitimacy

This is about hypocrisy—not about what did or did not happen at a music festival 18 years ago. It is about ‘believing women,’ until it happens to you; about taking all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, except if they happen to pass some arbitrary expiration date. It is about employing an unwavering zero-tolerance policy, which, in practice, ends up showing some tolerance for the man at the top.


Is The Liberal Party Funding Terrorism?

ACT! For Canada has a new project to which we hope that all members will contribute. We have created a web page that will hopefully document ALL the monies given to terrorist MPs, agencies, committees, individuals and organizations since the Liberal Party has taken power. This is an extensive project so we need everyone’s help in digging up news and government reports on this issue so we can provide a comprehensive accounting. We also plan on creating a website widget which can be placed on any conservative website to report on the Liberal Party’s current terrorism funding total. It will be something similar to The Religion of Peace widget ( We hope that this project will wake up Canadians to vote the Liberals out in the next federal election. All comments and suggestions are gladly welcomed.

Please email me at

Our FUNDING TERRORISM web page may be viewed here:

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Freedom of Speech

Free Speech Doesn’t Protect Nazis. It Protects Us From Nazis

 It is probably true that the value of some speech is less than the cost of the harm it imposes. But free speech advocates don’t defend the speech rights of Nazis because they believe that Nazis have anything valuable to contribute to a marketplace of ideas. They defend the rights of Nazis because Nazis with the freedom to speak can cause less harm than Nazis with the power to regulate speech.  Before you empower government to police speech that is hateful or offensive, or speech that is deemed violent or harmful, then you have to consider the possibility that it will not be your sensibilities that determine which speech is beyond the pale.


Politicians, Free Speech & Bigotry: Where to Draw the Line?

Where do we draw the line between free speech and bigotry? Where does telling the truth end and bigotry begin? Have the current standards of political correctness set by the Left ruled out any honest conversation about the problems we face with radical Islam? And finally, how can we solve these problems if we can’t talk about them?


Totalitarianism in Durham

The city council claims to support Dr. Jordan Peterson’s right to express himself in public but at the same time wants him to refrain from exercising this right. Peterson attacked the city council statement, calling it “a conceptually brutal mishmash of self-righteousness, indignation and utter moral and political confusion.” It is “one of the purest demonstrations I have yet seen of the tendency for the ideologically possessed to use denouncement tactically as a means to amplify and exaggerate personal or identity-group virtue.”


An American President in London

How, I’ve asked repeatedly, can so many Brits, even after the exposure of Muslim child-rape gangs (and the long-term official cover-ups thereof) in one city after another, continue to pretend that immigration from the Islamic world is overwhelmingly benign? How, while remaining so blasé about these horrific atrocities and what they portend about the future of an increasingly Islamized Britain, can those same Brits treat Tommy Robinson and his supporters not as national heroes but as human rubbish, and accept with equanimity the ruthlessness with which their own government has thrown Robinson into prison, banned his foreign allies from entering the country, and thrown the very future of free speech in Britain into doubt, at least where Islam is concerned?


Mass Migration: “The Fatal Solvent of the EU”

Not only does Europe continue to fragment as anti-immigration sentiment gathers political strength, but, as a result of the migrant crisis, the EU’s border-free internal zone, Europe’s most cherished prize after the Second World War, is now defined as “at risk” by the Italian government, among other governments, such and Austria.


Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age to Pay for Mass Immigration Policy

 The increasing costs of population growth in Sweden, driven almost entirely mass migration, have forced the government to seriously consider raising the national retirement age to pay for the additional costs. . A recent report showed that while the native Swedish unemployment rate was around 3.9 percent, it stood at 21.8 percent for Swedish residents from foreign backgrounds.


Open Borders Begins at Home

Refugees Welcome! Come on in! Hey Leftist, show us how sincere you are. You say you want open borders, so why not walk the talk and leave your front door wide open? And while you’re at it, take down your fence and remove the front gate. After all, you once said that we are all one big human family and that borders, walls and fences are artificial human constructs. So why not tell the world how welcoming you are? Why not advertise your house as a “Welcoming Centre”? Why not take the opportunity to demonstrate your self-proclaimed moral superiority? Why not send out invitations?

Political Correctness

Little House on The Prairie Now Declared Racist And Homophobic

Here is another classic series of books, made into a film series, that now must be burned, psychologically.  Not only does the headline display the (imagined) shocking details of this book series, it also has been kicked in the back cover for, now get this, ‘lack of inclusiveness.’  Inclusiveness was totally unknown in those days.

Antifa & The Left

Of Course, ‘Activists’ Are Thugs

When you elevate “activism” and “peaceful protest” into the noblest thing a young person can do with their life, you are elevating politics and the street show of force into something noble.  In fact, of course, politics and protests are best thought of as necessary evils, a way to keep the passions of haters and thugs in safe channels. But our lefty friends are clueless about all this. No one among Antifa or the SJW rank and file is the least bit embarrassed about the use of force in their peaceful protests.  Because they are thugs.


47 Groups Weighing SPLC Lawsuit Warn ‘Editors, CEOs’: ‘You Are Complicit’ in Hate Group ‘Defamation’

No fewer than 47 non-profit leaders maligned by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — many if not most of whom are considering a lawsuit against the organization — warned a vast array of executives and leaders that if they parrot the SPLC’s damaging “hate group” labels, they would be “complicit” in “defamation.” “Editors, CEOs, shareholders and consumers alike are on notice: anyone relying upon and repeating its misrepresentations is complicit in the SPLC’s harmful defamation of large numbers of American citizens who, like the undersigned, have been vilified simply for working to protect our country and freedoms,” the signatories wrote.

Facebook, Amazon, Google

Muslim Brotherhood-linked Rep. Keith Ellison demands Amazon stop selling books from SPLC-designated “hate groups”

Keith Ellison’s letter to Jeff Bezos focuses on an alleged neo-Nazi’s material being sold at Amazon and published on Amazon’s self-publishing, but Ellison makes more sweeping statements, particularly his opening gambit: “I am writing to you with my concerns about the amount of money Amazon has made from the sale of literature and music published by entities identified as ‘hate groups’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).”


SHOCK STUDY: Facebook Has Eliminated 93% of Traffic to Top Conservative Websites Since 2016 Election

The Gateway Pundit wasn’t the only one to be affected. The algorithmic change caused President Donald Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts to plummet a whopping 45%. This is a criminal act. Facebook took our money for advertising and promised a fair playing field. Facebook lied to us and every conservative group in America. Today despite the fact that we have 635,000 Gateway Pundit Facebook fans. We receive almost nothing from Facebook. Facebook is doing this to a number of top conservative sites we are in contact with.


Google Fined Record $5 Billion by EU, Given 90 Days to Stop ‘Illegal Practices’

Google received a record 4.3 billion-euro ($5 billion) antitrust fine from the European Union and was ordered to change the way it puts search and web-browser apps onto Android mobile devices. The penalty — the same amount the Netherlands contributes to the EU budget every year — is far higher than any other dished out by the U.S., Chinese or other antitrust authorities.

Around the World

Czech Republic

Czech PM: Accepting Migrants is ‘Road to Hell,’ EU Must Stop the Boats

The prime minister of the Czech Republic warned about the cultural demise that can come from mass resettlement programs and told the European Union, in no uncertain terms, that taking in more refugees and migrants was a sure-fire “road to hell.” Europe must turn back the boats, the Czech Republic has said, warning the current approach of resettling migrants across the continent is the “road to hell”, and making illegal immigration worse.



France: A Second Jihad in the Bataclan?

On November 13, 2015 in Paris, a horror took place at the Bataclan Theater, when three terrorists fired into the crowd during a concert, murdered 130 people, and injured 413. Some of the victims had been tortured. Islamic rap concerts are scheduled to take place this October, close to the third anniversary of the attacks. The concerts will most likely not be canceled. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said that “freedom of speech” has to be respected and accused the complaining organizations of playing the game of the “extreme right.” Muslim organizations spoke of “Islamophobia.”



Will the Austrian presidency protect European women from migrant-violence – asks Hungarian MEP

 The representative of the Austrian EU-Presidency (minister Juliane Bogner-Strauss) presented their priorities to the FEMM (Women’s Rights) Committee of the European Parliament. Hungarian MEP Krisztina Morvai asked a delicate question about the intention of protecting European women and girls from the negative impacts of Muslim mass migration.



Pompeo Shores Up Support to Put Screws to Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the Middle East to shore up support to put the economic screws to Iran. It’s not a tough sell. Read the five reasons why.



Israel:  Legitimacy vs Occupation

The fact is that the difference between Israel and the rest of the world is both qualitative and quantitative, qualitative because Israel’s birth and growth are clearly more virtuous than has been the case for most other countries, and quantitative because the events in Israel’s history have taken place in our lifetime while the origins and changes in other countries’ borders took place mostly in centuries past.



History Explains Eastern European Hostility to Islam

Why have several Eastern European nations been so adamant against taking in Muslim migrants?  Most recently, when Polish lawmaker Dominik Tarczyński was asked earlier this month how many “refugees” Poland has taken in, he flatly responded: “Zero.” When the British interviewer, whose nation has taken in millions of Muslim migrants, scoffed, “And you’re proud of that?,” he said: “We will not receive even one Muslim, because this is what we promised [to voters] … this is why our government was elected; this is why Poland is so safe, this is why we have not had even one terror attack.”



Exposing Crimes of ISIS is Terrorism

In an Orwellian nightmare, a former deputy and a journalist who has so courageously dedicated his career to exposing and condemning terrorist organizations, is now being accused of “aiding terrorists”. The real terrorists he has condemned, however, remain free. Erdem is paying the price for telling the truth in Turkey. He has risked his life to stop ISIS and help save lives. Now is the time for human rights activists and the media to defend him.


United Kingdom

UK Newspaper Whitewashes Religious Affiliation of Rotherham Muslim Grooming Gang

Everyone knows that the infamous Rotherham grooming gang — that terrorized, raped, and abused children while authorities looked the other way — was made up almost exclusively of Muslim men. I guess it slipped by the Independent that several of the accused actually shouted “Allahu Akbar” in court! Everyone knows it, but not everyone will report it. But the Independent is only interested in a guy with the last name Chapman.


Convert to Islam from UK recruiting jihad suicide bombers to attack popular British tourist hotspots

SPY chiefs fear the British jihadi dubbed the “White Widow” is recruiting female terrorists to attack European holiday hotspots, it is claimed. Spain, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece are among the summer destinations reportedly being targeted. We have seen it in North Africa and in Egypt, where tourism is now almost dead. The White Widow hates Britain and everything the West stands for.


United States

Congress Renews Push to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Group

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are renewing a years-long push to designate the international Muslim Brotherhood organization as a terrorist organization due to its support for terror organizations that threaten U.S. security interests across the globe, according to conversations with U.S. officials spearheading the effort. U.S. Muslim advocacy organizations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, have galvanized their supporters to oppose a Muslim Brotherhood designation.

Designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Entity by Tom Quiggan

Hassan al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, made the role of the organization clear: “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” Domination, of course, implies coercion, and coercion implies the use of violence. The greater point about the Muslim Brotherhood is that in its quest for domination, it is either violent or not yet violent. For this reason, it should be designated as a terrorist entity.

Other Articles

Black Slaves, Muslim Masters

Arabs and Muslims have black slaves today and hardly anyone, especially the leftist class which preens about its devotion to human rights, is screaming about this. In five African nations — AlgeriaLibyaMauritaniaNigeria, and Sudan — blacks serve Arab/Muslim masters.


Healing the World: Can We Safely Rescue Those Who Wish Us Harm?

Lest I be accused of heartlessness, let me say that I have empathy for the Yazidis and wish them a better fate, but I have greater empathy for the Christian communions being systematically erased from the Middle East, for Israel struggling to survive under the Islamic scimitar, and for the citizens of my own country and the peoples of the Judeo-Christian West who have realized, hopefully not too late, the exorbitant cost of Tikkun Olam.


The Arabian Nightmare of the West

The Arabian nightmare has come to the West. It has come invisibly and struck it like an evil curse. It subdued Western people gradually – through arsons, sexual violence, “Salafi” vice squad and Muslim parties, under the slogans of tolerance and multiculturalism.


The Interfaith Scam

Just because the word “interfaith” indicates faith, doesn’t necessarily mean yours, but you can be certain it does mean Islam. Interfaith is to our religious institutions like the words diversity and culture are to our Education system, a disguise called Dawa. Dawa is the proselytizing of Islam, an obligation that must be performed by all good Muslims.


The Truth About Migrants with Paul Joseph Watson

In this new video, Paul Joseph Watson tells The Truth About Migrants and asks: What is really happening to Europe?


The Price of Hijab Defiance with Jamie Glazov

The left has abandoned women under the rule of Islamic law. And in his Moment, Jamie asks the compelling question, ” Who will stand for the women and girls brutalized by Islamic Law?” Jamie discusses the price being paid by those brave women defying the Islamic Revolution’s head covering mandate

Recommended Books

Beyond TerrorHistory of JihadSword of Scimitar

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